Our picks of the most useful smart home technology

From speakers to smart light bulbs, we’ve collected some of our favourite smart tech we think you should have in your home.

Woman using tablet behind a smart speaker

by Lauren McKay |

Smart technology is an amazing thing, offering life-simplifying functions that we could’ve only dreamed of even only a few years ago. The sudden surge in smart home technology is due to two factors: the price of the technology has reduced, and their ease of use has increased ten-fold.

These devices are designed to be useful, convenient, and unobtrusive, and many are. However, with such a saturated and fast-moving marketplace, it can be a challenge to ascertain what smart tech options are right for you.

From speakers, to routers, to some nifty great value gadgets that'll take the hassle out of some of life's frustrating moments, there's a little something for everyone in our picks.

To help, we’ve collected together some of our favourite smart tech that is genuinely useful, and a welcome addition to the home.

What do I need?

For most of the devices we've picked, all you'll need is Wi-Fi and a smartphone to completely control your devices, but you won't need these for all of the devices we've listed.

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What makes a device smart?

Generally speaking, they're devices that are connected to other devices and networks via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or more. They can be super simple (like a tracker), or they can be as complex as a smartphone. Nowadays, not all smart devices have to be super expensive! We've picked some really incredible smart devices that are highly compatible with your phones, your TVs, and other smart devices, giving you complete control of your home at the press of a button.

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