The best anti-chafing shorts to wear under dresses and prevent inner-thigh pain

Save yourself from the pain and discomfort of inner-thigh chafing.

by Rosie Floyd |

Chafing is an uncomfortable but common problem during the summer. The combination of friction from your thighs rubbing together when you walk and excess moisture from sweating can lead to stinging skin and red rashes between your legs. The pain of inner-thigh chafing (or chub rub as it is sometimes known) is enough to make you want to ditch dresses and skirts in favour of trousers and leggings. The best anti-chafing shorts will provide a layer of protection between your thighs that you can discreetly wear under dresses and skirts.

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Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts

Best for size inclusivity
Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts

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Say goodbye to the pain of chafing thighs with Snag Tights' Chub Rub Shorts. These game-changing shorts are made from the same material as tights that has been enhanced with a special yarn to keep you cool in the heat. We love how inclusive Snag Tights are as they cater for sizes 4-36. We've included the black shorts in our buyer's guide, but there's a whole host of colours to choose from, including flesh colours and brighter options.

Size: AB-G (equivalent to UK 4-36)

Pros: Wide range of sizes and colours, discount when you buy multiple at the same time
Cons: Size guide can be a little confusing to figure out

Tried and tested by Rosie Floyd, Commercial Content Writer: "These shorts have saved my thighs during the summer! They're so comfy and lightweight that I don't even notice I'm wearing them. It means now I can wear my pretty summer dresses all day long without the dreaded thigh burn"

SIMIYA 3 Pack Anti Chafing Shorts

Best multi-pack
SIMYA 3 Pack Anti Chafing Shorts

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Get three pairs of anti-chafing shorts for the price of one with this great value set. As well as providing a barrier between your rubbing thighs, they'll enhance your silhouette with their smooth, line-free look and leg-hugging fit.

Size: S-3XL

Pros: Three pairs included
Cons: Longer length may be seen under shorter dresses

Review: "These are great quality women's long briefs. the material is soft and stretchy, just what I was looking for. I am very happy I decided to go with my intuition after reviewing others alike. I am a 14/16 UK and bought L size, I have wide hips and big thighs, and they fit in smoothly, just perfect! I 100% recommend it and the shipping was super fast, it arrived a day early. Thank you."

wirarpa Anti Chafing Shorts For Under Dresses

Best multi-coloured anti-chafing shorts
wirarpa Anti Chafing Shorts For Under Dresses

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If you'd prefer colourful anti-chafing shorts, this is the multi-pack for you. You get four pairs included - each in a vibrant colour, which is perfect for summer styling. It's the ideal way to add a pop of colour to your favourite warmer weather outfits.

Size: S-5XL

Pros: Made from a breathable wicking and stretch fabric
Cons: Some customers have commented that they ride up when walking for long periods of time

Review: "I’ve been looking for comfort shorts in bright colours and at last I’ve got them. Lovely cotton Lycra, non-see-through, good fit and will definitely save my dignity under a sundress. I will be back for more."

Cool Comfort Anti-Chafe Shorts

Best for variety of skin tones
Cool Comfort Anti-Chafe Shorts

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If you're looking for anti-chafing shorts to match your skin tone, you can't go wrong with these from Marks & Spencer. The colour pictured below is Rich Quartz, and there are also six other shades to choose from. The Cool Comfort technology in the fabric ensures your thighs feel fresh in the sweltering sunshine.

Size: 8-10 - 20-22

Pros: Range of shades to choose from
Cons: Some reviews have stated these anti-chafing shorts rolled down the stomach and up the leg

Review: "At last! The perfect solution for eliminating thigh rub and for a smooth profile under light dresses and skirts. Fabric is light and stretchy but holds its shape throughout a day of wear. Washes up nicely. I only wish the legs were a few inches longer as they did ride up slightly."

Curve Nude Anti Chafing Lace Trim Short

Curve Nude Anti Chafing Lace Trim Short

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If you're a curvier lady, you may like these anti-chafing shorts by Yours Clothing - they've been designed with a plus-size body in mind. Available in nude and black, they may be plain in colour, but they come complete with lace detailing around the bottom for a pretty touch.

Size: 14-16 - 34-36

Pros: Pretty lace detailing, available in two colours
Cons: Doesn't have as much support around the waist compared to other anti-chafing shorts

How to prevent thigh chafing?

It can be difficult to avoid thigh chafing altogether during the summer, but there are little things you can do to help to prevent it.

Wear anti-chafing shorts or bands

You can wear a pair of anti-chafing shorts under dresses and skirts, or you can buy thigh bands. They do a similar job to the shorts as you wear them around the widest part of your thighs to prevent chafing. They don't have as much coverage as shorts, but they're a great option for wearing under shorter dresses and skirts.

Try anti-chafing creams, balms or gels

As chafing is such a common problem, there are many products out to aid with prevention. Anti-chafing creams, balms and gels usually contain special formulas that glide onto the skin to prevent your thighs from sticking together. You may need to keep applying these throughout the day depending on how much you sweat.

Apply products you may have at home

If you don't want to spend additional money on anti-chafing products, there may be products you've already got at home that could help with the problem. Brush baby powder on your inner thighs before getting dressed. Rub petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline to the areas you normally experience discomfort. You could even apply lip balm to affected areas if it becomes uncomfortable while you're out and about.

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