Best chest freezers for your kitchen and garage

Running out of space for your frozen food? Invest in a chest freezer for your home.

Chest freezers

by Eleanor Weaver |

If like us you’ve built up a storage of food in your freezer, then a chest freezer could be exactly what you need.

There are always some fantastic deals in the frozen food aisle that are hard to ignore and with a long shelf life and easy meals readily available (we’re all forgiven for not having the energy to cook meals from scratch), stocking up is a no-brainer.

However, the joy of having great meals to hand quickly freezes over when space is limited in your fridge freezer.

You could try removing some of that unnecessary packaging or organising your frozen food like a game of Tetris, but the best solution? Buy a chest freezer and we’ll challenge you to run out of space again.

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Find our pick of the best chest freezers for a range of spaces, budgets, and requirements.

Best chest freezers for your home and garage

Can I keep my chest freezer in my garage or outbuilding?

If your garage or outbuilding is insulated, then yes!

If not, you can keep your chest freezer there, but it would be wise to check your freezer climate class before doing so. While many people risk putting their chest freezer in their garage without checking this and claim to not experience any problems, it could result in your chest freezer performing below par later down the line.

What is the freezer climate class rating?

All fridges and freezers are designed to work optimally in specific temperature ranges, and this is known as their freezer climate class rating.

While putting your chest freezer in the garage may seem like the most obvious place for a bulky, white goods item, many chest freezers aren’t designed to work in the lower temperatures you’d find in a garage or outbuilding and you could experience problems.

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This could include issues with the chest freezer insulation and issues with condensation.

Your appliance should reference their climate class either on their rating plate or in the instruction book or include the class number.

The most common climate classes in the UK are:

Normal (N) Class: 16°C - 32°C

Sub Normal (SN) Class: 10°C - 32°C

Sub Tropical (ST) Class: 18°C - 38°C

Tropical (T) Class: 18°C - 43°C

To find one perfect for your garage, you’ll need one to cover a temperature lower than those classed above.

Here are some great options:

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