The best kettle descalers for longevity and efficiency

Keep your kettle limescale free and your cuppa clear.

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Once you've picked out the best kettle for your kitchen, you'll want to stock up with the best kettle descaler to keep it as good as new. As water courses through your kettle, it brings along a hidden challenge that can gradually diminish its performance and lifespan: limescale build-up. This is where you'll want your kettle descaler to hand.

Limescale build-up in kettles is primarily caused by the presence of minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, in the water that you use to fill the kettle. These minerals are naturally occurring and are often found in varying concentrations in different water sources. When the water is heated, these minerals can precipitate out of the water and form solid deposits, commonly referred to as limescale or mineral scale. The build-up of limescale can have several negative effects including reduced efficiency, taste and odour, an unsightly appearance and long-term damage.

Best kettle descalers at a glance:

Best overall: Oust Powerful All Purpose Descaler - view on Amazon UK
Best environmentally efficient kettle descaler: Ecozone Kettle and Iron Descaler - view on Amazon UK
Best kettle descaler for ease: Chef Aid Stainless Steel Doughnut - view on Amazon UK

Alongside regular cleaning, if you want to limit the amount of limescale going into your cup, you can opt for one with a limescale filter or a kettle design for hard water areas. Scroll down to take a look at the best kitchen descalers, helping to preserve the efficiency, taste, and longevity of your treasured kitchen appliance.

The best kettle descalers

The best kettle descaler overall

Oust Powerful All Purpose Descaler

Rrp: £9.60

Price: £9.60


Loved by Mrs Hinch herself, this pack of six boxes contains three treatment sachets in each that


  • Works in 10 minutes
  • Large pack of 18 sachets
  • Used by Mrs Hinch


  • May need two sachets for heavy-scale

The best environmentally efficient kettle descaler

Ecozone Kettle and Iron Descaler

Rrp: £3.84

Price: £3.45


Made of an eco-conscious formula that is gentle on your appliances and the environment, Ecozone


  • Eco-friendly
  • Allergy-friendly


  • Takes 30 minutes

The best kettle descaler liquid

HG Descaler for Appliances

Rrp: £5.35

Price: £4.38


HG descaler for appliances can effectively remove scale and limescale from your kettle, keeping it


  • Can be used for multiple appliances
  • Effective results


  • Takes 40 minutes

The best kettle descaler for ease

Chef Aid Stainless Steel Doughnut

Rrp: £4.20

Price: £2.39


Made from rust-proof long-lasting stainless steel, just pop this doughnut into your kettle and


  • Easy to use
  • Lasts a long time
  • Budget-friendly


  • You'll need to rinse the doughnut over time


DUZZIT Kettle Descaler

Rrp: £3.99

Price: £3.74


Safe to use for both plastic and metal kettles, half fill your kettle with water and allow it to


  • Works in 10 minutes
  • Can be used in plastic and metal kettles


  • Only 2 sachets


NATRUTH Powerful Limescale Removal
Price: £9.99


This limescale remover from NATRUTH uses citric acid as the main ingredient, so it can quickly


  • Large pack
  • Can be used for multiple appliances


  • May need two tablets for heavy-scale

Kettle descaler FAQs

How to descale a kettle

You can use any of the products included above to descale your kettle, simply follow the instructions on the packaging. Alternatively, there are a few natural ways to descale a kettle that you can try too.

How often should you descale an electric kettle?

The frequency of descaling an electric kettle depends on the hardness of the water in your area and how often you use the kettle. Descaling is the process of removing mineral deposits (primarily calcium and magnesium) that build up over time from the water you boil. These deposits can affect the efficiency of the kettle and the taste of the water.

In areas with hard water (water that has a high mineral content), mineral deposits tend to accumulate more quickly. Here are some general guidelines:

Moderate hardness water: If you have moderate hardness water, it's a good idea to descale your electric kettle every 2-3 months. This should be sufficient to prevent a heavy buildup of mineral deposits.

Hard water: If you have hard water, you might need to descale your kettle more frequently, around once a month. The higher mineral content in the water leads to faster scale buildup.

Soft water: If you have soft water (low mineral content), you can descale your kettle less frequently, perhaps every 4-6 months.

Remember, these are just general guidelines. You should also consider how often you use the kettle. If you use it multiple times a day, you might need to descale it more often compared to someone who only uses it occasionally.

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