15 healthy homemade snacks

Feeling peckish? These nutritious nibbles will help keep you full.


by Nathan Katnoria |

Feeling peckish and need to fill a gap between meals? Snacks don’t need to be loaded with salt and sugar; there are plenty of balanced and nutritious options to keep you going until your next meal.

You can even whip up your own healthy homemade snacks straight from your kitchen, so you’re know exactly what you’re eating. You don’t need to be an experienced cook either, there are plenty of recipes out there that even kitchen novices can put together.

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth and can’t resist reaching for the chocolate, or if more savoury snacks are your bag, here are some of the best healthy homemade snack recipes that you can cook at home.

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Hummus and crudites

Hummus is easier to make from scratch than you might think - you only need five ingredients and it can be whipped up in just ten minutes. The protein-packed chickpeas in this recipe are sure to keep hunger at bay and you can also get one of your five-a-day if you serve with crudites like carrots, celery and red pepper.


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