6 surprising uses for deodorant

6 surprising uses for deodorant
  1. Breaking in a new pair of shoes? Prevent blisters on your heels and toes by giving them a quick spritz of deodorant to prevent friction. As an added bonus, your feet will smell amazing too!
  2. If you’ve got a pesky insect bite that’s driving you mad, a swipe of stick deodorant will help relieve your itches. It also works to relieve razor burn.
  3. Nip a squeaking door in the bud – a spray from an aerosol on the hinges will help in no time.
  4. If your grandchildren have run amok with the felt tips on your walls or furniture, try spraying on some aerosol deodorant and them wiping clean with a paper towel. It works that’s to the high alcohol content in the spray.
  5. If on a warm day you find your inner thighs or under-breast area starts to chafe or feel sore, a bit of deodorant can help protect your skin.
  6. Run out of nail varnish remover? Soak your fingers in warm water, then rub them with a piece of cotton wool with deodorant on it. Works a charm.