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Line Of Duty

by Emily Gilbert |

If you've been loving the sixth series of Line of Duty as much as we have and you'd like a recap of the characters or you're a LOD newbie, here's an introduction to the cast of the show, past and present.

Martin Compston plays DS Steve Arnott

Martin Compston

Originally an anti-terrorism officer, Steve transfers to the anti-corruption after he refuses to cover up a botched operation.

Martin recently starred in BBC drama The Nest which followed a couple attempting to have a baby via a teenage surrogate.

Vicky McClure plays DI Kate Fleming

Vicky McClure

Kate is AC-12’s undercover specialist. She prides herself on being the consummate professional, unmoved by emotional considerations.

Vicky starred in the initial film of This is England as well as the subsequent Channel 4 TV shows.You may also remember her from Broadchurch.

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Adrian Dunbar plays Superintendent Ted Hastings

Adrian Dunbar

Ted Hastings remains the ethically upstanding senior investigating officer. In the previous series, Superintendent Ted Hastings personally recruited Steve Arnott to AC-12. Zealous and suspicious, he's not everyone's cup of tea.

Adrian has also played Richard Plantagenet in The Hollow Crown as well as Dr Jim Hogan in the Channel 5 thriller Blood.

Lennie James plays DCI Antony Gates

Tony Gates

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates led the serious crime unit TO-20. Adored by his loyal team, Gates has returned the best crime figures on the Force for three years running. Series one discovered Tony was not the model officer he was believed to be.

Nigel Morton played by Neil Morrissey

Nigel Morton

Detective Constable Nigel Morton is Tony Gates' closest colleague. Disabled by a leg injury, Morton had resigned himself to desk duties until Gates brought him into TO-20.

Outwardly a run-of-the-mill copper who likes to keep his head down, Morton's deep loyalty towards Gates is capable of turning him into a much darker and more dangerous figure...

Craig Parkinson plays Matthew 'Dot' Cotton

Dot Cotton

A poacher turned gamekeeper, on secondment from AC-9, Dot assists AC-12’s investigation into Witness Protection.

Keeley Hawes plays Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton

Lindsey Denton

DI Lindsay Denton is a Missing Persons detective of outstanding probity.

Her willingness to report colleagues’ misconduct makes her something of a pariah. Whilst on duty at 4th Street Station, Lindsay is called upon to assist in the urgent transfer of a protected witness whose life is in danger.

Having spent large parts of her career in administrative positions, Lindsay is unaccustomed to handling critical incidents. Shocked and anguished when the police convoy is raided and three colleagues murdered, she is as eager as anyone to track down those responsible.

Daniel Mays plays Sergeant Danny Waldron

Danny Waldron

Danny is a member of an armed response unit and is the protagonist of series three. He is a very complex character. On the surface, he’s incredibly driven and ambitious, great at his job and rules his team with an iron fist.

There are many different layers to him and he’s got a lot of issues that he’s dealing with. In episode one, he's put under investigation, and as the story unfolds we realise the inner workings of his character and what is motivating him to do these dangerous and unpredictable things.

Thandie Newton plays DCI Roz Huntley

Thandie Newton

The lead investigator on a huge case in series four, Roz is under pressure to prove herself after taking some time out to be a mother.

John Corbett played by Stephen Graham

John Corbett

The star of series five, John Corbett is the ruthlessly ambitious leader of an Organised Crime Group (OCG). His willingness to go to extreme lengths draws attention from the highest levels of the organisation.

But as viewers discovered, John is not as he seems...

Anna Maxwell Martin plays DCS Patricia Carmichael

Anna Maxwell Martin

Patricia is a senior anti-corruption detective brought in from outside of AC-12.

Anna Maxwell Martin has been in lots of other shows including Motherland, The Bletchley Circle, and Death Comes to Pemberley.

Kelly Macdonald plays Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson

©© BBC Pictures

The focus of series six, Kelly plays Joanne, the senior investigating officer of an unsolved murder, who raises suspicions at AC-12.

Speaking of her character Kelly said: "At the start of the series, she’s quite a lonely figure. She’s struggling and we don’t quite know why that is."

Shalom Brune-Franklin plays DC Chloe Bishop

©© BBC Pictures

DC Chloe Bishop is the latest member to join AC-12 in Line of Duty. Currently, very little is known about her but between the events of series five and six, she was assigned to AC-12.

Lisa McQueen, played by Rochenda Sandall (series 5)

Lisa McQueen
©BBC Pictures

Lisa claims to have been recruited by the OCG (Organised Crime Group) as a teenager to deal drugs along County Lines. As such, she knows more about the workings of the OCG than anyone.

She’s initially intimidated by Corbett's cold-blooded determination, but soon sees a potential ally in advancing her career.

Tim Ifield, played by Jason Watkins (series 4)

Tim Ifield

Tim’s a forensics expert, not only is he a very detailed and brilliant practitioner but he is meticulous and professional. "Often these guys can solve the case themselves and I think because they have the ability to do that, sometimes there’s friction between other departments, particularly with DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton)," says Jason.

"There is a moral call to be made as well as a procedural one and I think if you’re, like Tim, forensically minded and meticulous then it’s hard to square that."

Georgia Trotman, played by Jessica Raine (series 2)

Georgia Trotman

Georgia is a new recuit to AC-12 in series 2 of Line of Duty.

Georgia joins AC-12 from Armed Robbery. She’s smart and dedicated, but has difficulty controlling potentially damaging impulses.

Jackie Laverty, played by Gina McKee (series 1)

Jackie Laverty

Jackie Laverty was at one time engaged to Tony Gates. She left him for a rich businessman.

Newly divorced and now a successful businesswoman in her own right, Jackie has become involved with Gates again.

Mike Dryden, played by Mark Bonnar (series 2)

Mike Dryden

Ambitious and charismatic, Dryden is a politically savvy police officer.

Detective Chief Constable Mike Dryden takes personal charge of the investigation into the ambush, assigning AC-12 to investigate Lindsay Denton and the Major Violent Crime Unit to investigate the gunmen who carried out the attack. However, AC-12 eventually come to suspect that Dryden may have his own hidden agenda for controlling the case.

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