6 aesthetic feature wall ideas to jazz up your bedroom

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Feature walls are a great way to liven-up a bare space, add a focal point and introduce style elements without overhauling a whole room. In a bedroom, your choices can be very personal; you can be more intimate and individual than in other areas of the house as it’s a private space, not usually on show to friends and guests.

It's also a place of rest, your cocoon in a busy and demanding world, so ought to be somewhere you want to spend time and that is designed to put you in the frame of mind to wind down. A bedroom makeover is an investment in you so, above all, choose colours, photographs, art, frames and textures that make your heart sing.

Throw open the curtains, embrace the coming of spring, and give your bedroom a mini refreshwith these feature wall ideas!

Archive designs; that "lived-in" feel

Warm, earthy tones and muted blues

Botanic design – live plants and botanic prints and colour schemes

Romanticism - floral wallpapers and floral-inspired colour schemes

Wall panelling remains a strong trend

Experts agree calming shades, deep pastels and patterns that exude warmth and create a sanctuary for the soul are at the core of 2024 bedroom design. Clean, smart, industrial greys are making their way out and muted blues and earthy tones are in. The big, bold colours of recent years are giving way to a softer, more intimate feel, but opt for deeper shades for your accent wall.

Given the focus on mental health, mindfulness and tech-detoxing in recent years, it’s little wonder we’re seeking out bedroom design that reconnects us to the soothing feel of the natural world. Botanic and eco-inspired wallpapers are big. There’s been a surge in demand for floral wallpapers and floral colour palettes too, suggesting a revival in romanticism.

Meanwhile, archive design remains very much an “in thing”, with the aim of creating a bedroom space that feels cosy, lived-in and timeless. Elements such as panelling, heritage wallpapers, and retro bedheads and wall shelving can all play into a great feature wall.

Panelling is another feature wall idea that hasn’t yet lost traction and there are endless options from high-end wood finishes to Scandi-inspired designs. You can achieve both contemporary and historic looks with the right choice of panelling. DIY retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and there are plenty of easy-install options on the market that, with a lick of paint, will give immediate depth to a room for relatively little cost. We’re also seeing softer, upholstered panels that act as a statement headboard staying at the fore.

Still looking for inspiration? Let’s look in more detail at some of the feature wall ideas trending in 2024 and looks from years gone by that are still going strong…

1. Blue hues for the win

The market is awash with new blue paint shades; blue is the colour of 2024 according to design experts, including luxury paint brand Benjamin Moore. But we’re looking for muted blues to soothe, not for colours that offer the dopamine hit of recent years. Pair your blue feature wall with creams, wood and leather tones for snug sophistication, antique wooden furniture for a French country look, or opt for a calm, breezy seaside vibe with coastal pictures and beach-finds. Blue has real versatility.

2. The 'earth mother' aesthetic

As mentioned above, muted pastels and nature-inspired palettes are also leading the charge for 2024. Look for warmer beiges, off-whites and low-key pinks and oranges for the bedroom, where relaxation is key. If you’re afraid to paint a wall a deep earthy colour, instead create an accent wall by creating a picture wall or hanging big statement pieces in earthy tones and natural materials.

"Earthy" might conjure images of organic, rustic design, but these colours can still work with a modern aesthetic. Below, a dusty pink feature wall is paired with coordinated bedding, abstract art and an oversized plant pot. Live plants bring in contrasting colour and keep the room fresh.

Modern interior of bedroom with colored wall, 3d render

3. A hint of nostalgia

Paint experts Farrow & Ball have made big business out of resurrecting the colours of old architecture and historic houses for use in our own homes. William Morris' Art Nouveau style has experienced a huge revival. And James Watson, director of 1838 Wallcoverings, says 2024 will see us drawing inspiration from the happy memories of our grandparents’ homes as well as museums and the interiors of historic buildings.

Across the board, there's a continued buzz around vintage motif wallpaper and heritage colours. However, wallpapering an entire room in a design like this can feel overwhelming, so it's the perfect opportunity for an accent wall. When reimagining your bedroom, remember the aim with archive design is warm, eclectic, long-loved and lived-in, not fusty.

4. Luxuriate in nature

Nature-inspired wallpapers are bang on trend this year and there are many options ranging from soft leaf and flower motifs to romantic florals and statement mural wallpapers. Big, bold designs can bring joy and interest even to small spaces so those who are feeling brave can create a truly inspired look. But if wallpaper is too large a step, turn to nature's colour palette when choosing paint for a feature wall, then accessorise with botanic fabrics or hang oversized botanic prints and artworks to bring the outdoors in.

5. Really bring the outside in

Houseplants have long been in fashion in kitchens, studies and hallways, but bringing them into the bedroom is not something we always consider. Natural air purifiers, plants, can apparently improve sleep and help with respiratory problems. When placed creatively on shelving, plants of different shapes and sizes in beautiful pots will also provide a sense of escapism and calm – and they’re easy to shift around and replace for a quick design refresh. Add books, treasures and pictures to make an eclectic living feature wall.

6. Statement headboards are in

Making a wall a focus in your bedroom can often require just one big change. Statement headboards require commitment because buying bold new furniture or installing panels - upholstered or wooden – on the wall behind a divan bed base can be costly depending on choice. But the impact they can have is huge and, if done right, they look beautiful and are a great investment.

Opulent headboards have seen a revival in recent years as people invest more in their bedrooms. There are no rules, only creative preference. Here are a few ideas to inspire...


Which wall in a bedroom should be the feature wall?

Personal preference is key in bedroom design but, as a rule, it’s the wall that your bed rests against that should be the focal point. This will generally be the head of the bed, but for rooms with a single-sized bed pushed into a corner, the accent wall should be along the length of the bed.

Do feature walls work in small bedrooms?

Absolutely! A feature wall can bring joy, texture and colour to a small room that may otherwise feel box-like. A feature wall needn’t be high impact or a dark tone, there are a variety of ways to add interest without making a small room feel crowded. So if you’re not convinced about getting out the paint rollers or wallpaper paste just yet, concentrate on smaller aspects such as new wall art, introducing panelling, statement shelving or a dramatic new headboard.

Are feature walls still in fashion?

Whilst interior designers report the trend for feature walls has waned slightly, the bedroom is one place they continue to look right. Unlike other rooms, the bedroom is yours and yours alone, so you can let your personal tastes shine.

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