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They’re a great way to instantly light up dingy corners…

Battery Lamps from M&S, John Lewis, Amazon and Wayfair

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If your home is feeling a little dark in places, Yours Magazine has written a guide to the best battery LED table lamps. Say goodbye to dark corners, or rummaging around in the dark as these clever lamps can literally be placed anywhere in your home. Unlike lamps that are powered by the electricity in our homes, and need to be sat by a plug outlet, a battery-powered option means a lamp can be popped wherever it's needed, with batteries easily replaced or a quick recharge.

Finding the best battery LED table lamps can help you with plenty of different activities, from haberdashery, crafty hobbies and reading. Ensuring your reading nook has adequate reading lighting for your crossword and Kindle novels means you won't be straining and damaging your eyesight.
Some areas of your home may not receive enough natural light and, therefore, a battery-powered or rechargeable lamp can make a practical addition.

Best battery LED table lamps at a glance

Editor’s Pick: Mushroom Rechargeable Dimmable Table Lamp – view at John Lewis
Best battery LED lamp: Colby Rechargeable Lamp – view at Marks & Spencer
Budget battery LED lamp: Pauleen Pure Glamour Portable Battery Lamp – view on Amazon UK
Best battery LED floor lamp: Twinky Rechargeable Floor Lamp – view at Pooky

They make a great lighting option for bedrooms, too, as power outlets can make decorating and furniture placement a little tricky - not to mention that unattractive extension cords clutter up precious floor space. Battery-powered LED lamps offer flexibility when adding your own style, a distinct flair to decorating or refreshing your home – whether you own or rent. They’re a budget-friendly solution, saving you a little on energy bills and avoiding a costly electrician, too.

Below, Yours Magazine has written a detailed buyer’s guide to the best battery LED table lamps, which range from battery-powered to rechargeable - with FAQs, answered. They’re perfect if you have an interior design project on the horizon, and you’re not looking to rewire your home (which can be extremely costly!). Even so, if you’re up chatting to friends or working late at your desk, a rechargeable desk lamp may help you out, giving a little light when the rest of the house is in darkness. Plus you’ll have the added benefit of saving a little cash on your energy bills too.

Best battery LED table lamps

Below, are our top battery table lamp picks…

Editor’s Pick

John Lewis Mushroom Rechargeable Dimmable Table LampJohn Lewis

Our favourite pick is the John Lewis Mushroom Rechargeable Dimmable Table Lamp, which comes in handy if you want to refresh your home with trendy, domed lighting to your space. It has the versatility to make your reading nook feel super snug or even elevate intimate dinner parties. Coming in several colourways to fit your home's colour scheme, it's a reliable pick. What do reviews say?

Based on 133 reviews, this on-trend John Lewis lamp has an impressive 4.7/5 star average, with many reviews loving the quality and value, offering a subdued, warming light. For those of us who love a little quirkiness in our homes, this lamp fits the bill, to light up dark corners. By charging it once a week, one customer said that this mushroom lamp offers them discreet lighting for their hallway. They add that it's at a reasonable price. And, reviews agree that it's a good-looking lamp, on or off.

As for negatives, there aren't a great deal. Customers love this lamp - and so do we. However, there are a few things to note before you buy. If you're looking for a bright, dramatic light, this lamp may not be the best fit - as reviews say the glow is subtle and ambient. Though this little lamp can go everywhere, one customer says it doesn't stay charged for long enough - and they don't overuse it. It does last for up to eight hours - which may not be enough. So, bear this in mind.

Perfect for nooks that need a little subtle, warming light, this lamp is a great choice for your home. Plus, you're able to move it around from room to room, lasting up to eight hours. Just don't keep it plugged in - it'll likely damage the battery.


  • Mushroom style offers a chic and cosy look to your home
  • Made from robust steel with three brightness settings
  • Charge will last up to eight hours, wherever you need it


  • Gives soft, subdued warm light - not too bright

Best desk lamp

Kimi Adjustable Rechargeable Touch Dimmable Table LampDunelm

Next, the Kimi Adjustable Rechargeable Touch Dimmable Table Lamp has a quirky design - which will play up a space's playful charm. Available in several different colours for you to choose from, this lamp is a statement piece, in our eyes. Of all its features, we love the flexible stem the most, which allows you to customise the height and style for a good fit.

