15 navy bedroom ideas that aren’t just seaside themed

Navy is the new black.

A navy blue bedroom, with the best navy bedroom ideas, like navy walls, bedding and chair

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Navy is a captivating colour that might evoke nautical feelings, but that's not all it does. In fact, navy bedroom ideas carry with it an air of timeless elegance, calmness and sophistication. There's a reason why navy blue was named the 'Colour Of The Year' back in 2020, and it never gets old.

Choosing the perfect colour for your bedroom isn't always a straightforward task; the samples don't always match the paint, your favourite colour is out of stock, and you can't find your paint brushes that you're sure you put somewhere in the garage. So here are some ideas to make decorating your new navy bedroom slightly easier...

1. Start with a subtle hint of navy

If you want a hint of navy in your bedroom, without going all out just yet, start by investing in a couple of navy accessories.

Navy bedroom ideas: Adding navy accessories, like cushions really makes a room
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The deep, rich hue that navy is so well-known for adds some depth and contrast into your room. As seen in the photo above, plush navy cushions look great on a crisp white duvet. Other accents you can add include floor length blackout curtains and a navy armchair in a cosy corner. These little touches will inject warmth and comfort into your space, and create a welcoming ambiance that beckons relaxation and rejuvenation.

Habitat Celine Velvet Accent ChairHabitat

This Habitat Accent chair is perfect for not only adding a splash of navy into your bedroom, but also a luxurious velvet texture.

Customer review: "Fabulous sturdy chair and very easy to attach the legs- very well made compared to others on the market, I would highly recommend!"

These cushions with scallop detailing introduces a whimsical touch to your interior. Crafted from pure cotton, the contrasting pink piping adds another attention-grabbing accent.

Customer review: "Absolutely lovely cushions and the design and quality are excellent value for money."

2. Alternatively, go all out for navy

If you're not about subtle features, and want a room that feels blue, but doesn't give you the blues, paint one feature wall navy (including the door). Painting the door within a feature wall is often something we shy away from, but doors are simply just a mundane transition point - so why not transform them into a statement element of your feature wall? With the fusion of the feature wall and door, all painted in a gorgeous navy, your room now becomes a testament to your daring taste in design.

Navy bedroom ideas: Paint everything navy, including the door
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3. Or, paint half of your walls

If you're not ready to take the plunge and commit to an entire navy wall, painting half your walls white and half navy could also be a great way of jumpstarting your navy obsession. The white half brings any airy, spacious feel as it brightens the room and reflects light to create a sense of openness. Meanwhile the navy half adds a warmer feeling. Together, these two colours offer a canvas for endless design possibilities. Take a look at one example below.

Navy bedroom ideas: Walls painted half white and half navy
©Getty Images/Johner Images

4. Opt for a navy bedframe

Even if the rest of your bedroom isn't navy at all, and you're not wanting to undergo a massive home-decoration project, investing in a navy bed frame could be the element your bedroom is missing. A navy bed frame is certainly a focal point, effortlessly commanding attention and infusing the space with elegance.

Navy bedroom ideas: Add a navy bedframe, with a while duvet cover
©Getty Images/Wirestock

Dunelm Alara Pleated Velvet Bed FrameDunelm

Here's a fabulous navy bed frame that's bound to command any bedroom. The timeless design boasts plush velvet upholstery and sprung slats for enhanced comfort. It also had sturdy solid wood legs for nice extra touch.

Customer review: "Amazing quality and value! Bought the navy colour option, it is a really deep colour and looks super luxe."

5. Or, simply change your bedding

For a quick and easy inject of navy, choose a bedding set with elements of navy in it. The rich hue of navy is like a blank canvas of which you can layer textures (like those all-important cushions) on. Whether you choose a plain navy duvet cover, or one with intricate detailing or stitching, this bedding (much like the paint) will add both warmth and depth to your bedroom.

Navy bedroom ideas: Navy bed with navy bedding
©Getty Images/ben-bryant

John Lewis Crisp and Fresh 200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton BeddingJohn Lewis

This bedding is perfect for anyone wanting to make the swap in their bedroom. With a 200-thread count and made from Egyptian-cotton, the weave on this bedding gives a smooth finish and a crisp feel.

