Best womens thermal socks to keep your toes toasty

Help your feet thaw with the best socks available.

Women's thermal socks

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Whether you are looking for the best women's thermal socks for hill walking or braving a winter's day - we are here to help you find the right pair for your needs. As much as we love a good hand warmer to heat us up there’s nothing worse than having cold feet because when your feet are cold, the rest of your body usually is too. A simple solution to keeping your feet nice and toasty is to opt for a pair of women’s thermal socks.

Like base layer thermals, thermal socks are essential for your colder-weather wardrobe. They can be worn with anything from walking trainers to wellies. They're made from thicker material than your normal cotton socks too. Usually made from wool or wool-blend fabrics, they cushion the feet and maintain breathability without letting heat escape.

They’re great for a range of activities and come in lots of different styles too. From long to short and even with little grips on the bottom, stopping you from slipping on flooring at home. Then when you get back, you can put your feet up and warm up with some heated electric foot warmers.

Best womens thermal socks at a glance:

Best overall thermal socks: ElifeAcc 5 Pairs Thermal Women Socks – View on Amazon UK
• Best walking socks: Ladies Pink Wool Coolmax Walking Socks – View on Amazon UK
• Best value: MOSOTECH 5 Pairs Ladies Thermal Socks – View on Amazon UK

Thermal socks are a great way to keep your feet warm while out and about on a chilly day. Check out our pick of the best women’s thermal socks that cover everything you need, from winter sports to walking and lounging around the house paired with an electric blanket. So let's get into it, here are the best women's thermal socks for your every need.

Best women's thermal socks

Best overall thermal socks

If you're someone who loves to have fun with their socks, these thermal gems are the ones for you. Jazz up your feet with these vintage and trendy pattern socks that come in an array of bright and eye-catching colours. They'll keep you warm without working up a sweat and are great value too! A winner for adding a playful touch to your sock drawer or for giving as a gift.

One customer review said: "Perfect they are extremely warm and cozy I really suffer with cold feet and can honestly say these worked in warm, cozy and size. I ordered two lots very happy I’d buy more when needed. Excellent value for money. I have no negative feedback."


  • Cute après ski style print
  • Available in a range of different colours/prints
  • Five pairs of socks in a pack
  • Fluffy wool lining


  • Quite tight fitting

Best walking socks

While this material combo isn't quite as insulating as those with a higher wool count, it'll keep your feet warm, dry and feeling fresh while you're constantly on the move. The fabric provides cushioning and ankle support to keep you at your most comfortable on your treks and combined with a thick walking boot or thermal welly, your feet will stay super snug.

Customer review: "These socks are great. I used them for a walking holiday in the mountains recently, and my feet were comfortable and blister free despite the heat. I would recommend them to any regular walker who is looking for comfort."


  • Ideal for walking, hiking, or wearing with boots
  • Ankle support and arch support sections


  • Only available in one colour

Best sleeping socks

Ladies Brushed Thermal Bed Soft and Cozy SocksAmazon
Price: $14.99

Sleep in bliss with these super soft, fleecy-lined bed socks. Never again will your cold feet keep you awake, as these socks will hug your feet and stay on throughout the night. The elasticity of the sock isn't too tight, and these work great as a solution if you struggle with bad circulation.

Customer review said: "I love everything about these beautiful, soft bed socks. I seldom wear them in bed, my feet are usually warm then. I actually wear them around the house all day in my slippers. Take the slippers off when sitting down and still my feet are warm and snug."


  • Good alternative to putting the heating on at night
  • Come in three pastel colours
  • Wash well


  • Not really suitable for wearing outdoors

Best Value

These socks provide great value, with five thick, warm, and breathable socks available at a low price. The classic sock design can be worn time and again, and with wear resistance, they should stand the test of time.

One customer review said: "Can really recommend these socks, nice and toasty and the elastic around the top doesn’t cut your circulation off."


  • Great value for money with five in a pack
  • Come in five different colours
  • Elastic around the top isn't too tight
  • Perfect for outdoor activities


  • A little slippy on non-carpet floors

Best extra long

Ladies Extra Long Thermal Heat Holders socks 2.3 Tog 4-8 uk (Purple)
Price: $22.99

The name Heat Holders says it all! These specially developed thermal yarn socks will keep your feet perfectly insulated. With interior brushing too, the warm air being held within the socks maximises maintaining all-day comfort. These extra-long socks will keep your toes to your knees nice and toasty so you can tackle even the coldest days.

One customer review said: "Definitely great for keeping cosy in the coldest weather. Bought these to wear indoors to avoid handing over my money to the heating companies! These have helped me keep my heating OFF until November at the earliest! Highly recommend — lovely and soft inside and super thick/cosy."


  • Great for keeping the heating off for longer
  • Made from heavy bulk yarn for extreme thermal qualities
  • Extra long to keep legs toasty too


  • Length may make them difficult to wear underneath certain types of clothing

Best everyday socks

Described as sumptuously soft, these socks will feel luxurious on your feet. Not only will you stay cosy and warm but the viscose material (artificial silk) will give you ultimate comfort. They'll feel lovely and light to wear and of great quality too.

One customer review said: "Lovely cosy socks and they last! Second set purchased."


  • Cute twisted cable design
  • Comes in three colours
  • Great for indoor and everyday outdoor wear


  • Not as thick as other thermal sock competitors

Best ankle socks

Price: £5.99 (was £7.99)

Another great option for wearing with trainers. These thermal ankle socks are cushioned and brushed inside for better insulation and comfort so your feet will stay warm and comfy while you're out walking or working out.


  • Lightweight but extremely warm
  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Have a non-binding top so won't leave marks around your ankles


  •  No reviews

Best single-use foot warmer

THE HEAT COMPANY Insole Foot Warmers

Rrp: $15.90

Price: $9.95

These foot warmers are a godsend for frosty adventures, ensuring your toes remain toasty warm. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, they're a snug fit in any shoe, offering up to 8 hours of heat - a true winter essential.


  • Provides up to 8 hours of consistent warmth
  • Simply activate by air and slip them into your shoes


  • Designed for single use, which might not be the most economical or environmentally friendly option.

Best womens thermal socks FAQs

Do thermal socks really keep your feet warm?

Wondering if thermal socks really keep your feet warm? They're literally designed to help your body retain heat in freezing temperatures so they're the best for the job at hand. Thermal socks are thicker and sweat-wicking so they'll keep your feet warmer than traditional cotton socks. Commonly made with polyester, nylon, acrylic or wool, these materials will provide warmth and absorb moisture to stop your feet from feeling damp.

Alternative cold feet remedies

Keep moving to get your blood circulating around to your extremities. Even just a gentle walk or jog on the spot should help.

Raise your feet. As hot air rises, elevating your feet on a stool while you're sitting down can help keep them out of the coldest part of the room.

Make sure to wear waterproof shoes when out and about to prevent your feet from getting chilly from the damp.

If one pair of socks just aren't doing the trick, try multiple!

Try using foot warmers to apply heat directly to your feet. The insole warmers are designed to be worn in your shoes and heat up automatically when unwrapped and activated in the air. With up to eight hours of warmth, they're sure to help you out of a chilly situation.

Knit your own woolly slipper socks

If you'd like a winter project that'll end in some toasty socks for you or a friend to enjoy at home, try your hand at knitting your own! Watch the below video for a beginner's guide to knitting a cosy pair of slipper socks...

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