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Best DAB radio

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Discover the best DAB radio for a valued companion to your daily life. A DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) uses digital technology when you need to tune into your favourite show. Due to the ongoing digitisation of the beloved radio, stations are joining the movement, shifting to DAB radios for that crystal-clear audio we all desire. So, if your favourite station has gone digital or you’re looking to join the millions who tune into digital stations daily, a DAB radio may be for you.

Since the 1920s, Britain has tuned into radio shows, nationwide, rapidly becoming a leading source for many when it came to public information. Since then, radio has evolved with the times. From weather reports to music to comedy, radio shows are a constant in our lives. As for a DAB, these radios offer more stations than ever, with reliable signal and sound: no feedback. It’s easy to see why they're becoming popular in the world of audio. Perhaps, you’re wondering: are DAB radios any good? We like to think so. Some even have smart tech capabilities and headphone jacks.

Best DAB radio at a glance:

Best overall DAB radio: Roberts Revival Uno BT in Union Jack– view at Roberts Radio
Best DAB radio under £50: Roberts Play 10 – view at Roberts Radio
Best DAB radio with Bluetooth: Pure Evoke H3 in Oak – view at John Lewis
Best DAB radio with a CD player: Pure Evoke C-D4 with CD Player – view on Argos

If you’re considering a DAB radio, you likely want to access your favourite stations and shows. Many of you may be thinking: how many stations can you get on a DAB radio? There are 54 stations broadcasting on national DAB radio, says Digital Radio UK. Some old favourites such as Absolute Radio and Magic are accessible nationwide. Plus, there are plenty of brand-spanking new stations to bend your ear - which are only available digitally. We recommend seeing what’s available in your area with a Postcode Checker, as stations can vary regionally.

Whether you’re looking for a wind-up radio for trips in the wilderness or something retro-looking and nostalgic, we’ve found some of the best DAB radios for a digital listening experience. More and more radio stations are becoming digitised. Why not check out what digital radio has to offer? Of our picks, we've included large options for at-home listening, smaller options for bedside tables and some high-tech radios with versatility features for smart listening. Experiencing some radio silence? Editor Stephanie Antony has written a guide on how to choose a radio.

Best DAB radio

Best overall DAB radio

Listen to your favourite stations and shows with this quintessentially British radio, courtesy of Roberts. Compact, this Revival-style device is retro heaven, featuring Bluetooth, DAB, DAB+ and FM for extreme versatility. Whether on the go or at home, this Roberts Revival Uno BT in Union Jack is bold, iconic and has great reviews.

Customer Review: "This is such a cute, retro-look radio. It brightens up my space and works a treat too!"


  • Digital and FM radio
  • Auxiliary and headphone input
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • The design may not suit everyone's tastes

Sustainable pick

Lenco PDR-045 Black DAB+/FM RADIO & Bluetooth Speaker
Price: £109.99


We recommend the Lenco PDR-045 in Black. A portable DAB+ radio, this device comes decked out with Bluetooth technology and provides effortless sound quality. Not only is it crafted from sustainable bamboo, this DAB+ radio has a long-lasting rechargeable battery and compact size, which is perfect if you like to listen in a few rooms.


  • Made from eco bamboo and wheat fibre
  • Seven hours of wireless listening
  • Compact size and great sound quality


  • No customer reviews

Best DAB radio under £50

For simplicity, we recommend this budget-friendly Roberts Play 10 DAB radio. With DAB, DAB+ and FM, this portable wonder is the perfect size for your home. It's simple, a great size and has a backlit starburst display to search for digital radio channels with ease. Though it doesn't have Bluetooth, you can pre-set your favourite stations.