Customer review: "Very good quality product. Very soft to the touch, doesn't loose its shape, and feels nice and cool sleeping in it. Lovely colour."

Dunelm Billie Folkestone Blue Duvet Cover and Pillowcase SetDunelm

This Dunelm bedding has a little more texture than the first, with a unique pinsonic design. It's also machine washable and made from 100% polyester for added comfort.

Customer review: "Really lovely bedding. Easy to wash, doesn’t need any ironing. Very good quality. Would recommend."

6. Mix with other blue hues

Mixing various shades of blue can also look great. For example, when the walls are painted in a deep navy, turning to lighter shades of blue when picking out accessories will create a harmonious gradient that draws the eye and fosters a calming atmosphere. Whether you like a more monochromatic scheme with slight variations of blue, or a bold mix of tones, embracing the versatility of blue is key.

Navy bedroom ideas: Mixing blue bedding with blue walls
©Getty Images/Artjafara

7. Upcycle old furniture by painting it navy

There's no point in getting rid of furniture that still does the job. With a lick of navy paint and a lot of imagination, you can easily breathe a new life into your furniture. Whether you want to upcycle your furniture, like a vintage dresser, rustic nightstand, or an IKEA chest of drawers, painting your old furniture will not only improve its appearance, but adds a sense of curated elegance and personal expression. And, there's the satisfaction that you completed a mini-project and painted it yourself.

Navy bedroom ideas: A navy blue chest of drawers
©Getty Images/dmf87

8. Get creative and paint an accent arch

If you think you're cut out for a challenge, painting an accent arch in your bedroom could transform your space. Although you might think arches are reserved for the homes seen in magazines, the arch in a bedroom adds another layer of interest. Against the backdrop of more neutral coloured walls, a navy arch demands to be looked at, evoking a sense of both drama and luxury. So, next time you're redecorating and want a more unique touch, think about framing a headboard, a window, or your book storage with a navy arch.

Navy bedroom ideas: A bedroom with an arch in
©Getty Images/Bulgac

9. Invest in navy lights to soften the room

Navy-coloured lamps will cast a gentle glow across your space, creating a soothing atmosphere for you to unwind in at the end of a busy day. Navy lights, whether in the form of sleek pendant fixtures or delicate bedside lamps, adds depth to your cosy bedroom décor. Lighting changes the ambiance of a room, so adding a navy light in your room may make more of an impact than you might think - it can actually change the entire mood of your bedroom.

10. Embrace the much-loved nautical theme

We had to touch on the much-loved nautical or seaside theme. Some people associate the colour navy with crashing waves and azure oceans - that's where this style of room décor comes in. This coastal design aesthetic brings the beauty of the ocean into your humble abode. Navy is easy to pair with soft, sandy tones that mirror shores, and there's a lot of great seaside wall art out there too. Meanwhile adorning your walls with navy and nautical prints may transport you to far-away shores with every glance...

Navy bedroom ideas: A nautical themed bedroom with white and navy features
©Getty Images/Jacek Kadaj

Dunlem Furn Knot DoorstopDunelm

This knot doorstop isn't so in your face as nautical-themed. Instead, it boasts a plush velvet material and is filled with polyester and sand to make sure it doesn't roll around. There's also a convenient handle so you can easily move and store the Dunelm doorstop.

Customer review: "Quirky design, strong colour, does what it says it does, that is keeps the door open."

The White Company Embroidered Boat CushionThe White Company

The great thing about this White Company cushion is that it's reversible - one side is embroidered with a sailing boat, while the other with a navy seersucker stripe pattern. Making the perfect little versatile accessory for your navy, and nautical, themed bedroom.

Customer review: "Soft cushion, interesting design, but beware - the pad of the cushion doesn't fit properly in the corners of the cushion."

11. Navy blue walls with prints

Incorporating prints in your bedroom offers a canvas for creativity and personality. You can either choose bold, contrasting prints, like those of yellow florals, or accentuate the walls with statement art pieces that draw the eye. By joining the richness of navy blue with expressive and vibrant prints, your bedroom becomes more than just a place of rest, it also becomes a place of self-expression.

