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Bye bye, Nurse Barbara

Yourscall the midwife
Bye bye, Nurse Barbara

Nurse Barbara's very sad funeral 

Call the Midwife have shared a very moving preview on their Twitter page of the funeral of Nurse Barbara, where we see a very emotional Phyllis and Tom. We're predicting the final episode of the series will be a VERY tearful one - tissues at the ready! 


Nurse Barbara dies in Call the Midwife

We always think we're prepared for the heartbreak that comes with Call the Midwife, but this week we didn't have enough tissues in the house (or frankly, in the shops) to deal with the tragic death of nurse Barbara. 

But, on Sunday March 4, Nurse Barbara died after contracting septicaemia. Her death seemed particularly cruel as she was newly married to lovely Tom Hereward, and had only just returned to the series with a visit to the Poplar neighbourhood picnic.

In episode six of series seven we saw Barbara dealing with a persistent cold, but her health quickly took a turn for the worse and an ambulance was summoned. Episode seven saw her in hospital, barely conscious and covered in red blotches. Her friends and family receive good news - that she's awake and recovering...but only for it to end in heartbreak as it becomes clear she's going to die.

She passes away with husband Tom holding her hand and reciting a psalm, which Nurse Crane finishes for him.

Actress Charlotte Ritchie, who played Barbara, told the Radio Times: "It seemed like a good time to go. They ask you to commit quite early on in the year to the show. And I always wanted to do it, but I also felt that I'd done three different series for the last five years, and I thought it might be good to slightly try and branch out and try something new."

We understand that Charlotte, but did you have to break our hearts in the process?! 

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by such a tear-jerking ending - after all, we recently revealed that writer Heidi Thomas often reduces her husband Stephen McGann to floods of tears when he reads her scripts.

Everything you need to know about actress Charlotte Ritchie

Including her VERY famous granddad!

Charlotte Ritchie is a British actress and singer-songwriter who has starred in various TV series including Raised by Wolves and Fresh Meat. Here's everything you need to know about the young actress and her role in Call the Midwife

Charlotte Ritchie in Call the Midwife 

Nurse Barbara Hereward (was Gilbert) was played by Charlotte Ritchie, who joined the cast in series 4 of Call the Midwife. After getting married to Trixie’s ex-fiancé, Tom Hereward, played by Jack Ashton, series 7 began with the pair settling into married life...but ended in tragedy.  


Is Barbara going to die?

We're currently very anxious about the fate of poor Barbara as she's in hospital with meningociccal septicaemia - and let's face it, it wouldn't be the first time that Call the Midwife has broken our hearts with a storyline! 

Stephen McGann, who plays Dr Turner and is married to the series' writer Heidi Thomas says: “Barbara’s so full of life but this illness is vicious and it has a knock-on effect on everyone because they’re like a family. It’s a crisis and a terrible worry but they have to carry on as professionals.” Dr Turner is set to play a key role in supporting her husband Tom during her time in hospital. As told to the TV Times.

We're keeping everything crossed for Barbara this Sunday!

Who are Charlotte Ritchie’s parents and grandparents? 

Charlotte’s mother Kate Burton is also an actress and is most famous for her roles in Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Kate’s father and Charlotte’s grandfather, is Richard Burton, who was most famous for Cleopatra and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf as well as many more. Her grandmother, and first wife of Richard Burton, is Sybil Williams, who was also an actress as well as a theatre director and founder of the famous New York nightclub Arthur. 

How old is Charlotte Ritchie? 

She was born in 1989 meaning she is currently 28. 

Is Charlotte Ritchie a part of a singing group?

Charlotte is one of four members of the British classical crossover group, All Angles. Founded in 2006, the group have sold more than 1 million albums to date.

Does Charlotte Ritchie have any siblings? 

Yes – Charlotte’s brother, Luke Ritchie is also a musician who writes his own acoustic records and sometimes collaborates with his sister!


What else has Charlotte Ritchie been in? 

As well as Call the Midwife, Charlotte has starred in a catalogue of film and TV series including Fresh Meat, Doctors, Raised by Wolves, Life of Riley and also featured as an extra in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire during her early acting days. 

Is Charlotte Ritchie married? 

Although Charlotte is not married it has been rumored she is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend but remains very private. 


Where did Charlotte Ritchie grow up? 

She was born in Clapham, London and grew up there. After attending James Allen’s Girls’ School, she joined the Youth Music Theatre UK. Whilst finishing her degree in English and Drama at the University of Bristol, she was filming for Fresh Meat.