The best teeth whitening kits for a sparkling smile

Achieve long-lasting results with home whitening kits.

Best teeth whitening kit

by Eleanor Weaver |

We’ve all fallen victim to yellowing teeth. It’s a natural part of ageing after all, but having less than perfect pearly whites can leave us feeling less confident in our smiles. Fortunately, the dental market is flooded with teeth whiteners - from whitening toothpaste to teeth whitening pens, whitening mouthwashes to strips. If you’re looking for the most efficient form of teeth whitening, look no further than a teeth whitening kit.

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What are teeth whitening kits?

Teeth whitening kits use a mouth guard, activating solution, a syringe of gel, and a UV light to help you achieve a more dazzling smile. Claiming to have more noticeable effects than other at-home teeth whitening treatments, these aren’t great if you suffer from sensitive teeth but are good if you want to see more instant results.

It’s perhaps the most expensive form of teeth whitening but compared to in-surgery professional teeth whitening treatments - a kit is much more affordable. It’s an easy, healthy way to achieve an attractive smile, and despite a kit being the most invasive form of at-home teeth whitening, it’s still non-invasive in comparison.

The best teeth whitening kits

Formulated by the Hismile Research Centre, this teeth whitening kit has been clinically trialled and tested by dentists. The worry-free 10-minute formula is peroxide-free, using phtalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP) instead for no sensitivity and irritation, and contains ingredients to help strengthen, whiten, and protect your teeth by oxidising tooth stains without releasing free radicals.

Designed to show results in as little as one treatment, 100 per cent of participants in the PAP+ clinical trial achieved instant results whilst 62 per cent said their teeth improved by three shades over the course of the trial.

Promising review: "Delivery and packaging was A+. I've only use the kit twice so far and already seeing amazing results! I've always been sceptical about teeth whitening kits because of sensitivity, but this has changed my mind. Can't wait to keep using this and tracking the changes in my smile! Big bonus being able to find an Aussie brand in the UK too. Will be purchasing again."

Kit includes: LED Device, Mouth Tray, 6 x Teeth Whitening Pods, Shade Guide

The White Glo teeth whitening kit uses the latest dentist blue light technology for the effective removal of stains, yellowing, and discolouration. Developed to be suitable for sensitive teeth with a sodium chlorite and natural ingredients formulation, the kit includes 50 applications for a month of use, five powerful LED lights for rapid and effective results, an instant fit comfortable mouth tray, and a handy 10-minute timer.

It claims to give up to eight shades of whiter results in seven days and visible results in the first 10 minutes.

Promising review: "Very happy. From day one I saw a change in my teeth. The instructions are clear. If you follow them correctly you should see a positive effect. This is a £30 product, you’ll see whiter teeth. But don’t expect to look like a Hollywood actor that has paid thousands."

Kit includes: Blue Light Accelerator Unit, Instant Fit Mouth Tray, 50 Application of Light Activated Whitening Gel, Instruction Manual, Results Monitoring Guide

Easy, safe, and effective to use, the clinically approved Mr Bright LED Teeth Whitening Kit can provide you with whiter teeth in just 10 minutes, and results in up to eight shades whiter in two weeks. Made using natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, including no peroxide: this three-week supply can help to remove enamel stains and reduce tooth decay. It even comes with a handy little zip case for carrying your kit on the go or for keeping your supply safely stored at home.

Promising review: "I have been using this for the last 2 weeks, maybe about 4 times now and the results speak for themselves, I could not be happier, loving my smile lately. I find it very easy to use, the syringe is a great tool I can inject the right amount of gel into the mouth tray, no mess. I never actually thought I would try these teeth whitening kits at home, but I think I'm hooked, it is easier than I ever imagined and I genuinely think my teeth have not been whiter from using other teeth whitening products, I am very pleased."

Kit includes: LED Light, Mouth Tray, 4 x Whitening Gels, Zip Case, Instruction Manual

Like the Hismile kit, the Smile Avenue Teeth Whitening Kit uses the proven whitening ingredient PAP to safely and effectively brighten your smile without pain or sensitivity. With the new brush requiring less gel, you can expect your kit to last for 24-30 sessions with the LED light powered through your phone. It comes with different adapters for different devices, and the light turns off all on its own when your session is up.

