What shoes to wear with flare jeans

Here are some groovy treads for your new threads

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by Piper Huxley |

The seventies are back. From glammy rock to groovy disco vibes, we can’t get enough of the decade and its revolutionary style. Perhaps you look back at the seventies with great admiration for the social change during that time or you have such fond memories of some great nights out. It’s safe to say that the outrageous fashion from this era is... memorable. Maybe not all for the right reasons, though.

Surely, like the rest of us, you thought that the style was… gone for good. The nineties have been done to death in recent years, sure. But the seventies? No chance of a comeback.

That’s not the case! Flares, like a lot of seventies fashion, are back – and they’re groovier than ever. As many of you may know, people were going above and beyond to look eclectic, loud and glam. Right now, in 2022, we’re seeing the same thing. Fashion is a chance to rebel, to revolutionise, to change the world. We’re loving it.

Now you’ve got your flares you need to pair them with the right shoes.

So, here are some of the best shoes that you can wear with flares handpicked by Yours.

Buckle up… and get ready for some retro.

But quickly...

What shoes are off-limits to wear with flares?

Stilettos are a strict no-no, of course. If you’re an experienced flare-wearer, you are very much aware of the bulky fabric that gathers around your heels. A little misstep and you’ll be falling head-over-heels. Not only that, but some sharp heels could also puncture your lovely new jeans. That’s not ideal.

We’re giving pretty much anything ankle-high, chunky, or platformed the green light.

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