The best indoor hydroponics garden for herbs, plants and edible flowers

These will make growing plants and herbs even easier than before.

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by Caitlin Casey |

Nowadays, there are loads of savvy ways you can make your garden more modern. If you haven't already heard of indoor hydroponic garden systems, then you'll want to take a look. These systems are taking over as a great new way to boost your herb and plant growth.

Using only water, light and oxygen, these systems can grow your greens up to five times faster than regular gardening. They also work all year round, so you'll get the maximum use of your plants.

Whether you need a new herb planter or just want extra help in growing plants through the winter months, hydroponic gardens can be a great option.

What is an indoor hydroponics system?

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without the use of soil. Generally, this includes a light source, oxygen and water to support the growth.

These can also be known as smart gardens because of their use of technology. You can find these hydroponics systems in small planters with a light source hovering above the plants. You can leave these planters inside because all of the growth comes from the light and oxygen found included in the system.

Luckily for you, we've found the best hydroponics systems so you don't have to go digging too far.

The best indoor hydroponics system UK 2021

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iDOO 7 Pods Hydroponics Growing System

Best smart hydroponics garden

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This iDOO hydroponics system is a good place to start for any indoor gardener. With seven pods to pop your plants and seeds into, there's enough to give you the chance to start on this system without getting too ahead of yourself. Perfect for growing a set of herbs or seeds. Also available in black and white.

What’s included: Hydroponic system, baskets, sponges, basket covers, nutrients and straws

How many pods: 7

Features: 14h-on-and-10h-off-cycle, Grow Mode, Enjoy Mode and two water pump circulation modes

Light type: 24-watt LED

Review: "After wanting one of these for years, I can say that I'm really impressed with the operating volume, ease of use, lack of mess from soil - and very hands off maintenance. If they continue to grow easily and maintain well - then i think i know what ill be getting a couple of people next Christmas!"

iDOO 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System

Best large hydroponics garden

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If you'd rather have a larger version of the iDOO 7 pods system, this option has twelve pods, meaning you can get more gardening in. It has several automatic features as well as an adjustable light, so you can perfect your indoor garden. The water pump is super silent so you won't be distracted either.

What’s included: Gardening system, 12pcs Plant Baskets, 12pcs Grow Domes, 24pcs Sponges, 12pcs Tags, 6pcs Covers

How many pods: 12

Modes: Vegetables mode, Flower/Fruit mode

Light type: 23W LED

Review: "Love the item, it works well. I use this to grow my Thai herbs for example holy basil, lettuce, chilli and coriander! They grow so fast!"

Veritable Indoor Garden Smart Edition 4 Slot Herb & Plant Holder

Best high-end hydroponics garden

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If you're looking for a trusted hydroponics garden, this Veritable option from John Lewis is higher-priced but high-quality. With four slots you can easily pop in a range of plants and its smart technology automatically adjusts the light to suit your garden.

Also available as a two-pod garden.

What’s included: Indoor garden, four plant pods, water tank, automatic LED light

Number of pods: 4

Modes: Automatic light adjustment

Light type: LED

Review: “Excellent results, nice aesthetic, super easy to use. Having tried to grow coriander on the windowsill I wanted a year-round alternative to buying it in plastic from the supermarket. It is very easy to use, the coriander is delicious (as are the other herbs) and we can cut only what we need. The pods have lasted longer than expected and we harvest enough for two dinners a couple of times a week. I am even considering another one so we can try some other plants like chillies or strawberries as well as the herbs.”

Botaneo Indoor Garden 2 Slot Herb & Plant Holder, White

Best eco-friendly hydroponic garden

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This super cute two-slot hydroponic garden is superb for any gardener looking to grow a few herbs or edible plants to add to their collection. In a sleek white design, this will look good on any kitchen side. It's totally eco-friendly, with everything recyclable and their refills biodegradable.

