10 cheap and easy homemade spa treatments

The idea of treating yourself to a spa day is to unwind, but nobody can relax when they’re thinking about how much the day set them back. It's a unnecessary expense when you can easily do the treatments yourself at home.

"Natural ingredients that are lying about in your kitchen cupboards could make an excellent face-mask or fat-busting cellulite wrap," says Daren Williams at PromotionalCodes.

"Even if you're not a fan of DIY treatments, there are lots of ways to save cash on relaxation. Mobile beauty therapists can come to your home to do the treatments for a fraction of the price and there are always voucher codes on spa days to treat yourself and a friend."

1. Facial

Average spa cost: £50

Don't shell out for a treatment you can make easily from ingredients in your kitchen. Bananas, avocados, honey and even eggs can easily be whipped up into natural remedy facemasks. Leave on for up to an hour for supple and soft skin.

2. Massage

Average spa price: £50

Why not get your partner to indulge you with a massage at home or better yet see if you can get a mobile beauty therapist to come to your house. They'll charge half the price of a beauty salon and be just as good.

3. Manicure/Pedicure

Average spa cost: £50

Pampering your digits can cost a fortune but you can get exactly the same treatment at home. All you need is some cuticle oil, cuticle stick, nail file, your favourite hand cream and nail polish. Make sure to soak your hands and feet in warm water before applying cuticle oil. This is great fun to do with your daughter or best friend on a rainy day.

4. Waxing

Average spa price: £35

The only thing that hurts more than waxing is the large price tag. Sugar paste is becoming a popular way to de-fuzz. To make it simply heat a quarter cup of lemon juice, two cups of sugar and a dash of water for five minutes until it becomes a paste.

When it reaches a caramel-like consistency, allow to cool for a while then stretch out into strips, they should have the same consistency as chewing gum. Apply to dry skin like you would a wax strip in the opposite direction to hair growth.

5. Steam room

First wash your skin thoroughly to remove dirt so it doesn't get into your pores. Then fill a small pot with water and heat up. Wait until the water is steaming, take it off the boil and lean over the steam, keeping a safe distance to avoid burns. Add your favourite oils to increase that spa experience.

6. Body scrub

Average spa price: £30

Many of the pricey products at the spa can be replicated at home with natural ingredients. Salt and sugar scrubs are easy to make and adding ingredients like coffee, coconut, lemon, rosemary and lavender can even improve your skin's condition.

7. Under-eye treatment

Average spa price: £35

Decrease puffiness and reduce the look of bags under your eyes with a tried and tested classic. Cucumbers contain cooling qualities to soothe tired eyes, add two slices to your eyes, lie back and relax.

8. Foot soak

Average spa price: £20

If you have an old washing up bowl lying around then put it to good use. Fill with warm water, add Epsom salts, baking soda, two peppermint tea bags and a couple of drops of peppermint oil if you have it. This is a great one to do before your pedicure to give your tired, aching feet a rest.

9. Aromatherapy

Average spa price: £70

Aromatherapy uses scents and oils from plants to promote a healthy mind and body. For a homemade aromatherapy treatment add essential oils, candles or scented bath salts into a steaming bath.

10. Cellulite wrap

Average spa price: £99

Simply mix coconut oil and sea salt together to form a paste, spread generously over the desired area of skin, then wrap around several layers of cling film. Keep on for a few hours and make sure to drink at least a pint of water when you do this to stay hydrated.

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