Navy bedroom ideas: Add printed artwork to your wall
©Getty Images/Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

Marcello Velho - 'Late Night Bird' Framed PrintJohn Lewis
Price: £40 (was £50)


If you're looking for a print that's going to spark conversation, this one named 'Late Night Bird' could be just what your walls need. It also comes in a gorgeous oak-effect frame.

Customer review: "Nice Marcello Velho print, reasonable value, would be good to have a proper 'string hanger' instead of the small metal one that is attached. Otherwise pleased with my purchase."

Annie Warren - 'Le Vase II' Framed PrintJohn Lewis
Price: £28 (was £35)


With vibrant hues and intricate details, this print is more than just a piece of home décor. The delicate interplay of colours, from soft pastels to bold contrasts, this print is a visual symphony that will undoubtedly spark conversations as people walk into your bedroom.

Customer review: "I'm very happy with this Annie Warren picture. Looks good and is great value."

12. Think outside the universe with a space-themed bedroom

Embark on an intergalactic journey in your very own home by decorating your bedroom into a celestial haven. Start with navy blue walls and adorn them with accents like glowing moons, shimmering stars and metallic planets to create an entrancing wall display. You could also even use the navy lights we mentioned earlier, mixed with LEDs to replicate the ethereal glow of distant galaxies. This is a great idea for a child's bedroom, who may be learning about space, or want to become an astronaut when they grow up.

Navy bedroom ideas: A children's spaced themed bedroom
©Getty Images/Ridofranz

13. Paint your ceilings navy

A unique way of introducing navy into your bedroom is by painting your ceilings navy. Although this may seem like a bold move, the deep rich hue makes the room feel more intimate. Plus, using one shade across the entire bedroom will make the space feel a little bigger.

Navy bedroom ideas: A completely navy bedroom, including the ceiling
©Getty Images/BrilliantEye

14. Wallpaper is a good alternative to paint

There's something about navy wallpaper that screams of timeless elegance. Whether adorned with subtle textures, intricate patterns or bold geometric designs, navy wallpaper adds a touch a luxury to any bedroom. And, can transform boring walls into captivating focal points. With its understated yet impressive presence, navy wallpaper lends a sense of calm and depth to your bedroom.

Navy bedroom ideas: A bedroom with navy wallpaper
©Getty Images/Asbe

15. Navy panelling

If your room is lacking in depth, adding some navy panelling could really help to transform your space. Panelling is super easy to do, with just some wood, strong adhesive and paint. Begin by measuring your wall, then sand them to make sure they're smooth and use strong glue to attach them to the wall. Fill in any gaps and finish with your favourite navy paint. Once you've finished your panelling, you'll really begin to see its understated charm.

Navy bedroom ideas: An empty bedroom with navy wall panelling
©Getty Images/LEK_3DPHOTO

What wall colour goes with navy?

There are a couple of great wall colours that will go with the navy accessories in your bedroom. Like soft neutrals such as warm beige or creamy ivory to provide a balanced contrast. For a more dramatic look, deep charcoal or slate grey will make for a more sophisticated bedroom with masculine tones. In addition, if you want a more earthy look, mixing navy with terracotta or olive green will balance the intensity of navy with a little natural warmth. Ultimately, navy is such a versatile colour that there's more than does go with navy than doesn't, so you should easily be able to find a wall colour that goes with navy.

What colour compliments navy the best?

When it comes to finding colours that compliment navy, few will come close to the partnership that is navy and gold. The rich warmth of gold works beautifully with the regal navy tones of navy blue. The end look? A striking and sophisticated bedroom that is both classic and contemporary in its design.

Is navy a good colour for a bedroom?

We hope we've proven that there's more to the colour navy than just the sea and ships. In fact, navy has proven to be remarkably versatile, offering endless possibilities beyond this. From embracing its timeless elegance through velvety-smooth textures, like the best armchairs, to infusing modern flair with bold cushions and intricate bedding, the depth of navy really knows no bounds. All your bedroom needs is a little bit of navy and a touch of creativity.

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