Crop hairstyles for women over 50

Crop hairstyles for women over 50

Easy-to-maintain and effortlessly stylish, the pixie cut or crop hairstyle is not only bang on trend but perfect for most hair types. That’s right, contrary to popular belief, a very short crop hairstyle can be worn by any face shape or hair type while massively cutting down styling time. If you already have long hair and want to chop it all off, be aware that a pixie cut will change your style completely and you may want to start wearing some statement earrings and bold style to match your bold new do. Here’s some of our favourite celebs who wear their short pixie cut perfectly!

Textured pixie crop


The legendary Judi Dench has been an advocate of the pixie cut since the Sixties and over the years, it has become a go-to for women wanting a chic short style. Her silvery grey locks are proof that you don’t need to dye your hair to keep it looking stylish and modern, just avoid brassy tones by using a purple toned shampoo and conditioner. While the back and sides are kept to a uniform short length, the top can be a little longer and a moulding cream can be added to the hair to provide texture on top.

Spiked grey crop cut


American actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a perfect example of how you can make a hairstyle work from your twenties into your sixties. Jamie Lee has been sporting the short hairstyle since the beginning of her acting career and over the years, has gone form a longer crop style in her natural brown colour and now, in her sixties, she has naturally gone grey while keeping her funky crop cut. She’s a perfect example of how you can keep your trusty style you know and love as you start turning grey. This particular style is great if you have petite facial features and can be easily styled into a spikier style using styling mouse and a hair dryer to blow the hair upwards and into place.

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Pixie cut for wavy hair


Olivia Colman, most famous for her role as the Queen in The Crown has gone from long flowing locks to a very elegant pixie cut and we love it! Naturally, Olivia has wavy hair which would put a lot of people off a short style as taming your curls can be harder when there’s less length to work with. However, Olivia has worked her natural curls perfectly by going shorter on top and a little longer on the sides to tame but not get rid of texture completely.

Pixie cut for thinning hair


Despite her short style, Julie Walters manages to keep height and volume in her hair by using mousse before drying. This is great if your hair is on the thinner side and keeping height in the hair means that the face will look elongated while also keeping a youthful and fun appearance.

Platinum pixie cut


It’s hard to imagine Annie Lennox with anything other than her striking and iconic pixie cut. And although in the past it’s been bright orange and also bleach blonde, the legendary singer still manages to look as stylish and as confident as ever in her 60s as she did in her 20s!

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Versatile pixie cut


Ellen Degenere’s icy blonde pixie cut has become a go-to style for many women wanting a manageable short style. It’s also very versatile depending on what style you want to go for, whether it be spiked up, textured with curls or smoothed down for a softer look.

Swept across pixie cut


If you find your hairline is maturing, Julie Andrew’s swept across pixie is a great option. The iconic actress has maintained a neat and tidy cropped cute since the beginnings of her on-screen career and her well-kept do is popular amongst many mature women wanting a shorter look that requires minimal styling time. Perfect for anyone with medium to fine hair wanting to keep their side parting, you should aim to visit your hairdresser every four to six weeks for a trim depending on how fast your locks grow.

Short sided crop


Looking for a fashion forward do? Tilda Swinton’s flamboyant close crop style may seem a little scary to go for but at 58, Tilda is proof you can work an edgy haircut no matter what your age. Perfect if you have an oval face, the sides of this style are cut clipper short very close to the head requiring regular trips to your hairdresser to maintain. Keeping the top layers a lot longer, Tilda is able to style and tease the hair for height and different shapes. The platinum blonde colour adds to the striking haircut and is perfect if you find your hair grows through a white colour at the roots.  

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