Robyn Cann

robyn cann author
robyn cann author

Robyn is the Features and Reviews Editor (maternity cover) for Yours. Having cut her teeth in trade publishing, she then built a career as a features writer and features editor for membership magazines and consumer titles that cater to a predominantly female readership. Award nominated in this field, Robyn particularly enjoys the challenge of catering to a mature audience who have a wide range of interests spanning gardening, travel, reading, fashion and family as well as often being environmentally, socially and politically engaged.

Having written on everything from beautiful homes and gardens to current affairs, crafts and celebrity interviews – including Jamie Oliver, Lulu, Michael Parkinson and Jodi Picoult – Robyn took a career break to concentrate on raising her three small sons. Conveniently, her love of writing for women had only been strengthened by the experience of being a mother and she now feels qualified to write about a greater breadth of female-focussed topics such as fertility, the juggle between career and family, gender inequality, perimenopause, relationships, mental health and the importance of self-care and maintaining a sense of self.

In her spare time, Robyn is an avid reader and loves visiting historical sites and beautiful corners of Britain. She is passionate about children’s literacy and passing on a love of books and the great outdoors to the next generation. She has a young Labrador Retriever that joyfully chases through the woods every day after balls and squirrels and probably was, on reflection, a bit of a handful to add on top of three young boys. Tea and cake are, she says, the final cornerstones of a happy life.

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