How to protect your hair from the sun

by Emily Gilbert |

We all know how important it is to look after our skin in the warmer weather but what about your hair?

Hot days and summer holidays often leave our hair damaged due to ultraviolet rays from the sun and lack of hydration from both the sun and chlorinated swimming pools and salty seawater.

To help you look after your beautiful head of hair, we've spoken to some of the best hair experts in the UK to get their top tips for protecting your hair from the sun.

Tips to protect your hair from the sun

•"I would always advise that my clients protect their coloured hair from UV damage," says Master Stylist Nick Willis, Charles Worthington Salons. "Sunlight can fade your colour and strip protein from the hair shaft, leaving it more brittle and vulnerable to further damage." Be sure to use products that are specifically designed for coloured hair.

• If money allows, book regular hair cuts throughout the summer months as this will ensure your hair is in the best condition possible and will reduce the chance of split ends.

• Don't forget your scalp! "The best defence is to wear a hat, however applying a light layer of sunscreen on your parting and crown can add that extra layer of defence," suggests CENTRED. Creative Director and Hair Stylist Kieran Tudor.

• Try to resist using your straighteners or even hair dryer as these will add extra heat on top of the sun's rays. "Much like excessive use of heat from your iron plates or hair dryer, the sun causes your hair to lose moisture and shine," says Nick. Sometimes, you can't avoid using heated hair tools. "When styling your hair with heat in the summer, I recommend Kérastase ‘Resistance’ milk to strengthen and protect your hair."

• Give your scalp extra TLC during the summer months – “Wash your hair regularly to remove any dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, bacteria and fungus," says trichologist for Nizoral, Stephanie Sey. "Massage gently with a vibrating massage tool – this will help you relax and increase blood flow to the area as well as improve circulation.”

• Use a deeply nourishing, nurturing and conditioning mask to help hydrate the hair after sun exposure and the stress your hair has endured from salt water and/or chlorine. "Our CENTRED. Daily Calma conditioner is ideal due to its rich consistency and formulation of nourishing jojoba oil, camellia japonica seed oil and hydrolysed wheat protein," recommends Kieran. Apply the conditioner to pre-washed mid-lengths and ends and leave for a few hours or even overnight before rinsing to really allow the restorative ingredients to work their magic.

• Wear your hair up loose. “Tight hairstyles can damage the hair further if you already have dried out hair from the summer heat," Stephanie explains.

• Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush – “They are gentler for detangling hair especially when wet as some brushes can tear and snag strands," says Stephanie.

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