For dazzling results, they recommend using the kit before bedtime for 10-12 consecutive days, or once a week for maintenance.

Our reviewer said: “As a newbie to teeth whitening, the Smile Avenue whitening kit was perfect in guiding me through exactly what to do. The whitening gel pen was so easy to apply on the surface of my teeth and I loved that the LED light could be plugged in my phone (and had adaptors included for every brand). Then you simply pop it in your mouth and you’re good to go! The LED light handily timed the 16 minute treatment time for you and would then turn off automatically when you were done. Results were subtle, perhaps too much for some people, but I was really pleased.”

Kit includes: 4 Smile Avenue Gel Pens, Smile Avenue LED Light with Micro-USB Plug, 3 Connectors (USB, USB Type-C, Lightning iPhone), Smile Avenue Pouch, Shade Guide, User Manual

The DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit includes everything you need for a full whitening experience at home that's gentle on your enamel and kind to sensitive teeth. Helping to remove all sorts of teeth stains, from food to coffee, cigarettes to wine, it'll whiten, strengthen and protect your teeth with active ingredients PAP, potassium citrate, and hydroxyapatite.

Each session lasts 20 minutes, and you can expect to see your teeth become up to eight shades whiter in eight days, with visible results after one treatment.

Promising review: "I absolutely love the Dr Dent whitening kits! They’re so easy to use, the mouthpiece is very comfortable and the gel is smooth and non-stinging! I have very sensitive teeth and a small area of gum erosion so I can only use very gentle products, and Dr Dent gel is gentle yet really effective! Super white natural looking teeth from the first use!"

Kit includes: Mouth Tray, 5 Blue LED Light, 8 Whitening Gel Pods, Shade Guide, Instruction Manual

This kit may be one of the more expensive options - not only will it whiten your teeth, but it will also provide an oral hygiene treatment. The system combines advanced LED Dual Light Technology where at the switch of a button, you can choose between an accelerated whitening option (blue mode) and the combined whitening, sterilising and odour reduction option (blue & red mode).

The whitening formula is enamel-safe, peroxide-free and formulated by UK dentists with each treatment lasting just 10 to 15 minutes.

Our reviewer said: "According to Polished, the vibrations help to remove both surface and deep stains from the teeth. After 10 minutes, the light will turn off and vibrations will stop. My teeth were noticeably slightly whiter after using this kit and overall, I was impressed. It was fairly simple to use and didn’t cause my teeth and gums any pain or discomfort. "The only problem was that the LED device is quite large meaning I had to hold it in my mouth to stop it falling out which limited what I could do whilst my teeth were whitening. After using this product for a week, my teeth looked noticeably whiter and I was very happy with the results."

Kit includes: LED Dual Light Mouthpiece, USB Charging Cable, 3 x 5ml Teeth Whitening Gel, User Manual, Shade Guide

If you're worried about a gel formula being too abrasive on your teeth, the BlanX White Shock Power White Treatment uses a toothpaste instead. Using a combination of Arctic Lichens, non-abrasive Silicas, and ActiluX, the toothpaste formula will be activated with the LED bite to achieve teeth up to four shades whiter in two weeks (the maximum recommended use time).

With visible whitening from first use, the treatment effectively removes stains and bacteria to give you a brighter smile.

Promising review: "Okay, I have tried many things on the market but I always come back to BlanX. This kit is amazing. People are always commenting on how white my teeth are. I used to use photo apps to whiten my teeth but now I don’t even need them. This really does work. I recommended to my cousin and my friend and they’ve both had great results too."

Kit includes: BlanX LED Bite

Not only does the SmileTime Teeth Whitening Kit claim to deliver results quickly in just 15 minutes over the course of six days, but it's the most highly rated kit by customers with over 3,300 reviews rating an average of five out of five stars! Using the UK approved, vegan-friendly, PAP formula, it'll brighten your teeth without pain or sensitivity with visible results after one use.

Promising review: "The kit is simple to use and comes with clear, helpful instructions. My teeth are noticeably whiter as a result of using the product. In addition, the customer service is amazing. The company is happy to answer questions and provide any ongoing assistance that is required. I'm impressed!"

