The best fruit trees to add a splash of colour to your garden

Liven up your outdoor space with one of these fruit trees.

orange fruit tree

by Marina Avraam |

Fruit trees are not only a fantastic addition to your garden looks-wise, but they're also great for the gardener striving for self-sufficiency. After all, there's nothing like enjoying the fruit from your very own tree.

From apple to orange and even plum, there's a variety of trees that you can grow on your own or buy ready-potted. The type of tree you opt for will have to suit your tastes, as well as your aesthetic garden preferences.

To make life easy, we've made a list of the best dwarf fruit trees to start growing in your garden or home today.

What is the easiest fruit tree to grow?

If you're looking for a low-maintenance fruit tree that is easy to grow, then it's important to look for specific fruits and fruit varieties. We've listed a few of the simplest fruit trees to grow and maintain in your garden or patio.

Plum tree

Plum trees have the ability to adapt and thrive in a variety of conditions, making them the best low-maintenance fruit tree. Make sure to choose a variety that will grow well in your region and climate, and you'll be rewarded with delicious sweet and beautiful fruits.

Apple tree

With too many varieties to count, dwarf apple trees need a good amount of space to grow and regular watering. The 'Golden Delicious' green variety is very common due to its crunchy texture and rich sweet flavour.

Fig tree

With a taste of nectar, figs are a commonly sought-out fruit tree. They grow well in pots and need regular watering and feeding during spring and summer.

Orange tree

Belonging to the citrus family, orange trees can grow as a houseplant during the winter and be moved outdoors come summertime. They need watering once or twice a week during the summer, and less so in winter.

Lemon tree

Flourishing in the spring and summer months, lemon trees need to be placed in a sunny, south-facing location and require protection from cold and frost.

Where do fruit trees grow best?

Sun, sun sun...and more sun. Aim for a spot with up to eight hours of sunlight and warmth to give your tree the best chance.

What fruit trees are best for Espalier?

Espalier is the practice of growing a plant on a flat surface, such as a fence or wall. Espaliers are usually done for decorative purposes, and some plants are easier to espalier than others.

In terms of fruit trees, apples and pears are best for espalier due to the fact that they have long-lived spurs, producing fruit for years and years to come.

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