Best weighted blankets for a great night’s sleep

We've investigated the latest trend for the bedroom and discovered why everyone should own a weighted blanket.

Best weighted blanket

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If you're having a negative experience falling asleep at night, one small way to help combat those feelings is investing in the best weighted blankets for a good night's sleep. You can use it on top of your bed linen or on the sofa as a throw and the benefits may be just what you need

They have been around for a while and have gained popularity in recent years, but what is a weighted blanket? Put simply it is a blanket with weights in it that give the sensation of being hugged, or cuddled, which in turn releases chemicals such as serotonin and melatonin - both crucial for sleep and general wellbeing. It's these chemicals that make us feel secure - and ultimately less stressed. Some blanket manufacturers also suggest anxiety-inducing cortisol levels are also reduced with their products.

Best weighted blankets at a glance

Best weighted blanket overall: John Lewis Specialist Synthetic Weighted Blanket - View now on John Lewis
• Best technology: Simba OrbitTM Weighted Blanket - View now on Simba
• Best premium weighted blanket: Gravity Blanket: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep - View now on Amazon UK

There’s lots of research around the benefit these blankets bring, but they’re already proven, and being used in medical applications. Weighted blankets are commonly used in the treatment of children with behavioural issues such as autism and ADHD. The best weighted blankets may not be for everyone. You can also get cooling weighted blankets if you're worried they will make you too hot.

With that in mind, we’ve chosen the best weighted blankets on the market today and answered all the frequently asked questions you have about using them.

The best weighted blankets

Best premium weighted blanket

If you've heard of weighted blankets, you'll have likely heard of Gravity Blankets. Like every other blanket on this list, they work by using a feeling of compression to reduce your stress and boost more positive chemicals.
However, while the idea is the same as every other blanket, the execution is certainly premium. Gravity blankets are made with high-quality velvet which makes them generally cosy, but you can also get some that are more designed for summer and warmer temperatures.
Gravity blankets get their weight from evenly distributed pockets filled with glass micro-beads – and that has two key benefits. It means the weight won't move around like a bean bag, and it keeps the pressure even.
They are rather expensive – especially when you purchase the higher weights – but with various colours and styles on offer, and the ability to easily wash them, they're an investment you'll continue to use.

Customer review: "I keep accidentally falling asleep under this. It sleeps a little hot but the weight doesn't bunch up anywhere and hugs you tight."


  • Doesn't bunch up
  • Different colours available


  • Can be heavy for some

Best breathable weighted blanket

Fancy a weighted blanket, but prefer to use sheets you already own? A Baloo weighted blanket might be the one for you. Eco-friendly and made from cotton, the Baloo range is a little simpler than others – but each product has a focus on versatility. There are two main products on offer, a weighted blanket for a bed or one for a throw – and that's pretty much it. While the former is available in a range of weights, the latter only comes in 12 lbs, but it's ideal for a nap or for use as a sofa throw.

When it comes to style, Baloo sets itself apart from other products with a neutral linen construction – and that means they're perfect to use alone or stuffed inside a duvet cover you already own. Using them in the former way makes them ideal for summer, but it's also possible to pair them with a duvet in the winter months.
If, however, you want something a little more colourful – or you just want to give your blankets an extra layer of protection – Baloo also supplies a number of French linen duvet covers. And just like the Baloo blankets, they're stylish and natural enough to blend into your furniture.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Gentle
  • Can use all year round


  • Some reviews have found it is not heavy enough for their liking

Best affordable weighted blanket

Mela might not be as well-known as Gravity blankets, but they're just as impressive. Made from cotton and machine washable, Mela blankets don't have the ridiculous velvet feel of Gravity blankets but make up for it with a more unusual texture. Dots – a little like bubble wrap – give Mela blankets a different sensation, but they're still comfortable on the skin. They can be bought for UK single, UK Double, and UK king-size beds, and there's also a range of children's sizes and weights available. Like other products on this list, Mela advises you to get something 10 per cent of your body weight. If you're on a budget Mela blankets are worth a look. They're not as pricey as some other blankets, but still deliver a nice, even pressure and are easy to wash at home.

