Roidmi H10 Vacuum Cleaner review

We test out this affordable vacuum to see if it's worth the money

Roidmi H10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

by Gabrielle Albert |

Here's what our tester thought of the Roidmi H10 cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

The Roidmi H10 cordless Vacuum Cleaner at a glance:

Despite the high suction power, and thanks to the triple noise reduction technology, the ROIDMI H10 has a low noise level of 83 dB (Max level). The carbon-free motor reduces friction and reduces noise. In addition, the dust separation in the 10-cyclone system works optimally together with the noise-reducing filter.

The Roidmi H10 cordless Vacuum Cleaner with extended runtime up to 60 minutes cleaning. can be charged in 3 hours. Boasting a digital brushless motor spinning at 100,000 rpm combined with the Air-X Dust separation technology allows the H10 to deliver a continuous powerful performance with no loss of suction. Wall mount and is ideal for all surfaces. 2 year warranty and 5 year on the motor.

Product specification:

• Colour: White/Light Grey

• Power source: Battery Powered

• Power / Wattage: 2500

• Capacity: 1 litres

• Noise Level: 83 dB

• 3 speed settings for all floor types

• Anti-tangle brush head

• Magnetic storage and wireless charging

• One-touch emptying

Roidmi H10 Cordless Vacuum CleanerRoidmi H10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

How did this product make your life easier?

The Roidmi H10 is nifty mover – great for reaching under sofas, beds, coffee tables and under low-down furniture and making quick work of dusk, crumbs and sock-fluff. You can really feel it taking out all of the teeny tiny particles of drink from carpets and rugs, which is very satisfying for a keen cleaner like me. Although it takes a while to fully charge (approximately 3 hours) the run time of 60 minutes is more than adequate for going over my whole house – including carpets, vinyl and wooden flooring. This feels like luxury compared to my previous cordless vacuum which had a small 15 minute window of battery life, and would have me running around my house trying to beat the clock.

Perhaps what I love about most about this vacuum is it’s slimline design, which makes storage super easy. I’ve always struggled to store my clunky corded hoovers in the past, forever standing on the plug end (ouch!) when being left out for too long. But with the H10, you can neatly stow it away in a cupboard, slide it under a bed or hide it behind a door. As well as being slender, the H10 also comes with the added bonus of being incredibly lightweight. These two qualities combined make vacuuming much less of a chore than any of the traditional corded vacuums I’ve ever owned. As a matter of fact, the H10 makes me enjoy it!

Another massive tick in the box is the H10’s noise levels – or should I say, the lack of! Considering it offers good suction power, is amazingly quiet. I’ve yet to across a vacuum so inconspicuous. Living in a semi-detached house, I’ve always had to be vigilant about what time I vacuum. But using the H10, I’m quite confident that my neighbours would barely be able to detect a sound – which is great, should I ever throw my bowl of crisps into the air whilst watching the latest Nexflix thriller. I imagine this function is also handy, should you have to consider other members of your household that may have early nights.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Yes. In terms of appearance, it’s white and silver colourway looks quite attractive (as vacuums go!) and fits in well with my neutral décor. I wouldn’t be embarrassed if a visitor caught a glimpse of it in the hallway.

In terms of its function, I would probably only go for the Roidmi H10 if I lived on my own or in an apartment. Over a longer period of time, I suspect that I would require something slightly more heavy duty for picking up my ragdoll cat’s pesky strands of fur that seem to cling to my carpets with magnetic force. The being said, this vacuum is more than adequate if a) you don’t have long-haired moulting pets, and b) you don’t live in really big house.

What changes would you make to this product?

The H10 only comes with one additional attachment. Although this great for getting into nooks and crannies, hoovering stairs for instance, could be easier with a suitable attachment. As with other cordless vacuums I’ve tried, cleaning out the filter mechanism – and remembering the sequence for putting everything back together again – can be a little tricky to get your head around at first, especially if you’re used to dealing with hoover bags. That being said, it’s not hard to learn how to do it – it just takes a little patience. I would advise taking extra care when it comes to doing this, as putting a component in the wrong way can cause the motor to become contaminated, as I sadly found out.

Roidmi H10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Would you recommend this product?

Yes. I can envisage this vacuum being very well-suited to single people or those who live in small accommodation – like flats or apartments – where floor space is at a minimum and noise levels are a consideration. Thanks to its lightweight design and easy manoeuvrability, it’s also ideal for those with limited mobility who struggle with lifting or pushing.

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