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After hearing about Paris and other French cities being plagued with a growing bed bug problem, you might be thinking about preventive measures, such as a bed bug spray, in case you have to deal with an infestation of your own. Bed bug infestations in the UK have actually surged by over 50 per cent in the past five years, according to the British Pest Control Association. They say bed bugs account for more than a quarter of all the country's pest control callouts, so they're a more common issue than you may think.

If you're unsure what bed bugs look like, they are small, flat reddish-brown insects that feed on the blood of both humans and animals. While there is no known transmission of diseases through their bites, they can be uncomfortable to deal with for a couple of days. They're really good at hiding themselves in cracks and crevices of our furniture and mattresses and can easily move from one location to another so that's why they seem to be everywhere in Paris at the moment as the resurgence can be linked to the movement of people during the summer, with many people accidentally taking these pests with them in their luggage.

Best bed bug spray at a glance:

• Best overall: NOPE! CP Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment – view on Amazon UK
• Best natural bed bug spray: RepellShield Bed Bug Spray – view on Amazon UK
• Best bed bug spray for large infestations: CritterKill Professional Bed Bug Killer Spray – view on Amazon UK

When we hear the name 'bed bug', we instantly think of them lurking in our bed linen and mattresses, but Jeannette Hudson, furniture expert at Online Sofa Shop, says that's not always the case. "Although we commonly associate bed bugs with infestations in beds and mattresses, they can infest various upholstered furniture, including sofas and couches." She also says they can be carried in on clothing, bedding and other items so it's important that you know how to spot the signs of them in your house. That's why we've got some top tips for protecting yourself from bed bugs in our FAQs, along with a selection of the best bug sprays available to help you get rid of the problem.

An infestation of bed bugs can move from one piece of furniture, bedding and clothing to another in no time at all, so it's important to treat any pests you spot, promptly and properly. That's why it's important to have a bed bug spray at home so you're ready to act the minute you see one of these creatures lurking around your home. Bed bug sprays are one of the most effective treatments for dealing with these pests, so take a look at our top picks below.

Best bed bug spray

Best overall

Getting rid of bed bugs on contact as well as their eggs, the NOPE! CP Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment breaks the pest's life cycle by disinfecting and treating the affected area. This treatment is also long-lasting as it continues to work its magic against bed bugs for up to three months after the initial application.

Customer review: "Brought as a precaution after returning from a weekend away and noticing lots of bites on my children. I was able to spray down all 3 of our beds, carpet of one room & settee. I followed some of the other advice of washing bedding on a high temp etc. The issue seems to have been resolved, not sure if we ever did have them or whether I caught it early and managed to get rid of them. Either way I am happy with the product. Good price and arrived on time."


  • Get rid of bugs and eggs
  • Long-lasting treatment


  • One reviewer felt the spray didn't seem to go very far

Best natural bed bug spray

For an alternative to chemical-based bed bug killers, why not use this RepellShield Bed Bug Spray? This spray contains clove leaf, cedarwood and tea tree essential oils, which are all-natural ingredients that bed bugs are weak to. It has an entirely pure, natural and organic formulation to treat the problem naturally and has a mild lavender scent.

Customer review: "Since using this product on my mattress and bedding I have not suffered with bedbugs. I will continue to reorder this product as it definitely repels bugs. An excellent product."


  • Vegan
  • Natural formulation


  • Reviewers have seen mixed results

Best bed bug spray for large infestations

If you've got a large area that needs to be treated, or you want to spray around a couple of rooms as a precaution, the CritterKill Professional Bed Bug Killer Spray comes in a five-litre bottle, with an additional one-litre bottle with a spray trigger to make it easy for you to carry around the house. Not just designed for bed bugs, this powerful insecticide can be used to treat most flying and crawling insects.

Customer review: "I bought this product to fight bed bugs (5L)and it worked very well, I still have some left. No more bed bugs, over a year now since I used this product. I used it every day for a week (be consistent) and changing my bed sheet and vacuuming the house 2 to 3 times a day, doing my laundering almost every day and bed bugs are gone!"


  • Great on most flying and crawling insects as well as bed bugs
  • Large bottle will last a while


  • Some reviewers have said it has a strong scent so be sure to make your home as airy as possible while using it

Best bed bug aerosol

Treat infestations in your bed, mattress and bedroom furniture with the Zero In Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer. It has a fresh linen fragrance that will help you to get outbreaks under control and is designed to provide long-term protection for more than 12 months to prevent the pests from coming back.

Customer review: "Tried and tested before. Effective product and competitively priced. Well recommended"


  • Fresh linen fragrance
  • Over 12 month protection


  • Some reviewers have said the nozzle can be a bit leaky

Best water-based bed bug spray

If you prefer a water-based spray as opposed to an aerosol, take a look at this Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer, which is also made by the brand Zero In. This 500ml bottle offers an advanced antibacterial action which will leave all treated surfaces free from germs as well as bed bugs and dust mites. It's long-lasting, solvent-free and odourless, too.

