Delicious and healthy dessert recipes

You don't need to skip pudding if you're trying to eat healthier.

healthy dessert

by Emily Gilbert |

When you think of dessert, you probably think of indulgent, calorie-laden puddings. But if you're wanting to watch what you're eating, you don't have to miss out as there are plenty of healthy desserts you can tuck into instead.

If you're after a bit of inspiration, we've gathered ten tasty and healthy dessert recipes that are bound to hit that sweet spot.

Neapolitan frozen yoghurt

Neapolitan frozen yogurt recipe

How fun does this frozen yoghurt from Tesco look? You'll make three different sorbets - mango, blueberry and cherry and there's plenty to keep in the freezer and enjoy several portions.

Skinny lemon cupcakes with drizzly icing

Skinny lemon cupcakes with drizzly icing
© Andrew Hayes-Watkins

Need a cake fix? These cupcakes from the Hairy Bikers are made using blueberries, lemon and natural yoghurt.

Chocolate covered strawberries

choc strawberries

There's no recipe required for this one! For this romantic treat, simply dip strawberries in melted chocolate. If you want to be extra healthy, opt for dark chocolate over milk.

Plum rice pudding

Plum rice pudding
©Andrew Hayes-Watkins

Rice pudding may remind you of your childhood but the Hairy Biker's version is topped with a delicious homemade plum compote.

Fruit salad

fruit salad

You can't get much healthier than a fruit salad! Combine mixed berries, kiwi, mango, pineapple and grapes for a refreshing dessert.

Mango & yoghurt layer pots

Mango & yoghurt layer pots
©Jamie Oliver

Made using only four ingredients, choose whether you want to enjoy these little pots of sunshine for breakfast or pudding.

Chocolate and avocado mousse

Chocolate and avocado mousse

If you love your chocolate, try this creamy mousse which is made from avocados, dark chocolate and coconut milk.

Grilled strawberries with Pimm's

Grilled strawberries with Pimm's
©Jamie Oliver

Another strawberry dessert, this recipe from Jamie Oliver grills the fruit to "bring out a wicked caramelly flavour" and features a splash of Pimm's.

Chia seed pudding

chia seed pudding

Now we know that it might look a little questionable but if you're in the mood for trying something new, what about this chia pudding? Chia seeds are full of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and fibre.

Sweet potato brownies with chocolate sauce

Sweet potato brownies

Who said you can't have brownies when you're trying to eat healthier? This version from Deliciously Ella combines sweet potatoes, Medjool dates and ground almonds for a gooey, rich batch of brownies.

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