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The best long-lasting make-up

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The best long-lasting make-up

Want longer-lasting make-up for warm weather? Look no further!

Meet the expert - Denise Rabor is an International Make-up Artist and Founder of Wow Beauty

 3 steps to success... 

1 Smooth on a primer to create a base for your make-up and then apply your concealer. Using it before foundation is one of the best ways to make your make-up last. Apply under your eyes, on your eyelids, under your nose and towards the top of your lips. This illuminates your features and helps remove shadows, so you’ll need less foundation. 

Use a little foundation to even out your skin tone and set with a translucent powder - find your perfect shade of foundation with our expert tips. Add colour to your cheeks with a powder blusher which tends to last longer in summer than a cream blush.

2 Next, dab on an eye primer to provide a smooth, even surface and prevent your make-up being absorbed into your lid. If you have oily skin or have trouble with eye shadows creasing, try an oil-free shadow and gradually build up the colour in layers so it lasts longer. 

Finish with a spritz of setting spray for make-up that won’t budge. 

3 For long-lasting lippie create a base by applying foundation to your lips. Next use a lip pencil in a similar colour to your lipstick, to line and fill in your lips – this creates a perfect colour base. Use a brush to apply the first coat of lipstick and blot. 

Set this coat by lightly powdering your lips then apply your last coat of lipstick.

Skin that’s in great condition provides the perfect base for long lasting make-up. Exfoliate regularly – including your lips – and moisturise twice a day. 

Your essential tool kit

  1. L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Blur Cream, £9.99/25ml. Masterfully disguises redness and evens out the skintone creating the perfect canvas for your foundation. 
  2. Mac Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, £21. Controls shine and instantly sets make-up – without a trace. 
  3. Urban Decay Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray, £22/118ml. Refreshing and hydrating, it’s pricey, but it works.
  4. Collection Illuminating & Reviving Eye Primer, £4.99/15ml. Great for prolonging the wear of your eyeshadow, it dries clear so can be used to brighten the under eye area too.  
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