Customer Review: "The Play 10 radio seems absolutely perfect. Small, compact- mains or batteries. Very clear reception and a beautiful sound. I was about to buy another brand with 20 presets, then thought, "I do not need such a number." Play 10 has 6 presets (3 on DAB, and 3 on FM). No problem with that as one can easily search for other stations on either band with the tuning button. I have 3 other Roberts radios -Model RFM3, still working after many years; Gemini 45, which has a damaged aerial but still receives correctly; and the Classic 929. Really, considering the Play 10, and all the others I own, your products are top quality."


  • Portable battery power or mains plugin
  • Six stations preset for your favourites
  • A headphone socket and FM capabilities


  • No Bluetooth capabilities or alarm feature

Best DAB radio alarm clock

Drift off to the sounds of nature with the Roberts Zen Plus. The preloaded sleep soundscapes and natural wake sounds are designed to help you fall asleep and wake up naturally. With this DAB+ alarm clock, you will be waking up on time, with no problem. It's decked out with Bluetooth, several alarm modes and FM connectivity, so you're not missing out.

Customer Review: "Love the design of the Zen Plus. It is easy to set up a time and date, neat size for bedside, clear face with minimal buttons, great volume and exceptional rich sound. The USB charging is very useful. Bluetooth function is great as it turns Zen Plus into a Bluetooth speaker. Instructions are not intuitive, particularly for setting the alarm and sleep timer. The sleep timer would be easier to use if it was a mode rather than a sub-menu of the settings mode. Sleep sounds are easy to use. Overall, I loved the product and would certainly recommend it to family and friends."


  • Pre-loaded and stress-free sleep sounds
  • Dual alarm for waking up soundly
  • Bluetooth, DAB and FM capabilities


  • Use and instructions are not intuitive

Premium DAB radio

For premium sound, we like the elegant Ruark R1 DAB Radio, Midnight Blue. Featuring an OLED display, Bluetooth receiver, USB-C charge and playback port, switchable auxiliary input, and headphone output, this elegant DAB radio isn't just about the look. No - it's designed for the listeners. FM listeners - fear not - the Ruark R1 still has all of your favourite channels. This is one of our favourites.

Customer review: "We have had one of these radios for some time and the proposed change from DAB to DAB+ for Classic FM stimulated an extra purchase. Sound quality is excellent. Setting up the radio is fairly straightforward but it is better to download the full manual from the Ruark website than to rely on the printed mini version."


  • Intuitive and easy to control via the dial
  • With a USB charging port and Bluetooth connection
  • Elegant, stylish design with premium features


  • You may fare better with the remote control - which is an additional purchase

Best DAB radio for versatility

Take advantage of the high-quality and compact Roberts ZoomBox 3 in Black. This chic and portable music device comes with a CD player and the option to playback audio files via USB or SD card storage. Easy portable with a handle, you also can store your favourite tunes on 40 presets of this radio, which provides crystal-clear sound quality.

Customer Review: "A great clear, sharp sound from this portable radio CD player easy to use just what I was looking for to enjoy a relaxing time. Happy that I made this purchase."


  • Enjoy a variety of stations with DAB, FM and DAB+
  • 40 station presets for your favourite stations
  • Programmable CD, SD and USB playback


  • No Bluetooth capabilities or alarm feature

Best DAB radio with Bluetooth

Next, we have the Pure Evoke H3 in Oak, which is feature-packed and comes with an impressive sound that is small enough to fit nicely everywhere. For easy streaming, the H3 is a great option. Not only is it user-friendly, but has a durable, brilliant sound thanks to its high-quality wooden construction and the most recent speaker technology.

Customer Review: "This replaces a very old radio to use in my kitchen. It doesn't take up much space and looks good. The sound is excellent and love the display giving information when in radio mode ie:- station tuned to, programme on, music being played and contact info for the programme (telephone, text or email). It's fabulous!"