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews for this product. Nevertheless, this product is a budget-friendly option, which will enhance your existing decor, blending seamlessly into a theme, or even add an outrageous pop of colour to your space. It's all up to you. As for usage, it has a three-stage touch dimmable feature and after a five-hour charge, packs in eight hours of night-time reading or just adds an ambient glow to your living space.


  • Adjustable, flexible stem allows customisation of height
  • Budget-friendly and quirky - with plenty of colours available
  • Features a three-stage touch dimmable feature


  • May not suit all home decor

Best battery LED lamp

Our top pick is the Colby Rechargeable Lamp from Marks & Spencer, which is a stylish and bold addition to your space, especially in this blue colourway which is bang on-trend. With a curved base and large semi-circle shade, this lamp offers a unique peek into the minimalist style but could fit in quirky, maximalist, colourful homes, too. It provides a warm, ambient glow to any space.

What are the reviews saying? With a strong 4/5 stars, this lamp is said to be easy to put together and looks beautiful - especially outside. It has also been IP44 rated for indoor and outdoor use. So, you can switch it between the garden and indoors very easily. Another customer added it to a low-light, gloomy corner of a room where there are no electric sockets, and is pleased with the result. Easy to turn and off, as well as dim. But, are there any disadvantages of this product?

Marks & Spencer says that this Colby Lamp is not suitable as the main light for a room. The 2W bulb isn't the most powerful we've seen, with fewer lumens than others on this list. And, some customers agree that this lamp is a little too dim for what they were looking for. However, despite only providing a glow, it has three stages of light from its integrated bulb, which offers a little flexibility. Plus, customers are pleased that they aren't going to be tripping over cables.

Rechargeable for added convenience, this pick comes with an easy USB connection with wire provided. Its average charge time is around four hours for an eight-hour use, making it convenient for all those activities or nights spent in the living room that don't require the ceiling light on. For a stylish, versatile and adjustable ambient glow, we recommend this pick.


  • Waterproof/IP44 rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Curved base and a semi-circular shade for all styles
  • Provides a warm, ambient glow to any space


  • Not suitable for the main light

Best for vintage style

Talbot Rechargeable Glass LED Table Lamp, Brass/GlassJohn Lewis

We and John Lewis both love their Talbot Rechargeable Glass LED Table Lamp for lots of reasons. Stylish and sophisticated, this rechargeable glass lamp is a great choice for any space, especially a house that oozes a classic, vintage style, sitting perfectly alongside delicate wooden furniture and soft furnishings. It can sit just about anywhere.

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews for this product. Nevertheless, this is a stylish option for your home. The Talbolt is easy to recharge and has higher lumens than other picks on this list, meaning it's not as dim as you may think. Using the accessible USB charger, this light will last up to eight hours with each full charge; plus, the dimmer will help set the mood. The ribbed shade and detailing on the stem sets this lamp apart from the rest, for sure.


  • For a more classic, vintage look to your decor
  • With a three-stage touch dimmer to set the mood
  • Easy to recharge for an eight-hour cosy light


  • Will not suit modern homes

Best for changing colours

Philips Hue Go portable table lampPhilips

Next, the Philips Hue Go Rechargeable Table Lamp, White is a smart lap you can take around the house with you. Rated for outdoor use and available to customise - such as the silicone grip - this pick is easy to carry where you need light most - such as the dining table or reading nook. Though a rechargeable lamp, it's got a surprising amount of lumens, making it a bright addition to any space. And, with smart features, you can't go wrong with this phone-compatible Philips lamp.

As for customer reviews, it has an exceptional 5/5 star rating from John Lewis customers. What did they have to say? One customer commented that they're really delighted with this pick for its size, and versatility - with indoor and outdoor use - and can be controlled by Alexa or Google. Many customers say even though it's a tad expensive, the cost is worth it, as the great design offers unparalleled convenience to their lives with mood-setting colours, a dimmer and easy change via the app.

Any negatives? Honestly, there aren't many niggles, or little criticism on the John Lewis website besides the price. One customer says once you take everything into consideration, they think it is worth the price tag. Other than that, you are choosing functionality over style, which may suit your requirements and interior decor. So, just keep that in mind - it only comes in white, really.

