Electric toothbrush review

 Electric toothbrush review

Buying an electric toothbrush can be a time-consuming and costly affair. To make life easier we’ve put the best of the best through their paces – for your best smile yet...    

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The world’s first electric toothbrush with medical grade silicone and PBT Polymer bristles, the Foreo Issa 2 gives a professional and gentle clean. The bristles are designed to last twice as long as nylon toothbrushes and are antibacterial, so more hygienic too. It has 16 different speeds and uses 11,000 high intensity pulsations per minute. Normal brushes oscillate, but this one pulsates so is gentler on gums yet still effective. It feels quite bulky in the mouth – it’s much bigger than all the others we tested – but is really comfortable to hold. The bristles take a bit of getting used to and I wasn’t keen on the squeaky feeling they gave initially, but my teeth feel really clean after using. The brush head is definitely more durable than standard electric toothbrushes and after a few months shows no sign of wear. The charging life of this toothbrush is incredible and it’s designed to last for a whole year of uses! Plus, it charges fully in just an hour with a USB cable that you can plug into a laptop or your phone charger. It comes in four different shades, which are too good to hide in your bathroom cabinet.  
I’d say this toothbrush would be perfect if you have sensitive teeth or receding gums, although if that’s the case the sister FOREO ISSA 2 Sensitive might also be worth a look.
Available from John Lewis, visit www.foreo.com for more information.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart, £360

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This all singing, all dancing toothbrush really is a thing of beauty, which you’d expect for such a hefty price tag. With it you get the toothbrush handle, three different brush heads (for plaque defence, gum care and whitening) and also a tongue care brush head. You also get a glass, which is actually a rather swish looking charging dock, a travel case with built-in USB charging cable and a mini tongue spray.
It feels well-made and features smart technology, which means the brush handle detects which brush head is in place and automatically selects the appropriate mode. It also has a brushing senor that vibrates whenever you need to move to another section of the mouth and a sensor that flashes when you’re brushing too hard. The brush is powerful (providing 62,000 brush movements a minute) and took me a few attempts to get used to. My top tip is don’t turn it on until it’s in your mouth – otherwise toothpaste goes everywhere! Begin with the easy-start mode and this will gradually increase the brush power over the first 14 uses to gently ease you into it. Once you get used to the power, the clean it gives feels similar to having a polish at the dentist.
The accompanying Philips Sonicare app is worth downloading as it helps to improve your oral health habits with feedback. It tracks your brushing behaviour and gives handy tips and tricks. The only downfall to this, is for optimum data benefits you need to remember to have your mobile phone close by when brushing. While initially I found the idea of the app a bit gimmicky, I quite enjoyed monitoring my brushing habits! The main charger is shaver socket compatible, but a USB charger is also included. Overall this toothbrush is expensive, but impressive.
Available from John Lewis or www.philips.co.uk/Sonicare.


Colgate ProClinical 250+ Electric Toothbrush, £49.99

Colgate ProClinical 250+ Electric Toothbrush.png

Slim, lightweight and really simple to use, this toothbrush delivers an impressive 30,000 strokes per minute. It pulses every 30 seconds to remind you to change the area you’re brushing (standard with most toothbrushes now) and turns off after two minutes of brushing. It only has one speed setting, but as someone that’s time-short this suited my need for a simple toothbrush! It comes in black, white and a bold pink shade. What impressed me most is how long the battery lasted before needing to be charged – it seemed to go on forever even when the low battery warning light came on. Again, this one only comes with shaver socket charger – a bit annoying if you don’t have a shaver charging point in your bathroom. Overall a great value, yet simple toothbrush, with a great price tag.
Available in Superdrug and all major retailers. Visit www.colgateproclinical.co.uk for more information.


Ordo, from £30


I’m so impressed with, not just this toothbrush, but the Ordo concept. You start by purchasing a starter kit and then pay a subscription fee and every two months you’ll receive a replacement toothbrush head and battery through the post.
The Ordo Pack, £30, includes an aluminium electric toothbrush, travel cap, whitening toothpaste (80ml) and sensitive travel sized toothpaste (25ml). It also includes a brush and toothpaste paste and an AAA battery. You can choose from a silver, charcoal grey and rose gold toothbrush – it’s the best-looking brush we tried by far. Like the other brushes it vibrates every 30 seconds to remind you to change your brushing area and only has one speed making it a good fuss-free option. Although the brush is quite soft, it cleans well. With this kit, you pay a subscription fee of £10 every two months for your refill kit containing new brush head, travel cap, battery and the two toothbrushes as before.
Alternatively, if you’d prefer a lower subscription fee the Ordo Brush Pack (£40), contains toothbrush, travel cap and AAA battery. The two-monthly subscription fee is just £5 and you get a replacement brush head, travel cap and battery straight to your door.    
Producing 25,000 pulses per minute, like the others it pulses every 30 seconds to remind you to move your brush to another section of the mouth. After two minutes, it turns off automatically. My only disappointment is that the brush is quite soft, but Ordo plan to release a firmer brush head in the future. We love how this service makes changing your toothbrush regularly less of a chore.
Available from www.ordolife.com.

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