The warmest women’s thermal socks to keep your toes toasty

Help your feet thaw with the best socks available.

Women's thermal socks

by Eleanor Weaver |

There’s nothing worse than having cold feet, because when your feet are cold usually the rest of your body is too. A simple solution to keeping your feet nice and toasty is to opt for a pair of women’s thermal socks.

Thermal socks are made from thicker material than your normal cotton socks - usually wool or wool-blend fabrics - that cushion the feet and maintain breath-ability without letting heat escape.

They’re great for a range of activities and come in lots of different styles too, from long to short and even with little grips on the bottom to stop you slipping around the house.

Check out our pick of the best women’s thermal socks that cover everything you need from winter sports to walking and lounging around the house.

Other cold feet remedies

• Keep moving to get your blood circulating round to your extremities. Even just a gentle walk or jog on the spot should help

• Raise your feet. As hot air rises, elevating your feet on a stool while you're sitting down can help keep them out of the coldest part of the room

• Make sure to wear waterproof shoes when out and about to prevent your feet from getting chilly from the damp

• If one pair of socks just aren't doing the trick, try multiple!

• Try using foot warmers to apply heat directly to your feet. The insole warmers are designed to be worn in your shoes and heat up automatically when unwrapped and activated in the air. With up to eight hours of warmth, they're sure to help you out of a chilly situation.

Knit your own woolly slipper socks

If you'd like a winter project that'll end in some toasty socks for you or a friend to enjoy at home, try your hand at knitting your own! Watch the below video for a beginner's guide to knitting a cosy pair of slipper socks...

Thermal socks are a great way to keep your feet warm while out on chilly walks.

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