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Personalise your clothes with these affordable labeling options

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by Eleanor Weaver |

As children, we remember having all our PE kit and school uniform labelled with our names in the unfortunate event they'd get lost or mistaken for someone else's. While this was a painstaking task for our parents, there are now super easy label makers and options available to quickly tag and identify any item of clothing.

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They're a perfect, time-saving solution if you:

• Are part of a large household or family where clothes could get muddled

• Work in a care home

• Have your own clothing business and need to label with your brand and/or sizing

• Are thrifty and need to replace lost or torn labels on clothes from charity shops

• Have children who may be likely to change clothes or sports kit at a friend’s house, school or club

• Just fancy personalising your clothes for the fun of it!

We've had a look at the options available online for all these circumstances and found some that are affordable and worth a try.

Clothing label making options for your own home

1. Clothing label makers

Clothing label makers are light-weight, portable and super versatile as you can use these to not only label your clothes, but everything else too with different 'tape' options available. Loaded with compatible, iron-on tape, you can use the keyboard on the handheld label maker to type out the name, brand label or wash directions you need to add and choose whichever font or type size you wish!

The label makers use thermal print technology which provides sharp lettering that can resist smudging and smearing to provide consistently professional results. Once printed simply iron onto the inside of your cloth and it'll quickly and firmly grip making it suitable for the wash and general wear and tear.

We really like the Dymo and Brother label makers below that you buy with specialised iron-on tape for all your labeling needs.

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2. Iron-on fabric labels

In a similar way, you can get iron-on fabric labels without the machine so you can hand-write the labels yourself for an even more personal touch. While this might draw out your process, it's an even cheaper and easy alternative if you don't have much clothing to label up.

Simply cut the fabric tape to size, write on the label with pen and then iron in place at maximum heat for 20 seconds.

3. Sew on clothing labels

If you have a sewing kit to hand, have the time or would rather trust a needle and thread, you may prefer to sew your labels to your clothes to make sure they stay for good. With these labels below, you add your name of choice before cutting and sewing into your garment.

If you're looking for an even easier solution for differentiating clothes with a needle and thread, you could stitch a colour into pre-existing labels with a different colour for a different person. This works great for large families where that simple stitch could really help sort between clothes when unloading the washer/dryer.

4. Stick on clothing label kit

You might need to see it to believe it but with an average 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, this option is sure to impress. With this label making kit, you simply write on, peel and stick in to your garment. These labels can be used on clothes, footwear, toys, bags and more and no ironing or sewing is needed to make them grip. An amazingly simply solution we wish we'd known about sooner!

Where can I get labels professionally made for clothing?

If you'd prefer to have your labels made for you or for your labels to have a bit more pizzazz, there are services available that will make these for you.

Woven Labels UK

The Woven Labels UK brand on Amazon provide personalised name tags perfect for labeling clothes. After working in the school uniform industry for some time, the creators noticed that the delivery times on woven name tapes were too long and wanted to offer their own range with quick delivery.

Since then, they've broadened their range to not only woven brand labels but washable clothing stickers too! Simply customise the product with the name of choice before purchase.


With Wunderlabel you can design your own clothing labels instantly and easily.

With superior quality, you can get labels printed to leather, faux leather and cotton as well as iron-on labels and a classic woven design. Play with the size, text, colours and symbols. You can even get care and size labels printed if these are what you're missing. With so many options available, this would be a great option for easy mass printing for a large quantity of clothes to label or for creating your own brand.

Dutch Label Shop

With Dutch Label Shop, add the finishing touch to your crafty creation with labels to professionally finish what you've made.

Make your label design on the site or, if you've already got a dream design in mind, you can upload a digital file to the team who will guide you through the process of turning your idea into reality.

Design sew-on or iron-on labels with a choice of sizes, symbols, fonts, frames and colours or order pre-made ones for sizes, care and 'made in' labels.

Make your own custom clothing labels at home

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