  • Real wood casing means natural-sounding audio
  • Connects to Bluetooth and has a headphone jack
  • Comes with dual alarms and timers for your day


  • It doesn't come with a rechargeable power unit

Best compact DAB radio

Whilst small in size, this Roberts Revival Mini is mighty. It's big on sound, style and features. Enjoy the wide variety of stations from the DAB, DAB+ and FM wavebands. Plus, it comes with an auxiliary headphone and speaker input for playing your smartphone's playlists. It's been made acoustically tuned in wooden casing for supreme retro sound.

Customer Review: "This is our 2nd Roberts Revival Mini we purchased one last year to use in-house we were so pleased with it that we bought another for our motor home. It’s a great-looking, compact and retro-looking radio; the sound is great works off the mains or rechargeable batteries. You can store your favourite stations as well wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this great-sounding radio."


  • Acoustically tuned wooden casing
  • Auxiliary headphone or speaker input
  • Portable, compact and classic design


  • No Bluetooth capabilities or alarm feature

Best DAB radio for travel

Take a trip back to the 70s with the Roberts Ramble Mini. This classic radio style has been reimagined by Roberts Radio. This time, it's smaller, simpler and rechargeable. Forget the days of lugging around the radio, this lightweight model is USB-C rechargeable and Bluetooth-compatible. Tune into Absolute Radio 70s and just chill; It's all peace and love...

Customer Review: "Brilliant little retro-style radio! I’ve had the mini rambler for around a month now and continue to be impressed with its style and sound. The mini rambler combines retro style with modern technology. One of my favourite features of the radio is its portability. I also like the fact that the battery is rechargeable. The sound is great for a small radio and even when turned up has little distortion. The colour of my radio is cream and it fits perfectly in the decor of my home. Would 100% recommend it."


  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Impressive full-range sound


  • No alarm feature

Budget DAB radio

Fancy something minimalist you can tuck away? This Pure Elan-One in White is a practical and contemporary radio with DAB+ and FM to access all your favourite radio stations in crystal-clear quality. It comes with additional features such as an alarm and sleep timer functions, Bluetooth connectivity and is powered by USB or battery.

Customer Review: "The last time I tried a (Roberts) DAB it was hopeless, about a year ago. Picked up hardly any stations, gurgled away like underwater, it went back. Pleased to say things have improved. I'm in a low signal area but this picked up loads of stations even on 2-3 bars. I use it as a bedside alarm and it's perfect. The screen goes off completely so no lights shining. The alarm can be set to stop automatically after X minutes. It loses one star for build quality, it's a bit cheap and the main knob is a bit wobbly. But it's good value for the reduced price and now I've set it up I won't need to touch it so hopefully it will last forever! Recommended."


  • Practical and contemporary radio
  • Budget-friendly and good value
  • Portable and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Not the sturdiest of builds

Best DAB radio with a CD player

This small, all-in-one music system is the cream of the crop when it comes to audio quality. We recommend the Pure Evoke C-D4 with CD Player if you're looking for all the latest features and extras to make listening super special. For radio and beyond, this Pure DAB radio allows for wireless smartphone connection - without trailing wires.

Customer Review: "Bought a month ago and really very happy with this Dab radio and Cd player. Sound quality is excellent, with no trailing wires or speakers, Bluetooth gives me pleasure listening to Podcasts etc, and very easy to connect to a phone or Tablet. CDs sound amazing and now enjoying my collection all over again and delighted I can connect to my record player via Aux cable and enjoy my old vinyl. I would advise downloading the online user guide as it gave me help with sound and equaliser settings. In all a very happy lady."


  • Compact with wood casing
  • All-in-one with CD and aux
  • Ultra-clear class-leading audio


  • There's reportedly no eject button on the remote which some reviewers would have liked


DAB, DAB+ Digital and FM Radio | Mains Powered DAB Radio with LED Display | Majority Barton 2 Kitchen and Bedside Digital Radio | Small Radio with Dual...
Price: £34.95 (was £54.95)


With an attractive, timeless design, the Majority Barton 2 in Black will look right at home wherever you place it. With simple controls, this radio makes quick use of switching stations and controlling audio like an expert. Plus, there's an alarm to keep you on top of the time. If you're a radio fanatic, you'll be pleased to hear about the 20 preset spaces.

