Gifts for Grandpa that you’ve never thought of

We've rounded up our favourite ideas for gifts to buy Grandpa that he'll truly appreciate.


by Sophie Knight |

From socks to boozy chocolates, from books about history to comedy ties, buying gifts for Grandpa can get a bit predictable. If you've run out of inspiration for what to buy Grandpa this year (or, what you need to buy him from the kids because they're too young or haven't remembered), help is at hand.

We've scoured the online shops to find some of the most unique and thoughtful gifts that Grandpa will really appreciate this year. Gifts to keep him entertained, presents that make him think of his family and treats to spoil him.

As well as this, we've chosen our favourite gifts for Grandpa based on presents the Yours Team would like to receive, or gifts we've bought our own loved ones. Not to mention, they all come highly rated, not just by ourselves but also by real customers.

So, whether this year you want to buy him a new coffee machine, a personalised whiskey tumbler, a bonsai tree, a smart home hub, or a wooden stand for his specs, we've got an inspiring list of presents for you to browse (and we've managed not to include any socks or chocolate!)

When is Father's Day UK 2022?

Father's Day falls on Sunday 19 June, which means there's still time to buy some great gifts for Grandpa. From personalised gifts, books or vouchers, there's something to make your Grandad feel really special. Just take a look at our list of the best gifts for your Grandpa.

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