Lizzy Dening

Would you dare to try pink hair?

Lizzy Dening
Would you dare to try pink hair?

If you’ve ever fancied trying something different, why not make like Helen Mirren and give pink hair a whirl!

It sounds scary, but the tint Helen used was actually rather subtle and elegant, and worked well over her naturally fair hair.

Inspired by how good she looked, I decided to be brave and have a go with Pink Colour Butter from JOICO. I have blonde highlights, but it would also work well over grey, white or naturally fair hair.

Pink Color Butter from JOICO review


The tub itself was bright and colourful and made my bathroom cabinet a more fun place. The only downside was that it doesn’t come with gloves, and you definitely need them to apply this without staining your hands. It’s £14.95 but you will get several uses out of each pot, depending on your hair length and how strong you want the colour.

You apply it to damp or dry hair, and you’re encouraged to section off your hair to ensure even coverage. It was a bit tricky to get an even spread, as you only leave it on for five minutes, and I was worried that if I was too meticulous some parts would be ready to rinse before others.

The upside of using such a bright colour rather than going for a natural shade, is that I didn’t mind too much if it looked a bit streaky – after all, I wouldn’t be fooling anyone that pink is my natural colour!

It wasn’t too runny, meaning I managed to keep my bathroom very clean, and it didn’t have that unpleasant chemical smell that hair dyes often come with. After five minutes, I was simply able to rinse it out. Again, it wasn’t too staining on my bathtub.

My finished hair!

My finished hair!

I was really pleased with the results – it doesn’t look as good perhaps as a professional colour, but when bright colours tend to only last for a few washes I don’t see the point of spending more.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it washes out – as Helen Mirren’s pink faded it looked prettier and prettier as it lost its original shock value!

It’s meant to last for up to 10 washes, which makes it a good way of trying something new without committing. My only slight concern is that the darker areas will take longer, but I can always top up the faded areas in a quick five minutes.

It’s packed with nourishing ingredients which promise to nourish dried out hair (especially highlights). I haven’t particularly noticed any benefits (other than the colour of course!) but neither has it done any damage.

I would definitely recommend this product – or any of the other available colours – as an affordable way to make a quick change.

Buy JOICO Pink Color Butter (currently on offer for £11.81)