Overall, Philips is a brand you can trust. For a long, long time, it has had a big part to play in technological innovation, mostly around lighting. The Hue range is a masterpiece, creating beautiful light for mood-setting, and parties and creating the right ambience for your home. We can't see any negatives with this one. It's smart, easy to carry and bright- perfect for all activities.


  • Rated for outdoor use and featuring a silicone grip
  • Compatible with your home for smart lighting control
  • Use this light to create the perfect, cosy ambience

Best for outdoors

EGLO Meggiano Touch Dimmable Outdoor Table LampDunelm

Brand new to Dunlem, this EGLO Meggiano Touch Dimmable Outdoor Table Lamp is equally stylish and functional. With its sleek and modern design, it's the right addition for your patio, balcony or garden. It's made of durable plastic, which has been designed to withstand the elements with IP54 protection; with a soft, gentle glow for a cosy ambience for your evenings spent outdoors.

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews for this product - as it is a new lamp in Dunelm's extensive range of budget-friendly garden decor, furniture and more. Some of our favourite features include the cordless convenience, the touch-sensitive switch that allows for easy adjustment and the mood-changing dimmer and colour range (warm white, red, green and blue). For a sleek addition to your al fresco dinner, consider this EGLO lamp which can illuminate your nights in style.


  • Set the mood by dimming the light and choose from a range of colours
  • Designed with IP54 protection - and withstands splashes of water
  • Sleek, modern with a touch-sensitive switch for brightness adjustment


  • The listing is unclear about recharging or replacing the battery

Budget battery LED lamp

Pauleen Pure Glamour Portable Battery LampAmazon / Pauleen
Price: £15.71 (was £17.94)

The Pauleen Pure Glamour Portable Battery Lamp is our budget pick, with a trendy crystal look, making it a decorative highlight wherever you place it, flexible and cord-free. Adding an air of Art Deco and romance to every room, it's a decorative touch, not to mention inviting a cosy atmosphere whether dining with friends, reading at night or just providing a little more light in a dark corner.

Amazon customers have given it an average of 4.3/5 stars. One customer commented that it was exactly what they were after, hoping it would provide a low-level (and calming) light for their bedroom. They bought two for either side of their bed, which feels super cosy. This particular customer has taken advantage of the timer function for ease - and the batteries have lasted longer than expected. Overall, customers like the lighting, battery life, performance, value for money and size. Stylish, it gives a pretty glow - and the glass brings a vintage feel. Any negatives?

Some customers have gripes with batteries - citing "it eats battery power quicker", whereas others have been pleasantly surprised by the battery lasting. So, this may be down to their own batteries, as this is one of the few picks on our list that is not rechargeable. So, make sure to stock up on triple-A's. Another quibble a customer has is that the texture glass design can hold a lot of dust, making it harder to clean than most - just a nature of the design. So, keep this in mind before you buy...

Casting a muted, cosy light, don't count this budget pick out. It comes equipped with a timer function, several colourways to choose from and a beautiful glass luminaire, which is reminiscent of Art Deco styles that we remember fondly. Light wherever you need it, fuss-free and cable-free.


  • Pretty patterns on the glass create an elegant look
  • Blends in with most contemporary lifestyle trends
  • Wherever you need it: cable-free and battery-powered


  • Battery power is not as cost-effective as recharging

twinky rechargeable floor lampPooky

Though not a table lamp, we thought it was remiss not to include a floor lamp. The Twinky Rechargeable Floor Lamp from Pooky is a stylish pick, with the ability to be shuffled over to drab corners for a bit of brightening up. Dimmable, you're able to set your own feel to your space. To recharge, pop off the shade and plug it into a USB socket, which will provide you with ten hours of light...

As for customer reviews, the Pooky Floor Lamp has an average of 4.5/5 stars, with customers loving the look, finding it useful and easy to move around, perfect for tucking into a dim corner. One customer even takes it outside for summer evening meals. So, it's a versatile, small and handy pick. Further, the reviews like the quirky proportions and the ambience it creates in their homes.