Customer Review: "The radio looks as good as it plays; top-notch quality sound, easily set up and very impressive all around. Even my wife and daughters agreed with me which is a rarity in itself - they all loved the radio. A very good price for a radio that was delivered earlier than expected; well packed and quick to set-up."


  • Small, smart and mighty radio
  • Pre-set 20 favourite stations
  • With a dual alarm and snooze


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Best DAB radio for outdoors

If you're known for trips out into the wilderness, braving the great outdoors, we recommend this final product to you. It's been made for the outdoors with the reinforced casing, waterproof and dust-resistant tech and 14-hour battery life for trips without electricity. It will deliver rich, beautiful sounds and will bring you comfort on a stormy night in a tent.


  • Robust, sturdy and waterproof
  • Bluetooth speaker for the outdoors
  • Powerful, rich and warm sound


  • No customer reviews
  • No headphone jack

VERDICT: Which is the best DAB radio?

How could we not choose the Roberts Revival Uno BT in Union Jack as our top pick? Compact, this Revival-style radio is retro heaven, featuring Bluetooth, DAB, DAB+ and FM for extreme versatility. It's iconic and comes with great reviews.

However, if you're looking for a professional all-in-one with a CD player and auxiliary capabilities, we recommend our second-place pick: Pure Evoke C-D4 with CD Player. Perfect to pop on a shelf, it looks stylish and is a treat.


What is the difference between DAB and FM radio?

Thanks to audio tech brand JBL, here are the differences between these two types:

As mentioned previously, DAB is a digitally transmitted sound. However, you’re likely used to FM sound, which is transmitted via radio waves and adjustable to suit your location. Even so, the range of the DAB is “much wider, and because it is digitally transmitted, the quality is also better,” says JBL. As there are no radio waves to contend with, there is none of that crackling radio noise. JBL claims that you’ll have this crystal-clear sound “even in the remotest corner of the country.” Fancy that.

A great way to look at is to see a DAB similar to how a TV works. A receiver for channels, this radio type allows you to switch between stations “instead of having to scan for the exact wavelength (FM) that matches your location.” This prominent feature of the DAB prevents any hassle of tweaking to find the right station for your area. Many DAB models work as alarm clocks, Bluetooth speakers and more.

Is DAB radio better than FM?

Potentially, yes, provided your chosen DAB radio has FM capabilities, also. A DAB station will likely be able to grab more stations for you, has a reliable signal and is a step towards the future of radio.

What are the disadvantages of DAB radio?

According to Best Radios, there are a few drawbacks of DAB to tune into…

DAB stations can be unreliable when it comes to signal quality. In the same vein, DAB interference “is usually more irritating and disruptive than the interference you get with FM,” says Best Radios. As most DAB systems come as portable, the batteries may drain a little quicker than AM/FM radios. However, the main issue is the “squelching or gurgling sound when the reception isn’t strong enough.” A common issue amongst listeners, many are finding ways to improve the DAB signal.

Does a DAB radio need Wi-Fi?

No – traditional DAB radios do not require Wi-Fi for digital listening.

However, with the popularisation of online services such as BBC Sounds and Spotify, some DAB radios may be connectable to the internet. This way, you can listen to shows and podcasts at your leisure.

Is Greatest Hits Radio on DAB?

You can listen to live online radio from Greatest Hits Radio UK for free: via the web, DAB radio or the app.

Yes – you should be able to find Greatest Hits Radio on your DAB. If you live in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kent, Northern Ireland, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Tayside, you have access to Greatest Hits Radio UK. Elsewhere, you very likely have access to a regional variation on your DAB radio.

If you’re still having trouble finding Greatest Hits Radio, you can try retuning your DAB radio.

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