The best toilet bowl light for your nightly bathroom trips

Shining a light on the dark side of bathroom etiquette

The Best Toilet Bowl Lights

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The best toilet bowl light offers a solution to the challenges of navigating in the dark, particularly for those with impaired sight or mobility issues. It provides illumination without the struggle of finding the light switch. These lights are incredibly easy to install; unlike other smart technology devices, they simply clip to the rim of the toilet. And we are pleased to report that they are a hygienic solution to an extremely frustrating problem.

Whether you or a family member struggles with bathroom visits in the dark, these lights offer a helpful solution. Unlike traditional bathroom lights, they provide sufficient illumination to navigate the bathroom without fully waking you up, which can improve your quality of sleep. So now you can return to bed and slip back into a deep slumber afterwards.

Best toilet bowl light at a glance:

Best toilet bowl light overall: Rantizon - Toilet Light Inside Toilet, Buy now on Amazon
Best motion-detected toilet bowl light: Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light, Buy now on The Range
Best multi-pack toilet bowl light: Powerole Motion Toilet Light - Three-Pack Waterproof Toilet Night Light, Buy now on Amazon

Whilst we aren't claiming that the best toilet bowl light is the epitome of bathroom decor, like bathroom wall art, these lights can also be a great addition to your guest bathroom. Visitors may not be as familiar with the layout of your home, so having a helpful light when they enter the bathroom can be a thoughtful and practical way to make your guests feel more comfortable.

The best toilet bowl light 2024:

Best toilet bowl light overall

Rantizon - Toilet Light Inside ToiletCredit: Amazon

Due to its adjustable arm, this toilet bowl light can be easily adjusted to fit any toilet. Customers love how easy it was to set up, and the Amazon reviews are full of people saying that it was hassle-free. This is exactly what you need when looking for a product that promises to make your life easier. We love that this comes with eight different colour options, which offers a fun yet practical element to what is a must-have addition to any family bathroom.

What makes this our top-pick product is that it is the only light that also features an aromatherapy function. This helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh with a pleasant lemon fragrance.


  • It fits any toilet-type
  • Eight different colour options
  • Impressive battery consumption


  • Battery not included

Best toilet bowl light for simplicity

Motion Sensor Toilet Night LightCredit: The Range
Price: £8.99 9Was £10)

If you prefer a toilet bowl light with a more simplistic and sophisticated design, this option offers a warm glow without the vibrancy of the previous model. Ideal for mature couples, this hygienic and easy-to-clean product can be installed on the side of your toilet and will detect when you have entered the bathroom.


  • Waterproof design
  • Warm glow
  • Energy efficient


  • Only one light colour option


Powerole Motion Toilet LightCredit: Amazon

If you have multiple bathrooms in the home, you may want to opt for a multi-pack of bathroom toilet lights. This is great for bustling homes and ensures that you can see clearly wherever you go. Ensure you have batteries on hand, as this product requires three batteries. Some customers claimed that this product has been a game-changer.


  • Multi-pack
  • Multiple colour options
  • Designed with a soft and flexible PVC neck
  • Different pack sizes are available


  • Some customers found that the motion detection only works when the product is facing a certain way.

Best rechargeable toilet bowl light

ProductiveDsign Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night LightCredit: Amazon

If you don't like the idea of having to find batteries just to set up your new toilet bowl light, this recharge device is a fantastic option. It can be charged by USB, and some customers expressed that they didn't need to recharge the product for approximately 30 hours. This light also has 16 colour options, making it easier to pick a light that best suits your bathroom.


  • Rechargeable
  • It comes with a USB lead
  • Detects up to three metres


  • Takes around an hour to charge

Best toilet bowl light for projection

 HOTUT Motion Sensor Toilet Night LightCredit: Amazon

If you are looking for a nightlight for the grandchildren when they visit, this fun light that projects on the floor is a great choice. The floor projection offers extra light that may be useful to tired little eyes, and it again has multiple colour choices that customers said their children loved. However, when your little guests have gone home, you can switch the projector off, which will help to save the battery life.


  • Lights can project on the floor and inside the toilet
  • Detects movement from four metres
  • Up to two months use on a single charge


  • Turns off quicker than the other lights on the list (90 seconds as opposed to two minutes)

Best toilet bowl light with internal memory

HAPPY GIZMOS Motion Sensor Toilet Bowl Night LightCredit: Amazon

A toilet bowl light with internal memory is a handy feature because it remembers your preferred colour setting. This means you don't have to reset it every time you remove it for charging. With 16 colour options available, the internal memory saves you the hassle of cycling through all the choices to find your favourite.


  • Internal memory that saves your previous colour choice
  • 16 Colour settings
  • Can detect motion from 3-5 metres.


  • Batteries not included (requires 3 x AAA batteries)

Best mulit-purpose toilet light

Tomosu Motion Sensor Light Indoor RechargeableCredit: Amazon

Unlike the other lights on this list, this toilet light doesn't attach directly to the toilet. Instead, it can be placed on top of or above the bathroom. It detects motion up to five meters away, making it a great option for those who prefer not to attach anything to the toilet. The magnetic fitting makes it very easy to install and remove for charging. This dual pack can also be used outside the bathroom, which may also help those who struggle with visibility in the dark. Customers with mobility issues said they would recommend this product to others.


  • Multi-pack
  • Rechargeable
  • It can be used at multiple locations in the home


  • It doesn't attach to the toilet bowl

How do I install a toilet bowl light?

The best toilet bowl lights are easy to install. Most of the lights on the list have a flexible arm that hooks over the rim of the toilet bowl. Some models (like the last in our list) use adhesive strips or magnetic fittings for placement. Always check the manufacturer's instructions, as each product can differ.

How do I clean a toilet bowl light?

To clean a toilet bowl light, remove it from the toilet and wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or submerging the light in water, as this may stop it from working. Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

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