The 10 best stationery Advent calendars for Christmas 2023

Advent calendars for women who love paper and pens

Best Stationery Advent calendars

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The best stationery Advent calendars will spark Christmas joy in any creative. Much like traditional advent calendars, it will count down to Christmas. But if a new notebook fills you will more excitement than a chocolatey treat, then you are in the right place.

The best stationery Advent calendars at a glance:

Best overall stationary Advent calendar: 24 Doors of Desk Delights - view on Papier
Best stationery Advent calendar for calligraphy lovers: Diamine Ink-Vent Calendar 2023 Edition Purple - view on Cult Pens

From enchanting pens and festive stickers to elegant notebooks and charming greeting cards, stationery Advent calendars are your ticket to a month-long celebration of all things paper and pen. And don't forget to purchase a Christmas planner to keep all your festive plans organised.

Whether you are looking for a calendar for yourself, a friend or even the grandchildren, we have found the most note-worthy stationery calendars that will be the highlight of your year.

Best stationery Advent calendars

Best stationery Advent calendar for calligraphy lovers

Best stationery advent calendars: Diamine Ink-Vent Calendar 2023 Edition PurpleCredit: Cult pens

If you love writing your Christmas cards in your favourite calligraphy pen, this is the Advent calendar. This calendar is packed full of ink perfect for calligraphy. All the inks are brand new. Some are standard, some are shimmery, and some are scented.

Best cute stationery Advent calendar

Best stationery advent calendars: Coral and Ink 24 Days Of Stationery Ultimate Advent CalendarCredit: Not On The Highstreet

Packaged in an adorable giant journal, this calendar is charming. Containing contents worth more than £110, including exclusive items only available inside the advent, you'll have a treasure trove of stationery come Christmas Day.

Best stationery Advent calendar for crafters

Wonderland Art Studio, 24 Day Craft Supplies Advent CalendarCredit: Etsy

Treat yourself this December with a craft supplies advent calendar. This calendar has individually wrapped items, including paper, stamps, stencils and embellishments.

Best Friends stationery Advent calendar

Friends Advent Calendar 2023Credit: Amazon

If you are a fan of the beloved US sitcom 'Friends' and stationery, this calendar marries both interests perfectly. This Advent calendar includes exclusive Friends stationery sets and gadgets for kids and adults.

Best stationery advent calendar for Disney lovers

Best stationery advent calendars: Disney Twisted Tales Advent Calendar: 10 Book CollectionCredit: Amazon
Price: $75.78

Unwrap a new story each day and dive into enchanting alternate realities where familiar characters face unexpected challenges, making every day of the holiday season a magical adventure. Perfect for Adult Disney lovers and young adults, and whilst this doesn't include pens and tape like the others on this list, it is packed full of adult colouring and journals.

Our review: " I love Disney, so I was instantly drawn to this Advent calendar. This calendar is very unique and comes in a beautiful box. I loved spending my evenings filling the journals and reading the dark tales."


How to choose the right Advent calendar?

With so many different Advent calendars available, it can be hard to know what direction to take. From luxury Advent calendars to chocolate calendars and even options with LEGO toys, there really is something for every taste and budget.

The best way to choose the right Advent calendar is to do your research. Pick an option that you or the person you're buying for will enjoy. If you or the giftee like arts and crafts, drawing, or generally being creative, then the best stationery Advent calendar is a great place to start.

What is a stationery Advent calendar?

In the best stationery Advent calendars, you'll find writing, drawing, crafting and office essentials behind every window. Expect everything from notepads or pens to colouring books and stickers. It's basically a chance for everyone to get creative in the run-up to Christmas.

When do Advent calendars start?

There's still plenty of time to buy an Advent calendar, as these typically begin on 1 December each year. But don't wait until December to try and purchase one of these popular calendars, or you may be left disappointed. Some Advent calendars do vary in length and date, so make sure you check how long each calendar runs before purchasing.

How do I use an Advent calendar?

The point of the calendar is not to count down but rather to count up towards the days before Christmas. So it is best practice to start at the door or the envelope labelled 'one'.

When should I put out my Advent calendar?

We at Yours are firm believers in following your festive institution. If you want to see your Advent calendar before December, there is no harm in hanging it proudly in the kitchen. However, no doors should be opened until the festive season - Santa's orders.

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