15 garage storage ideas to control the chaos

Organise your garage with these nifty solutions.

Garage solutions

by Eleanor Weaver |

It's easy for a garage to become a dumping ground as the years go by. From bikes to toolkits, coats to shoes, old children’s toys and crazy amounts of craft supplies, you'll most likely find something new (or old) stored away in there. Does this sound familiar?

There's nothing more satisfying then decluttering any part of your house and the garage is a good place to dive into.

Here we share some of our favourite garage storage ideas that will help if you’re looking to fix-up your garage and control the chaos once again.

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Garage storage ideas

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Garage storage inspiration

If you're looking for garage storage ideas in action, follow the advice of some professional organisers...

Mrs Hinch's storage solution

Mrs Hinch IG garage storage ideas

Not only does the Queen of Clean provide top cleaning tips but fantastic storage solutions too!

Last June, Sophie Hinchliffe aka Mrs Hinch, bought the IKEA grid shelving for her garage to organise her space with 25 boxes to fill full of bits and bobs, including kid’s toys, crafts, outdoor cutlery, overspill of household goods and more.

A great way to keep your garage decluttered and your stuff easily accessible.

She then decided to use her Poundstretcher baskets that she used for make-up, to store items in the garage. These small affordable baskets are great for separating out shelves, drawers and for keeping smaller items apart and unmuddled.

We've found a great alternative from Amazon in a handy pack of six:

The Home Edit's guide to organising

garage storage the home edit

Clea and Joanna, professional organisers for A-listers and the lovely ladies conquering clutter in the Netflix show The Home Edit, have helped people from all walks of life to organise their spaces.

They begin by categorising items together before containing them in storage. When organising a celebrity garage, their advice was to arrange consistent zones in the space as well as have a ‘backstock’ area to keep an overflow of household supplies. This will add structure to your garage and help keep the rest of your home organised too.

Marie Kondo's vision for tidying

Before you organise your garage, you’ll need to empty it first. Wondering where to start when beginning to declutter? Follow Marie Kondo’s advice in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Envision what you want for your garage, tidy items by category and keep only what brings you joy. As Marie says, "If it doesn't add sparkle to your life, then get rid of it".

Do you want your car to fit in your garage, or maybe see it becoming a workshop? Decide what you are going to keep, sell, donate and toss and get some close friends or family involved to help out.

How can I organise my garage storage on a budget?

While some garage storage ideas are really affordable, some larger items might be out of your price range.

Arguably the most expensive storage item is garage shelving, especially if you’re looking for something really sturdy. To save costs, try your hand at making this DIY garage shelving as a small project to sort your space. You might even have the materials you need lurking in your garage ready to use!

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