The best eye masks for sleep to help you get some shut-eye

Try one of these comfy sleep masks to help you sleep soundly through the night.

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by Emily Gilbert |

If your room lets in light at night time, it can be difficult to get to sleep, particularly if your mind is full of thoughts too. Alternatively, you may be trying to adjust to a different time zone on a flight or block out the lamplight while your other half reads their book in bed.

Rather than packing on the eye cream to hide those under-eye bags from poor sleep, all you need is a good sleep mask. They help to block out any light and provide total darkness to help you fall asleep.

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When choosing an eye mask that's right for you, comfort is key. You'll want to consider how well it covers your eyes, how well they block out the light, and how they tie and secure onto your head. We've rounded up some of the best eye masks for sleep on the market to help you find the best one for you.

The best eye masks for sleep

The unique contoured dome design of the SMUG eye mask provides total darkness, no matter how bright it is around you. The adjustable Velcro fastening means one size fits all to help it fit your face perfectly, so you'll enjoy a snug fit around your eye area that feels comfortable. Plus, there are a bunch of bold and cute designs to choose from so you can sleep style.

Review: "Bought for my wife and she’s really pleased. She likes the design and the 3D fit over the eyes. I would say these don’t fit men as I tried them on and they weren’t big enough to block all the light. Perfect on women though."

Available in Damask Rose and Midnight Blue, this luxury silk eye mask from The Drowsy Silk Co. will help you drift off into your beauty sleep every night. With an adjustable head strap for security and big, cloud-like padding, this eye mask is hypoallergenic, moisturising, and breathable so you don't need ever worry about skin irritation. It provides a total blackout and a smooth surface that'll reduce hair friction too.

Review: "This mask is super comfortable in comparison to other ones I have used. It isn't heavy on your eyes, unlike previous masks I have tried. The packaging looks super smart and its clear that this product is high quality! I use it every night, I love it!"

The 'nose wing' design of the sleep blindfold can effectively block lights coming from the nose area so it's ideal for staying asleep or relaxing your eyes whenever or wherever you are trying to sleep. Made from ultra-soft and comfortable cotton, it's kind to skin and flexible, washable, and foldable so you can pack it neatly on your travels.

Review: "I got this for my grandma as she loves to wear a sleeping mask when she’s going to bed.. I asked her the next day how it was and she told me she loves it as other eye masks feel hard and uncomfortable this one was so comfortable and she even forgot she had it on all night! She gives it 5 stars and was shocked when I told her it was only £20!"

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Super-soft and breathable, the outer layer of this sleep mask is made of an ice silk fabric on the inside and super light memory foam, and the eye mask has a contoured shape and 3D eye socket design. This means the mask sits snugly against the contours of your temples without putting pressure on the eye area, even if you're a side sleeper.

Review: "The Umisleep eye mask is a great fit, very comfortable, and made of a lovely soft material for a very comfortable night's sleep. My partner is always up early for work and puts on her make-up mirror lights, wardrobe lights, and en-suite lights and I nearly always get wakened from my sleep during the process. Since using the sleep mask, I rarely wake up, I sleep better and it's really worth every penny.

"It's so comfortable when sleeping that you can't tell it's there unless you open your eyes. Great value for money."

To prevent light and disturbances causing you to frown at night, contributing to lines and wrinkles, Slip’s Pure Silk Sleep Mask is made from 100 per cent pure mulberry silk inside and out, protecting the delicate skin around your eyes from any damage. It fits snug to your head with an elastic strap for comfort and security and comes in various shades so you can coordinate with your favourite pyjamas.

Review: "I bought this silk mask a little while ago specifically for plane journeys but, more recently, I was finding it hard to sleep in lockdown so decided to start using this mask every night to block out excess light, and it works extremely well. It's so gentle on my skin, so I never feel like the skin around my eyes is being pulled or grazed. A beautiful colour too. Absolutely love it, and currently can't sleep without it."

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Not only will this Spacemask block out the light in your room but this self-heating mask is infused with jasmine to help lull you to sleep. Ideal for easing tired eyes and tension headaches, heat puts pressure on those tension points for bedtime bliss. Each box of Spacemasks comes with five individually, single-use wrapped foil masks with a galaxy pattern.

Review: "I have read the reviews before purchasing this product and was curious about it. It didn’t disappoint, super relaxing after an exhausting day, relieved my headache and soothed me into falling asleep. Will definitely purchase it again."

Made from latex-free PVC and soft fabric, this reusable ice eye mask contains a cooling gel that is ideal for relieving swollen and puffy eyes, dry eyes, headaches, migraines, sinus pain and stress. You can easily heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds for heat therapy or chill it in the freezer for two hours for a cooling effect. Wearing this to go to sleep on a hot summer's night sounds dreamy!

**Review: "**Love this for migraine. Always straight from the freezer. No need to wrap up in a towel due to the material over the eyes. Love it."

The ergonomic wings on either side of the nose prevent any light from entering under your mask while also working to alleviate any pressure on your eyelids for fresher-looking eyes when you wake up. It's fully adjustable meaning one size fits all and if you're not happy, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Tried and tested by Ellen Kinsey, Commercial Content Writer for Yours: "This eye mask has a premium feel with velcro attachments so that you can tighten or loosen the mask to your liking. It is designed with eye holes, meaning you can open your eyes comfortably in the mask, but it will still be completely dark. As a light sleeper, I often toss and turn and lose my eye mask by the time I wake up in the morning. However, this mask stays on throughout the night, and no light peaks through. It would be beneficial for long journeys in planes and buses as well as for staying at hotels or other accommodation."

Not only is this mask made of luxuriously soft satin, but it's also infused with dried lavender to help you sink into a calm and blissful slumber. Filled with microbeads for a weighted effect, it helps to ease headaches, block out light, and reduce anxiety, similar to a weighted blanket. It has an adjustable elastic strap for comfort and security during the night so you don't need to worry about it slipping off.

Review: "My daughter was delighted with the mask-she said it thoroughly blocked out the light, had a nice silky feel to it and the smell of lavender was not too overpowering."

Sleep mask FAQs

Is it good to sleep with an eye mask?

Sleeping with a sleep mask actually has multiple benefits for the user. Not only will it block out ambient light and allow you to sleep more soundly, but they also protect the fragile skin around the eyes, which should leave you with less puffiness in the morning.

It can, however, cause skin irritation if you're not careful. More on that below.

What is the best material for an eye mask?

Silk is often thought of as the best material for an eye mask, as it's gentle on the skin and won't pull on your eyelashes.

Cotton is also a popular material, as it's breathable and soft.

Can eye masks cause skin irritation?

Like anything you put on your face, sleep masks can cause irritation if they aren't clean or you have sensitive skin. Ensure to wash yours according to the manufacturer's instructions regularly; it may be worth having a few to rotate so you're never left without one.

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