The best dog walking bags for your pooch

Walk your four-legged friend in style with our pick of the best dog walking bags on the market.


by Lorna White |

Water bowls, dog waste bags, towels, toys, treats and more... There can be lots of things for us dog owners to remember on a dog walk - never mind our own things - so a multi-functional dog walking bag could be just what you need.

Dog walking bags, walking packs, and bum bags are becoming really popular for dog walkers and owners - they can be unique, custom, or even handmade to tailor what you want for your dog.

Getting kitted out for your walk will mean you'll have all the essentials to keep your pup happy and safe on your adventures.

Walk your 'pawfect' pooch with these dog walking bags we've handpicked for you.

Types of dog walking bags and things to consider

Dog walking bag styles

Walking bags can come in a range of styles, and the one you choose is up to you, depending on the design you prefer, what you find most comfortable to carry and which you consider the best for style and substance! Different dog walking bags can include:

• Sling shoulder dog walking bag

• Cross-body dog walking bag

• Bum-bag dog walking bag

• Waist pack dog walking bag

• Backpack dog walking bag, available in small, medium or large


A huge deciding factor in your style of the bag could be down to how you would prefer to store your pup's water bottle, poop bags, lead, treats, toys, and any other dog essentials. You may want a particular item to be easily accessible, so it would be worth adjusting your styling to suit your needs. You'll need to consider how much you normally pack for a dog walk too, and base the sizing around that.

You might also want to consider the material of your bag, especially if you'd like it to be water-resistant - a really handy feature if you're walking in the UK.

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Being a responsible dog owner

No matter your bag of choice, the truth is you have to be fully prepared and equipped for any situation, no matter how many dogs you're having to keep under control.

And whether you're looking to train your canine companion with a treat bag or you're taking your dog further afield for a full day of hiking, there's a bag for every kind of walk, whatever the weather. Having a dog walking bag will have you feeling like a dog walking professional!

With so many different kinds of dog walking bags on the market, we've rounded up some of the best so you can find the perfect one for you and your pooch.

The best dog walking bags UK

Dog walking essentials

Here is a list of the essential items we think you need when taking your dog for a walk that you can wear or carry in your new dog walking bag:

• Dog waste bags

• Appropriate dog lead, dog walking belt and/or dog harness

• Treats

• Water

• Antibacterial wipes

• Raincoat (especially if you live in the UK)

• Face mask

• Mobile phone

• Money/bank card

• Snacks for you

• Potentially a whistle and some sort of ball or dog toy

Fancy getting creative and making your own dog walking bag?

YouTuber Owl Be Sewing posted this video to give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your own dog walking bag.

The handmade bag includes storage with a grommet at the front, allowing you to easily pull out doggy bags and a second pocket to fit in your mobile phone and keys. Super handy!

Take a look at the video below for a 40-minute guide on how you can make your very own dog walking bag...

Dog walking blogs and vlogs in the UK

There seems to be an abundance of pet vloggers out there and we came across TheDogVine on Instagram. This page discovers all things dog-friendly and is London-based.

The main stars of this are two rescue dogs, Belinha and Moleque. These two pooches go on many a walk and are a great inspiration to follow. They add colour and happiness to our lives and we think you should check out their page and let us know what you think.

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