Kit includes: Mouth Tray, LED Light, 6 x Applications of Teeth Whitening Gel, Instruction Card, Results Chart

We might not have all the money to spend on professional teeth whitening, but with this kit, your smile should look like a billion dollars! The gentle gel formula is enamel friendly to help remove stains and whiten teeth without causing pain or damage. Packed with natural ingredients, including aloe vera, chamomile, and pomegranate, it uses sodium fluoride in its formula for effective whitening that protects the teeth and gums.

For best results, it advises using daily for six days.

Promising review: "I bought this after a friend recommended it to me. I had my teeth whitened at a dentist and cost me £500, but now they have been stained by red wine and coffee so thought I would give this a try. IT IS AMAZING!! Absolutely no sensitivity at all like I had with the dentist treatment, although it did take longer than going to a dentist to get my desired result but only 4 days instead of 1 day at the dentist, but was definitely worth the wait and I am amazed! Will be trying the strips next!"

Kit includes: 5 LED Mini Light, Mouth Guard, 3x 3ml Non Peroxide Gel Syringes, Instruction Manual, Shade Guide

Last but not least comes the Whites Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit. Using a gentle PAP based formula, the kit claims to provide teeth that are up to eight shades whiter in 12 applications, with each application taking only 20 minutes. This convenient and easy home kit is vegan-friendly and includes key ingredients that should result in zero pain or sensitivity.

Promising review: "My mum tried this and it worked brilliantly for someone who doesn't brush their teeth every single day due to mental health and years from drinking cup of teas all day also chain-smoking. This worked like a dream it boosted my mum to keep brushing her teeth also brushing her hair at the same time and keeping it up and I've noticed a big change in my mum she's smiling more and it gives her loads of confidence. 1000% highly recommended. It doesn't only change your appearance but it also changes how you feel about yourself. Give a try it's true to its word."

Kit includes: 5 Bulb LED Light, 6 x 3ml Whitening Gels, 4 Thermoforming Mouth Trays, Shade Guide, Instruction Manual

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Teeth whitening kit FAQs

What is PAP?

PAP, or phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, is a relatively new ingredient used as an active bleaching agent in many teeth whitening kits instead of peroxide. It uses the same process of oxidation to whiten, breaking down stains to brighten the teeth, but is often considered a safer alternative for at-home use.

PAP still gives you that whitening effect but is considered to be less harmful compared to peroxide; peroxide is more likely to cause sensitivity to your enamel and release free radicals that will irritate your gums.

If you're unsure of the effectiveness, PAP formulas have been scientifically proven to whiten and brighten teeth after a few uses as shown in the clinical trial study by the Journal of Applied Oral Science.

How to use a teeth whitening kit

With each teeth whitening kit, make sure to follow the specific instructions for the treatment, as different kits can vary in their application and required frequency. However, as an overview, you’d typically use a kit as follows:

  1. Brush your teeth and rinse the mouthpiece with water
  1. Syringe a thin layer of gel into the top and bottom of the mouthpiece
  1. Pop it into your mouth and turn on the LED
  1. Leave in your mouth for the allocated time
  1. Remove, spit and rinse after use

Are home teeth whitening kits safe?

At-home teeth whitening kits are safe, so long as you use them as outlined and check for any safety advice. For example, some kits are not suitable for anyone under the age of 16 and can’t be used if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have overly sensitive teeth, or have existing dental concerns.

Always make sure to do your research before purchasing and check the ingredients list if you have any known allergies. And, of course, if irritation occurs, stop using the treatment. It’s recommended to seek advice from your dentist before undertaking new treatments if you’re in any doubt.

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Does whitening damage teeth?

According to the NHS, as with any teeth whitening product, there’s a chance your gums will be sensitive to the chemicals in the treatment. You should always make sure that the mouth guard is fitted properly and ensure that no bleaching gel leaks out of your gums as this can cause blistering, sensitivity, and damage to tooth enamel.

How long will teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening kits can produce results that last anywhere from a few months up until a year or longer when combined with proper oral hygiene.

However, if you want even longer-lasting results, it’s recommended to receive professional teeth whitening via your dentist. Some dentists offer at-home teeth whitening kits designed in a similar way and while it is much more expensive, the treatment comes with custom-made trays, dentist supervision, and a gel solution that’s more concentrated for more beneficial results.

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