The best dog raincoats for your adventurous canine friend

A little drizzle doesn't have to ruin your dog's walk thanks to one of these brilliant dog raincoats.

Dogs in dog raincoats on a blue background

by Eve Miller |

Come rain or shine, your dog most likely loves going on a walk. There's nothing like the excited tail wagging after they hear ‘walkies!’ or see you getting the lead out. Walks are a vital part of looking after your pup, but we understand that it isn’t always as easy just popping out.

Weather is a major factor in how we approach dog walks. Your furry friends probably don’t care about the rain, but most owners do. If it's a rainy day or week, the smell of wet dog or the constant need for baths is enough to make you want to skip the daily walk entirely. You don’t have to though, as there’s a simple solution. Get your pooch a raincoat; just like you would for yourself.

There are loads of dog raincoat options for all breeds. They’ll protect your dog from the cold and wet and let’s be honest, they look adorable, too. We’ve created a list of the best dog raincoats for whatever you and your pup need so you can go on your next adventure no matter the weather.

Things to consider when buying a dog raincoat

  1. How big is your dog? You may want to consider how easy the coat is to put on.
  1. Do you have a puppy? A coat with extra adjustability may help while they grow.
  1. Does your dog have short hair? They may need extra padding for more warmth.
  1. Do you use a harness? Not all coats will accommodate a harness.

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