Customer review: "Worked great, all bed bugs are now gone. Product had very little smell to it too which was appreciated"


  • Solvent-free
  • Offers advanced antibacterial action


  • Reviews are mixed as some have had good results and some didn't

Best for fast action

Say goodbye to bed bugs instantly when using the Karlsten Pest Control Bed Bug Killer Spray. The cypermethrin solution will eliminate infestations and protect your home as it not only gets rid of bugs but also keeps them from coming back, too. The trigger spray bottle will make it easy to apply the treatment and provide a more targeted spray.

Customer review: "After being bitten in my home and unable to source the problem. I purchased this and used it around my home and since I have not been bitten. Still no idea of the cause however.."


  • Spray bottle
  • Works instantly


  • As it contains cypermethrin, it's not designed to be used on bed sheets or pillowcases but can be used on bedding and mattress

Recommended bed bug spray

Easy to use and effective, the Xterminate Bed Bug Killer Spray can be used in bedrooms, on your mattresses, carpets, furniture and so much more. The active ingredient affects the nervous system of bed bugs which will quickly get rid of the problem. It offers no smell and staining, with the solution designed to provide your home with protection for up to six weeks.

Customer review: "Kept waking up sneezing every morning. Googled why this might be. Rather alarmed when it said about bed bugs until I saw that no matter how clean you and your bedding are you will have them. So, looked on Amazon to find a spray. Bought this one. Really good. Came quickly. Easy to use. Worked like a dream. No more sneezing. Would definitely recommend."


  • Effective active ingredient
  • Can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces


  • Not so effective on larger areas


What do bed bugs look like?

As we’ve mentioned above, it can be hard to see bed bugs as they’re able to conceal themselves in all the nooks and crannies around your home, but if you know what exactly you’re looking for, you might be able to spot them more easily. As you’ll see from the photo below, bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that are around four to five millimetres in length, with six legs and no wings. They also have short antennae and a piercing mouth that may be small in size but leave a substantial bite.

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How do bed bugs start?

Bed bugs can spread when they’re introduced into new environments after moving about on people’s belongings from infested areas, or infested items, like used furniture. Once bed bugs are in a new environment, they reproduce quickly and hide during the day, which is why spotting them early and treating them the minute you see them are essential for stopping infestations from growing out of control.

How to protect yourself from bed bugs in your home

Thanks to Online Sofa Shop, we've got some tips on how to prevent bed bug infestations and how to spot the signs the pests might already be in your home.

Be aware of signs

First and foremost, it's essential to familiarise yourself with the signs of a bed bug infestation. The insects primarily feed on human blood and are most active at night. Their bites often result in itching, redness, and swelling, typically occurring while you're asleep.

Inspect your home

Whether you’re at home, or staying in a hotel or Airbnb, take the time to thoroughly inspect your space for bed bugs. This includes scrutinising the bed, bedding, and furniture for any signs of infestation.

Launder your belongings

After staying in a hotel or Airbnb, wash your clothes and bedding in hot water. This can help kill any potential bed bugs or their eggs that may have hitched a ride with you.

Regularly vacuum

In your own home, make a habit of regularly vacuuming, paying close attention to potential hiding spots for bedbugs. Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately to prevent any potential infestations.

Be cautious with used furniture

If you plan to purchase used furniture, exercise caution. Before bringing any second-hand items into your home, thoroughly inspect them for signs of bed bugs. This simple step can prevent the introduction of bed bugs to your living space.

Maintain cleanliness

Keeping your home clean, and avoiding clutter, can help reduce the risk of bed bug infestations. A well-organised home makes it harder for pests to find suitable hiding spots.

Seal entry points

Prevent bed bugs from gaining entry to your home by sealing any cracks in the foundation and exterior walls.

Seek professional help

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, act fast. Just like you need mouse traps to catch mice and sprays to get rid of spiders, bed bugs need to be sprayed with treatments so you can say goodbye to the problem. However, bed bug infestations are notoriously challenging to eradicate, and expert assistance is often necessary.

How long does it take for bed bug sprays to work?

How long it takes for a bed bug spray to work varies from treatment to treatment, the number of pests you’ve got to get rid of, and how effectively the spray is applied in the first place. Typically, bed bug sprays do kill bugs on contact, but it may take a few weeks for the infestation to be completely gone. If after using a home treatment, you’re still experiencing problems, you should call in a professional pest control expert to help you get rid of them.

What do bed bug bites look like?

If you've been bitten by a bed bug, you'll soon know about it as they're incredibly itchy. Bed bug bites typically appear as small, red, itchy bumps on the skin and are easily distinguishable from other insect bites as they usually come up in clusters.

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