The best winter cycling jackets so you can keep cycling all year round

Keep warm, dry and comfortable when biking in the winter with these jackets.

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If you're dedicated to hitting the trails come rain or shine, warm or cold, you will need to invest in a good winter cycling jacket that's comfortable, insulated and weather-resistant for the temperamental British winter.

Whether you like to bike in the cold of late autumn or deep into the winter months, getting a suitable kit is essential to avoid an unpleasant biking experience. By investing in one of the best winter cycling jackets, you can take your bike out in total comfort and confidence, protected from the elements.

A good winter cycling jacket will not only keep you warm, snug, and dry but will also have wind and waterproofing so that you will be ultra-resilient, whatever the weather.

All of these jackets feature breathable materials to prevent overheating during physical activity, and flexibility to offer you your entire range of movement.

To ensure you have a smooth, safe, comfortable ride, we've put together a list of the best winter biking jackets to prepare you for the cold, wind and rain.

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What to consider when buying a winter biking jacket

Windproof fabrics

The British winters may not be as cold as in other countries, but the wind can make bike rides bitterly cold at times. Ensuring your winter cycling jacket is made from windproof fabrics will help you stay warm and block the wind from getting through the material.

Some brands will innovatively use panels made of different materials across the jackets – with the heavier, less breathable fabrics placed on the front and the lighter, more breathable fabrics on the rear. Some jackets incorporate zipped vents, which can be opened and closed to regulate ventilation, keeping you comfortable on the trails.

Water resistance

We see rain a lot more than snow over the winter, so a water-resistant jacket is an absolute must. A softshell jacket usually offers a good fit and sufficient rain protection. However, in heavy rainfall, a fully waterproof jacket would be more suitable. All of our suggested winter biking jackets are made for rainy conditions and will provide good water protection.

Size and fit

Some jackets are designed to be form-fitting and aerodynamic, and others will have a more relaxed fit so you can add layers underneath. The jackets we have selected have a mostly fitted design with biking on the roads and trails in mind.

The best jackets for bike riding in winter

Castelli Perfetto ROS Convertible Jacket

The best jacket for versatile warmth for autumn and early-winter

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This winter cycling jacket from Italian industry leader, Castelli, is designed to be comfortable through the elements. The front of the jacket is made with a light Gore-Tex fleece to retain the heat and a stretchy back panel that offers breathability and adaptability. The zipped side vents are designed for additional ventilation, and the Gore-Tex materials are water-resistant for rainy bike rides.

For early and late winter, you can remove the sleeves, which can be removed just above the elbow. According to Castelli, this jacket is recommended for temperatures between four and 16 degrees Celsius.

Pros: This jacket is versatile and innovative.

Cons: A little pricy and unsuitable for very cold winter days.

Castelli Alpha ROS 2 Light Jacket

The best winter cycling jacket for moderate temperatures
Castelli Alpha ROS 2 Light Jacket

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The Castelli Alpha ROS 2 Light Jacket is made for those cold, windy days on the bike trails where you face rain, mist and wet roads. This jacket is designed with water-repellent material at the front and high breathability to the rear, keeping your body regulated. This light cycling winter jacket is warm, breathable and weather-resistant and is made with double-layer construction and is can be used for moderate temperatures up to 7 to 15 degrees Celcius.

Pros: Light and weather-resistant

Cons: Unsuitable for very cold winter days.

dhb Aeron Deep Winter Softshell Jacket

The best jacket for cold weather protection (Editor's choice)

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This jacket is ideal for icy days, so you can hit the trails whatever the weather. The dhb Aeron Deep Winter Softshell Jacket pairs softshell fleecing with a wind and waterproof membrane. Plus, it provides riders with protection in temperatures as low as -2 degrees Celsius. The material is still stretchy, with extra focus on the bottom hem, cuffs and YKK zip to keep out bitter winds.

Pros: Fantastic weather protection and warmth in freezing temperatures.

Cons: It can get a little hot in warmer parts of the winter.

Endura SL Thermal Windproof Jacket II

The best jacket for sub-zero protection
Endura Pro SL Thermal Windproof Jacket II

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The SL Thermal Windproof will protect you from chilly climates by combining a synthetic outer shell with a thermal and windproof lining. The high-collar design will stop any cold air from getting into your jacket when leaning forward, and the cuffs can be tucked into gloves for extra protection from the cold. The jacket manufacturer recommends use for weather as low as -5 degrees Celius and is a good pick for winter rides.

Pros: Good for sub-zero weather and is a great fit.

Cons: This jacket is not waterproof but makes a good mid-layer.

Sportful Finandre Pro Jacket

The best jacket for water and wind proofing

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This jacket is a good fit if you are after a jacket for Britain's rainy and temperamental winters. The NeoShell material works wonders being waterproof and windproof as well as breathable and heat regulating. This fabric is also very agile, which allows for the rider to position themselves with ease. You can use this jacket for temperatures as low a 5 degrees Celsius.

Pros: It is breathable and offers fantastic heat regulation.

Cons: It is a tight fit.

Pearl Izumi Pro Amfib Windproof Shell Jacket 2022

The best jacket for all-weather performance
Pearl Izumi Pro Amfib Windproof Shell Jacket 2022

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The Pearl Izumi Pro Amfib Windproof Shell Jacket offers thermal insulated windproof and water-resistant protection as well as good breathability. It features bonded neck, cuffs and hem to minimise bulk and ensure good weather protection while still being breathable and lightweight. u2022 2-way water resistant Vislonu00ae Aquaguard zipper is easy to use with gloves for quick ventilation

Pros: Water and wind resistant with good breathability.

Cons: Potentially unsuitable for extremely cold winter days.

SANTINI Vega Multi Women's Jacket

The best women's jacket with water proofing
SANTINI Vega Multi Women's Jacket

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This women's cycling jacket by Santini is ideal for cold rides and very wet weather, making it the best choice for those winter bike rides. Totally waterproof, it easily releases excess heat and moisture vapor to keep you dry inside and out. It also has a reflective shoulder band and back insert to ensure maximum safety in low visibility.

Pros: Water resistant with good breathable insulation.

Cons: On the expensive side and it is a tight fit.

Gore Wear C5 SHAKEDRY 1985 Insulated Jacket

The best of Gore Tex and Polartec technology jacket

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This international best-seller is insulated and made from SHAKEDRY material technology that is water and wind-resistant. The Gore-Tex waterproofing is strengthened by Polartec Alpha insulation, which is made for heat-regulation during physical activity. Not only is this jacket breathable and lightweight, but it is ideal for wet climates and temperatures around five degrees Celsius.

Pros: Has good breathable insulation and weather protection.

Cons: On the expensive side.

Our final verdict

The dhb Aeron Deep Winter Softshell Jacket, in our opinion, is the best all-rounder providing great weather protection and insulation. For dedicated cyclers, we would recommend the Gore Wear C5 SHAKEDRY 1985 Insulated Jacket.

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