The seven best supportive yet stylish orthopaedic slippers with expert advice

Stylish, suppotive and snuggly.

Best stylish orthopaedic slippers

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If you suffer from foot problems, investing in some stylish orthopaedic slippers will alleviate your pain, help you feel comfy, and look—dare we say, cool. Having footwear specifically designed for foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or bunions can help manage pain, prevent further injury, and improve overall foot health.

Orthopaedic slippers are crafted from high-quality materials for long-lasting wear, but they may not always be the most stylish choice. While comfort is the top priority when selecting footwear, let's face it—style matters, too. If you don't like how the slippers look, you're less likely to wear them, and they'll probably end up gathering dust in the shoebox.

Good-quality footwear is essential if you are constantly on your feet. Proper foot support improves all aspects of your health, including good posture and alignment, thereby reducing pain and lessening the likelihood of preventing further strains.

Best stylish orthopaedic slippers at a glance:

Best orthopaedic slippers overall: Skechers - Women's Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper, Buy now on Amazon
Best orthopaedic slippers for arch support: Coface - Arch Support Slippers, Buy now on Amazon
Best orthopaedic slippers for comfort: Jiajiale - Women's Cushion Support Slippers, Buy now on Amazon

So put your feet up, grab a cuppa and check out our selection of the best stylish orthopaedic slippers on the market. To find out how essential orthopaedic slippers are, we also got some expert advice from The Private Clinic’s consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Andrea Bianchi.

Best orthopaedic slippers overall

Skechers - Women's Keepsakes Ice Angel SlipperCredit: Amazon

With nine colour options, there is something for everyone with these sketchers, regardless of your style. The Ice Angel slippers are great for keeping your feet warm due to their cosy faux-fur trim, lining and snuggly sweater knit fabric. However, online reviews assure us that they are 'warm without being too warm''. We love these slippers, and with more than 10,000 five-star Amazon reviews, we aren't the only ones.


  • Nine colour options
  • Cruelty-free faux-fur trim
  • Extremely comfortable


  • A few customers found that the fluff can come away from the slippers over time.

Best orthopaedic slippers for arch support

Coface - Arch Support SlippersCredit: Amazon

Rrp: $27.99

Price: $23.99

These gorgeous orthopaedic slippers offer excellent arch support, helping to maintain proper foot alignment and reduce strain on the feet and legs. They are slide-on slippers and are designed to mould your feet and retain shape, which is good for women with plantar fasciitis. Some reviewers found that they are a little tight to begin with but quickly loosen after a few wears.


  • Platformed design, which is great for comfort
  • Multiple design options
  • Soft yet supportive


  • Some customers found that these slippers are a little smaller, so it is worth sizing up if you are between sizes.

Best orthopaedic slippers for comfort

Jiajiale - Women's Cushion Support Slippers Credit: Amazon

According to online reviews, these faux suede slippers are extremely comfortable. The double-layer high-density memory foam will allow your feet to stay supported and cosy while wearing them. We like these slippers because although they are warm, they are also very breathable, which will prevent them from overheating.


  • Breathable material
  • Very warm - great for people with poor circulation
  • Memory foam soles adapt to the foot


  • Due to the light colouring, they can be marked easily

Best platformed orthopaedic slipper

KuaiLu - Womens fluff Platform Open Toe SlipperCredit: Amazon

The elevated soles of these fluffy platform slippers provide additional cushioning, reducing the impact on the feet and joints. This can be especially beneficial for those with foot pain or sensitivity. The rubber soles make this fantastic for outdoor and indoor wear. Online customers liked that these slippers have straps and can be adjusted for comfort.


  • Adjustable design
  • Great for people with joint pains
  • Multiple colour options
  • Stylish design


  • Online customers recommend sizing up.

Best orthopaedic slippers for design

Pro 11 Wellbeing - Women's Orthotic SlippersCredit: Amazon

Stylish doesn't always mean striking embellishments and statement patterns; when it comes to cosy slippers, sometimes less is more. We love these understated slippers that are available in two neutral colours. They have advanced EVA arch support; this foam-based material is both supportive and comfortable.


  • Advanced EVA arch support
  • Two colour and design choices
  • Accurate sizing


  • Some customers found that it took a little time to work in the shoes

Best orthopaedic slippers with memory foam

RockDove Women's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam SlipperCredit: Amazon
Price: $23.99

Memory foam isn't just for mattresses. These two-tone memory foam slippers are both comfortable and supportive. There are eight colour options, and we cannot get enough of this stylish two-tone design. Online customers said these are great for people with bunions because they are roomy. With almost 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, these are a fantastic choice.


  • Anti-slip sole
  • Machine washable
  • It can be worn indoors and outdoors


  • Some found that the slippers took a long time to dry after washing

Best orthopaedic slippers for stability

Vionic Carlin Women's Mule SlippersCredit: Amazon
Price: $79.95

These grey mule slippers are ideal for coordinating with any outfit and they are great for assisting stability. We like that they also have velcro straps, which makes them adjustable for the perfect fit. The deep-heel cup helps keep wearers balanced, and online customers love the sturdiness.


  • Adjustable
  • Deep-heel
  • Six colour options


  • Quite plain stylish design

Who are orthopaedic slippers good for:

People with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs, and diabetes.

Older people - As you age, you are likely to experience decreased foot strength, balance issues, and conditions like arthritis, which can make walking painful and challenging.

Individuals with poor circulation - Conditions like diabetes and peripheral artery disease can lead to poor circulation in the feet, causing swelling, pain, and the risk of ulcers.

Back, hip, or knee Pain sufferers: Foot misalignment can contribute to back, hip, and knee pain because the body compensates for foot issues.

Active individuals - Those with high levels of physical activity can lead to foot fatigue and overuse injuries.

Anyone seeking enhanced comfort - Even without specific foot conditions, some people simply prefer the added comfort and support of orthopaedic slippers.

How often should orthopaedic shoes be replaced to maintain their effectiveness?

"Orthopaedic footwear can help to alleviate common foot problems such as bunions by ensuring there is room for toes to move and also that arches are adequately supported and the heel isn’t elevated too much," says The Private Clinic’s consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Andrea Bianchi.

How often should orthopaedic shoes be replaced to maintain their effectiveness?

Mr Bianchi says, "If you wear them daily, they may need replacing as little as every 6-12 months. However, less frequent ones may be ok for up to three years. Another sign that they may need replacing is if your foot condition changes, for example, if you begin to experience more pain or swelling."

Meet the expert

Mr Andrea Bianchi is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who graduated from the University of the Studies of Perugia, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in 1988.

In 1994, Mr Bianchi specialised in orthopaedics and traumatology at the University of the Studies of Perugia.

Mr Andrea Bianchi has developed a unique and innovative minimally invasive surgical technique for treating several very common but usually painful foot conditions, including bunions, hammertoes and rigid toes.

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