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Living room with storage

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It's easy to build up a collection of 'stuff', particularly in this day and age (from books to antiques, to wall art and houseplants), so making sure you have some form of living room storage is essential. That way, you can not only keep your possessions safe and out of the way but also change up the style of your home whenever you feel like it, as you'll have items ready to swap in and out.

Before you go and fill up your attic or garage storage space, we've put together a lot of ideas to make the most of the front room you have, no matter the size. So, without further ado, here's how to make your living room storage look good.

Best living room storage ideas

Book wall

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If you read a lot, why not make your books the main feature with a decorative book wall? They add plenty of colour and texture and you can swap them around and try out different arrangements. Plus, they make a great talking point when fellow bookworms visit and see your book storage.

Sofa bed


If you don't have a spare room but you enjoy having guests round to stay, a sofa bed is a great option and means that you won't have to invest in airbeds or camping beds (which would take up storage space).

TV cabinet

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A television cabinet can give you plenty of storage space for things like charging cables, TV remotes and other random bits and bobs. If you choose one with drawers and cupboards, everything will be hidden away from plain sight.

Foot stool

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A footrest is a great place to have a hidden storage area. Some are cushioned on top but open up with a space to put items that you struggle to find a home for. You could put board games or kids toys inside, so they're ready for whenever you need them.

Coffee table

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Make the most of your coffee table by adding trays to it. It's also a good place to store magazines, books, remotes and coasters, or pens and pencils if you like to draw or make notes whilst you're on the phone or watching telly.


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If you work from home, adding a desk to your living room can actually give you more storage space, as you can store paperwork, notepads and pencil cases on it (or inside it to minimise clutter).

Not everyone will be a fan of this idea, but if you have a small home that lacks storage space, moving your desk out of the spare room can free up some storage space.

Storage cabinets

A simple and easy way to get some front room storage is to buy a decent storage cabinet (or two) to put you knickknacks in. Here's how to build storage cabinets for your living room.

How to make living room storage look good

Create family-friendly zones

If you have an open-plan home, make the most of your space and don't be afraid to bring your sofa to the centre of the room rather than tucking it away in a corner. That way, you could add an extra dresser or unit into that area instead.

Have built-in cupboards

If you want to make the space you have seem bigger, it's worth investing in some built-in cupboards, which can be made softer with some upholstering.

Disguise your TV

Although televisions are often the focal point of most people's living rooms, you may not want it to be the centre point when it's not on, so let storage units take over by building them around your TV.

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Create balance

Feng Shui your living room by minimising clutter and using good lighting, ideally as natural as possible. Don't be afraid to add some houseplants and art to make it more relaxing.


Can I use a wardrobe as living room storage?

Wardrobes don't just have to be for the bedroom! A sliding wardrobe can be added to your living room as a statement piece and a way to maximise storage. They can also slot nicely into a hallway for storage if you have an excess of clothes.

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