Customer review: "I was so excited to get this blanket. I ordered it just as the lockdown started, and I've been undergoing treatment, which means I have to stay at home. Anxiety and emotions have been high.

The blanket was delivered a lot earlier than expected, and was beautifully wrapped and packaged. It sounds daft, it being a weighted blanket, but I was surprised at just how heavy it was when I picked up the box. But then again, you're meant to lie under it, not lug it around with you!

The quality of the blanket is exceptional, the materials used are high quality, and the outer blanket is soft and luxurious feeling."


  • Different sizes and weights available
  • Great instructions and aftercare


  • Would like more colours

Best weighted blanket overall

With a special weighty filling to create a reassuringly cosy feel and even pressure across your body, this John Lewis & Partners Specialist Synthetic blanket has been designed to help reduce restlessness and air relaxation. Available in four different weights (4.5kg - 11kg). Use under adult supervision. This blanket is not suitable for children under 3 years due to the risk of overheating.

Customer review: "Blanket is as described. I ordered one 7-10% of my body weight as recommended. I like the weight and its there without being too heavy! Excellent quality. the seams are robust and the beads well distributed between pockets."


  • Well made
  • Different sizes available
  • Warm and cosy


  • Takes a while to adjust

Best technology

Simba Orbit 6.8kg weighted blanket
Price: £126.75 (was £169)

The Simba Orbit weighted blanket uses impressive nano-bead technology to help guide away restlessness. For a better, deeper sleep. The added weight helps you drift off to sleep and hopefully stay there and includes a removable, breathable and washable cotton cover.
Our review:** "It’s fair to say when the packaging states “put a weight on, take a load off”, it’s promising big things, but as an anxiety sufferer who’s found their quality of sleep has worsened since the pandemic, this blanket absolutely delivered. It has a cushioned layer that means the blanket is still comfortable, whilst the glass nano beads are distributed well throughout so your whole body feels the effects. An extra bonus is that it comes with a machine washable cover, so you can use it again and again. Its cotton material means that you can sleep deeply without overheating, and I for one am looking forward to many more nights of restful slumber thanks to Simba."


  • Washable cover
  • Breathable cotton material


  • Only one size available

Best temperature-regulating weighted blanket

Oodie has garnered a great reputation in keeping us warm in their famous cosy hoodies and the Oodie Weighted Blanket has been made to put your quality of sleep front and centre. It is a premium blanket filled with non-toxic glass beads, separately sewn pockets and is hand washable. Using the relaxing principles behind deep pressure stimulation therapy will take your sleep to the next level.

Customer review: "Very soft and comfortable. Really pleased with it."


  • Reputable name
  • Soft and warm


  • Would like the option of being able to buy a spare cover

Best weighted blanket for travel

This Silentnight Weighted Blanket is great for those who want some comfort on the sofa, in bed or even for travelling. It looks just like a throw and looks super stylish. It is fully machine washable (although it takes a while to dry) and comes with a zip-up bag too – ideal if you want to pack it away.

Customer review: "I got this for my fibromyalgia and pain and have had it less than a week and must say it’s brilliant. I’m quite small (47.5kg) so ordered the 6.8kg and it’s heavy enough for me. It’s important to get the right weight for your own weight so be careful. So if your suffer pain and need help I’d recommend this. It’s well made and keeps you warm too. I’ve not slept with it yet, just used it for a few hours at a time."


  • A good option for using around the house
  • Warm when you need warmth and cooling when it's hot


  • Hard to dry at home

Best weighted blankets FAQs

How to wash a weighted blanket

The best way to wash a weighted blanket is either in your washing machine or to get it professionally cleaned. Choose a gentle wash cycle and use cold or warm water to air dry the blanket, spread it out flat and occasionally shake it out to make sure the inner fill evenly distributes. If your blanket weighs above 10kg, you may need to take it to a launderette to be cleaned due to the weight of the item.

When do you use a weighted blanket?

While some can be used at night to boost serotonin and melatonin, other manufacturers suggest using them in bursts, such as naps or while working. Weight is obviously a key part in how these blankets work, and the blanket you get is always determined by your body weight. Most manufacturers say a blanket should be 10 per cent of your weight.

If you're worried you may be too snug, you can also shop cooling weighted blankets that are a little more breathable.

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