How to anti-age your hair

How to anti-age your hair

Hair expert Kerry Capewell, from Naturtint, offers her advice for healthy hair

What should I be looking for in cleansing products?

"Always look for products that are designed to add moisture and strength to your hair. As we get older our hair can become fragile and lose some of its natural shine. Shampoo and conditioners with added natural and organic ingredients will benefit both the hair and scalp and will cleanse your hair gently without leaving a build-up, which silicone based shampoo and conditioners often do."

Does it matter how much product I use?

"When using styling products such as mousse, chose a product that is free from SLS, parabens and silicone, as these will create volume and body to your hair without leaving a sticky residue and build-up on the scalp. Also never be tempted to put more mousse on the next day without washing. Simply spray the hair down with water and restyle, by dampening your hair again will reactivate the mousse which is already in your hair."

Is it harmful to wash and dry my hair every day? 

"Try not to over shampoo your hair as by doing so you are stripping the hair and scalp of its natural oils. It can result in your hair becoming more greasy because your sebaceous glands will produce more sebum to over compensate, resulting in hair becoming limp. Over shampooing can also dry out the hair, so try to use a dry shampoo in between washes if needed.
"If you've over-done the washing, repair your dry locks by using an intensive conditioning treatment at least once a week to help put the moisture back in. It will also seal split ends and give your hair a glossy, shiny finish."

How can I choose the perfect hair colour?

"If you are colouring the hair to hide unwanted grey hairs use an ammonia-free product, which is less aggressive on the hair. When choosing a hair style maybe go for soft layers which create volume and can also soften the features too. As for colour, you may need to go for a lighter shade because as we age our skin tone can change and the colour you once were may be too dark for you now. By going lighter your grey roots will not be as noticeable."

Which cuts are most flattering as I get older?

"If you like to hold on to your long hair as you get older, the key is to keep your hair well maintained, have a regular trim to remove any split, wispy ends and keep moisturised with an intensive hair mask used weekly. Maybe have a sweeping fringe cut to soften the style and to add interest and opt for soft layers rather than a blunt cut.
"A long bob works well on ageing hair as it is not too long and usually just reaches the shoulders which is a versatile length to either wear loose and wavy or pinned up and curled for an alternative look. By colouring a few lighter strands around the front you will add a natural sun kissed look and help to disguise those pesky greys."


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