Are you using your beauty products in the wrong order?

Are you using your beauty products in the wrong order?

Swap the order of your beauty product routine and look younger in minutes

1.    Conditioner BEFORE shampoo
Reverse washing has been touted as the best way to spend your shower time – but what are the benefits? If you’ve got fine hair, swapping round the order is recommended as it means your hair stills gets all the moisturising benefits but you’re not left with weighed down locks that get greasy easily.
2.    Bronzer BEFORE blusher
Bronzing powders and creams are intended to emphasise your bone structure, so apply this first then you can find the best place to define your cheeks with blusher.
3.    Do your brows LAST
Your eyebrows need to match the intensity of your eye shadow, blusher and lipstick, so make sure they are the last thing you do in order to complement the rest of your look.
4.    Eye shadow BEFORE foundation
This may seem odd but it’s more practical to apply your eye shadow before the rest of your face make up. That way if your smoky eye smudges or drifts onto your cheekbones, you can wipe it off easily without messing up your base.
5.    Shine serum BEFORE blow drying
It can be tempting to apply this after your blow dry for immediate effect but make sure to do it before. Pop a two pence piece sized amount into your hand and apply on the ends of your hair only.
6.    Towel dry hair BEFORE conditioning
After you’ve wet your hair, grab a towel and quickly dry your hair with it.  Excess water in your hair means the conditioner can’t penetrate the hair shaft and deliver the necessary moisture. If you haven’t got time, just squeeze the excess water out before applying.
7.    Do your make up BEFORE drying your hair
It’s recommended that your hair should be at least 70 per cent dry before you blast it with a blow dryer. Keep it wrapped up in a towel turban and do your make up before drying your hair. This will save effort and will cut down on the exposure your hair gets to heat damage.
8.    Eyelash curler BEFORE mascara
It can be tempting to curl your lashes after you’ve applied your mascara for maximum impact but avoid it at all costs. No matter how luxurious your mascara is, the formula hardens your lashes and makes them more vulnerable to breakage. One of the best ways to achieve long lashes is to curl them then layer your mascara on whilst the root is still lifted by the eyelash curler.
9.    Serums BEFORE face creams
A good rule of thumb to follow is that products with a thinner consistency should always be applied before thicker ones. If you apply thick products first, they will stop thinner products penetrating, essentially making them redundant.
10.  SPF AFTER moisturiser  
Even in the rubbish British weather, you still need to protect your skins from UV rays everyday. If you apply before cleansing, the following regime will wipe away the sun-protecting effects. If you put it on after you cleanse, tone, moisturise then it will work to its fullest potential.