What’s included: Indoor garden system, parsley and chive starter kit, LED light,

Number of pods: 2

Modes: Automatic light

Light type: LED

Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tents - Black & Green

Best hydroponics grow tent

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If you have more space for a bigger hydroponics garden then consider investing in this hydroponics grow tent by Mylar. With vents, zippers and drawstring ports, this gives enough space for bigger plants that will effectively grow in this space. Lined with reflective material for full lighting efficiency, this won't disturb you as you zip it up and leave to grow.

What’s included: Steel frame, zip cover, removable floor tray, tool bag

How many pods: One large tent

Modes: Standard

Light type: Light not included

Review: "I am very pleased with this tent, it’s my first one ever. It took me about 5 min to put it together and you don’t need any tools which is great. I use an oil-filled radiator to grow some tropical plants in it and it holds the temperature well. I like that there’s a window so you can check progress without opening the tent and losing the warmth."

YOSTAR Smart Hydroponics Garden Lights, Hydroponics Indoor Smart Herb Garden Kit

Best small hydroponics garden

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We love this smaller YOSTAR hydroponics garden, which will fit easily on a windowsill or tucked away somewhere smaller. The light is adjustable so you can change it to suit your greens. Perfect for those with apartments or for people who can't get out so much into the garden.

What’s included: Hydroponic system, UK adaptor, compressed soil, garden tool

How many pods: Two pods

Modes: Full spectrum mode, Growing mode, Reading mode, adjustable light

Light type: 5500k LED

Review: “I was impressed. Larger than expected. Included soil tablets. Great easy instructions. Sturdy quality. Good packaging. I would like another one (or 2). Enough room for larger vegetables. The list covers cucumber and tomatoes. My best buy this year.”

Click & Grow Indoor Herb Light

Best hydroponics garden starter kit

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If you want something to get you kickstarted into growing and don't want something too complex, then grab this Click & Go herb light. With three tomatoes, three basil and three green lettuce pods, it will make gardening inside even easier. Just pop the pods in, fill them up with water and turn them on for perfect indoor gardening.

What’s included: One planter and two lighting risers, 9 basil capsules, a power supply with EU and UK plug

How many pods: Nine pods

Modes: One light setting

Light type: LED

Review: “Loving this garden. I have wild strawberries, yellow peppers, red tomatoes, chives, two lettuce plants, purple chilli, green peas and sorrel growing in my hallway and that’s after a successful crop of leaf mustard, garden cress and romaine lettuce. I love it. I fill the tank every 10 days and occasionally trim leaves and that’s it. I want another one!”

iDOO 20Pods Hydroponics Growing Kits

Best extra large hydroponic growing kit

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Sometimes more space is better. If you're an avid gardener and want to get seriously stuck into some hydroponic growing, this iDOO option has 20 pods you can fill up with herbs and plants. You can set timers to keep the perfect routine for your green space and see how long is left on the LED screen.

What’s included: Indoor garden, 20 plant pods, 24 sponges, 20 plastic hats, 10 tags, one A and B nutrient (+refil), four water tanks, LED light, timer

How many pods: 20 pods

Modes: Adjustable light height

Light type: LED

Review: “I'm generally not very good at growing things, but interested in hydroponics and seems a more foolproof way of growing herbs etc The product from iDOO is extremely good, well made, large and comes with a lot of extras and good instructions. After only 3 weeks everything is thriving. I highly recommend this product as it allows you to grow larger items.”

Yoocaa 12 Hydroponics Herb Garden

Best hydroponic garden with one-year warranty

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This Yoocaa hydroponic garden is sleek and holds a good amount of plants for any new gardener or indoor plant fan. It holds up to 3.5l of water and has auto lights so you don't have to worry about overdoing it on your plants. It's adjustable up to 21 inches and has two growth modes to play with.

What’s included: Indoor garden, 20 plant pods, 24 sponges, 20 plastic hats, 10 tags, one A and B nutrient (+refil), four water tanks, LED light, timer

Number of pods: 12

Modes: Two growing modes, adjustable lamp height

Light type: LED

Review: “A great kit overall. Accessories are included when other kits are additions. So worth the money. Finding the whole process of this particular pod system soothing. Watching my plants grow successfully is quite an experience given my lack of green fingers. Money well spent, especially with the discount.”

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