Despite the reviews being mostly positive, there are a few niggles from these reviews, which we can't ignore. One customer found that the base is a little small - so, has a tendency to be knocked over a little easily. Houses with pets and children, beware - maybe this isn't the best pick for you. Another review said that this lamp is a little dimmer then what they were looking for. Indeed, a brightness of 202 lumens is rather low compared to plugged-in lamps, but it's not the dimmest lamp on our list.

Overall, customers are very pleased with their purchase, providing a warm and cosy light for dining and reading. A statement piece for their home, it makes a quirky addition - refreshing and functional.


  • Lightweight, and most importantly rechargeable
  • Dimmable to create a cosy, inviting ambience
  • Stylish with unusual proportions and a warm light


  • Maybe a little lightweight for pet homes

Verdict: Which is the best?

The Colby Rechargeable Lamp is a favourite of ours. Not only is it rechargeable via USB with an average time of eight hours of use, but, it's been IP44 rated for outdoor use and has three brightness settings.

Buyers Guide

Are there any features to look for when choosing the best battery LED table lamp? We've considered all of the things you may need to consider before making a purchase, from battery to brightness:

Battery Life – If you're tucking into bed and reading every night with a lamp, you want the charge or battery life to last. Check the run time on a full charge.

Brightness – Look at the lumen range when checking whether a battery lamp provides sufficient light. Some options may come with colour settings to change the mood.

Adjustability – Brightness or dimmable features will enhance your new lighting. Plus, an adjustable head or flexible neck will offer control over light direction.

Portability – If you’re planning on moving the lamp from room to room, choose something compact and lightweight. Some may come with handles to help.

Charging – Check how long it takes to fully recharge the lamp. USB-compatible lamps are convenient, as they can be recharged with power banks and laptops.

Additional Features – You may be looking for helpful features from your lamp, such as touch-sensitive controls, a built-in timer function and a memory setting.

Design – We can't help but include style. After all, you want a stylish, yet affordable and functional, cordless LED lamp that will complement your space.


What are the benefits of battery-powered LED table lamps?

A popular choice, battery-powered LED lamps offer quite a few pros, which we’ve listed below:

Portability – No cords, no problem. Without the need for a cord, these lamps can be moved and used anywhere indoors, or out. They’re great for camping, picnics or an interior design project.

Energy-efficiency – is a given, especially since LED bulbs consume so little power, compared to traditional bulbs. So, expect extended battery life, less need for recharging and lower bills.

Versatility – is an expectation of modern lamps and bulbs, with many models offering dimming features for all of your different tasks. Plus, there are plenty of styles to match your décor.

Safety – believe it or not, is another feature of rechargeable LED lamps. Not only do LEDs generate less heat – reducing any burns or fire hazards, but they’re also less prone to breaking.

Sustainability – may be an important advantage to you – it certainly is for us! Long-lasting (and rechargeable) bulbs mean fewer replacements and less waste. Some will be recyclable.

Easy Set-Up – is music to our ears. With no need for wiring, you can set up your new lamp quickly, pretty much anywhere. User-friendly, there’s no need for professional installation.

Reliability – is the hallmark of battery-powered household gadgets. Useful during power outages, a battery-powered or rechargeable LED lamp will provide a dependable source of light.

Photo of mature woman drinking coffee and looking at tablet
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How long do the batteries typically last in LED table lamps?

Battery life will depend on the setting your lamp is on and the type of battery in your lamp, says Sparkle Lighting. However, most lamps will “last for several days” before replacing or recharging. We imagine that the charge/battery life will only run down if the lamp is switched on.

We recommend rechargeable batteries if your chosen lamp isn’t rechargeable.

Do battery LED lamps come with adjustable brightness?

Yes - some of our picks come with adjustable brightness or dimming features, to give you agency over the amount of light your lamp emits. Adjustable lighting comes in handy during those in-between hours (such as daybreak or sunset) when natural light is evolving. It's all down to your preferences.

Are battery LED lamps portable and suitable for outdoor use?

Yes - they're portable, as there's no need for unsightly cables or extension cords. However, only some models are suitable for outside. For longevity and safety, keep your lamp indoors; waterproofed or placed on top of your garden furniture during the dry summer months, away from any damage.

Our outdoorsy pick is the EGLO Meggiano Touch Dimmable Outdoor Table Lamp.

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