The best supermarket whiskey for under £20

Here are the best whiskeys from top supermarkets like Tesco, Waitrose, Aldi and more.


by Ellen Kinsey |

These supermarket brands' whiskeys are ideal if you're new to whiskey or want to pick a bottle that won't break the bank. All you need is a log burning fire, and you have got the ultimate cosy evening in.

Of course, you have heard of whiskey before, but what is it made from? Well, whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain. These various grains are used from different varieties, such as barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whether you like a glass of whiskey with a block of ice or mixed with a dash of coke - we have picked out the most affordable and smooth whiskeys for your weekend tipple.

From bottles with honey nuances to spicy and rich, there are so many options to choose from, so we have researched the flavour profile so that you can discover your perfect match.

Without further ado, let's look at the best own-brand whiskey from the UK's top supermarkets like Tesco, Waitrose, M&S, Aldi, Sainsbury's and more.

The best supermarket whisky

Aldi has a range of inexpensive, award-winning whiskies, and their 12-year-old Glen Marnoch single malt is ideal for those looking for a high-quality whiskey on a budget.

Flavour profile: This smooth whiskey has deep flavours with a mellow after taste.

Review: "Good value Spayside full of flavour depth and body."

Waitrose's own brand three-year-old whisky is a classic Scotch, made with the finest single Malts and blended with Scottish Grain Whisky.

Flavour profile: Nuances of a spicy richness and a golden and mellow taste.

Review: "This whiskey is perfectly fine on its own but also works very well with mixers & makes a superb hot toddy! A very good, simple whiskey."

Tesco's Special Reserve Blended Scotch Whiskey is distilled in the highlands of Scotland and has been matured for a minimum of three years in oak casks.

Flavour profile: This whiskey is amber in colour with a pleasant honey sweetness and a sweet mellow taste.

Review: "This is a great cooking whiskey. I use it to marinade meat."

Lidl has won multiple awards for its range of whiskies. The Ben Bracken Speyside single malt is perfect if you prefer a lighter taste and works well in a highball.

Flavour profile: This light and refined whiskey has vanilla, honey, cinnamon, creamy caramel and coffee latte flavours and notes.

Morrisons' own brand whiskey is perfect with a mixer and is a blend of malt and grain whisky

Flavour profile: This whiskey has a fruity nuances and a honeyed flavour.

Review: "Good whiskey for the price. It's clean-tasting and does not invoke massive headaches."

Asda also has a blended Scotch that's affordable and ideal for mixing.

Flavour profile: This whiskey tastes mellow, sweet and fruity blend and is supple and silky.

Review: "This is comparable to most of the more expensive brands, I was very impressed."

Sainsbury's own brand is one product price-matched with Aldi. Perfect for a little tipple in the evening.

Flavour profile: This is a soft, easy-drinking whiskey with a subtle sweetness.

Review: "It is lovely, full of body and goes down well neat, or with a drop of water or coke. Compared to the much dearer brands, you can’t go wrong with a wee dram of this. I will definitely buy it again."

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