The benefits of polarised sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses

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A good pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun are essential all year round but particularly in summer. If you've noticed your lenses are not quite strong enough, then you might want to consider the benefits of polarised sunglasses – a stronger lens that better protects your eyes from the sun.

Polarised sunglasses Vs non-polarised sunglasses

While eye yoga might help you keep your vision in tact, polarised sunglasses are designed to reduce the glare from light reflecting from wet surfaces or glass as well as protecting your eyes from UV rays. For example they're great to wear on those days when the sun is shining after a showery spell.

Standard sunglasses will still protect your eyes from the sun, but they aren't always able to reduce the glare.

In terms of the style, they most often look exactly the same. The only difference is a polarising film which alters the way light hits your eyes.

You might not be able to tell the difference very easily between your standard sunglasses and polarised ones but there is a very subtle difference if you hold the sunglasses in front of a reflective surface and look through one of the lenses. If you slowly rotate the glasses 90 degrees left or right, you will see the glare reduce if the sunglasses are polarised.

Benefits of polarised sunglasses

polarised glasses for sports

Polarised sunglasses are particularly beneficial for those with eye conditions that make them more sensitive to light. For example people who suffer from conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration could benefit from polarised sunglasses.

As they're ideal for light reflecting from water, we'd recommend opting for a polarised lens for holidays where there'll be lakes or if you're by the sea as it'll really take that glare off.

Different types of polarised sunglasses

Sports – you'll often see people who do winter sports such as skiing wearing polarised lenses as the sun reflects off the snow. They're also ideal for those who do water sports and cycling. These have a wraparound style which won't easily fall off while you're working out.

Driving – Did you know that glare is one of the leading causes of road accidents? If you struggle to see when you're diving in the sun after there's been a shower, then we'd very much recommend keeping a pair of polarised sunglasses in your car for these days.

Should you wear polarised sunglasses all the time?

While they can be great for driving and certain sports, there's no need to wear your polarised sunglasses all the time. For example, if you're looking at LCD screens while you work (eg, pilots, operating machinery) you should avoid wearing them as they can distort images. If you're noticing some distortion when wearing any kind of glasses, we'd recommend booking yourself in for an eye test.

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Polarised clip-on glasses

If you've got a reliable and comfy pair of glasses that suit your face, it's understandable why you might not want to change these for a new pair, even if you do want a polarised pair. In this case, polarised clip-on sunglasses are a great idea. You just need to check with your optician that your frame supports clip on lenses. This is also a brilliant option if you have prescription glasses lenses as your polarised lens can sit in front of it, just be sure to ask them to check you're reading your prescription correctly if you have one.


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