Quick and easy crafts to do in under five minutes

Don't let a busy schedule keep you from getting crafty!

5 minute crafts

by Eleanor Weaver |

Exercising your creativity is a great way to relax, unwind and let your imagination run wild.

You can express yourself and make some neat crafts for your home or to make as a personalised, homemade gift for friends and family.

But with a busy schedules, sometimes it feels impossible to make anything without having the hours spare.

We've found some quick craft ideas that won't take up too much time - it's amazing what you can make in only five minutes!

15 favourite finds for five minute crafts

Wasabi Tape Bunting

Wasabi tape bunting
©Gathering Beauty

This DIY wasabi tape bunting craft from Gathering Beauty is a really easy and affordable way to make cute bunting to decorate a room, frames, presents or bookshelves. You could even make it safely with your children or grandkids to decorate a doll's house. {#h-this-diy-wasabi-tape-bunting-craft-from-gathering-beauty-is-a-really-easy-and-affordable-way-to-make-cute-bunting-to-decorate-a-room-frames-presents-or-bookshelves-you-could-even-make-it-safely-with-your-children-or-grandkids-to-decorate-a-doll-s-house}

All you need is a selection of washi tape in some fun, colourful designs, string or twine and scissors to cut your bunting to shape.

The Mini Teddy Bear

Mini teddy bear

These adorable mini teddy bears from Multicrafteral can be made in under five minutes using just one pipe cleaner! Add beads for the eyes, a material nose and ribbon to accessorise and make sure you have scissors and glue to hand to shape and bring your bear to life. We love this traditional bear design but you can experiment and design your bear exactly as you wish. You could go multicoloured or even add a little jacket - how cute!

Mini Loom

Mini Loom
©Brooklyn Craft Company

Make your own mini DIY loom with Brooklyn Craft Company for weaving crafts galore! While the weaving might take a little longer than the designated five minute, you can pick this up and put it down whenever you have the time. To make your loom all you need is scrap cardboard and scissors to cut your loom to size and add your notches for your wool. You can use the standard weaving instruction for a 'frame loom' on any tutorials you find and make fun little wall hangings or decorations.

Embroidery Hoop Cork Memo Board

Embroidery Hoop Cork Memo Board
©Purely Katie

This will be a fun addition to an office, hallway, children's bedroom or kitchen as a kitsch decoration with purpose! This embroidery hoop cork memo board from Purely Katie can be made quickly with just an embroidery hoop, fabric, cork roll and scissors. If you're feeling extra crafty and have the time, you can make matching thumbtacks too!

Moroccan Tile Planter

Moroccan Tile Planter
©Pillar Box Blue

Make a gorgeous Moroccan tile planter for your windowsill following these instructions from Pillar Box Blue. You can resourcefully use just four tile samples from your local tile or DIY store, superglue to bind them together and the bottom of an old 2-litre bottle to act as your plant pot that'll sit perfectly within the cube.

Tea Cup Candle

Who needs to make a craft in five minutes when you can make this craft in just the one! All you need are vintage tea cups from your local charity shop, wicks and old candle remnants that you can repurpose and re-light! This is a great way to DIY some new cute-looking room décor that is also functional and usable.

Encouragement Jar

Encouragement jar
©Karen Ehman

We can all do with a pick-me-up and some positivity to keep the blues at bay. Kind words can be powerful and go a long way to remind us of that and so this simple but effective craft from Karen Ehman is a fantastic way to keep all the loveliness in one place. Get an old, clean jar, decorate and fill with slips of paper with words of encouragement, kindness and things that bring you joy. Reach in whenever you're having a tough day and to it whenever something makes you smile.

Floral Hoop Wreath

Floral hoop wreath
©Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss

Add a beautiful wreath to your front door or wall with this easy-to-make floral wreath craft from Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss. All you need is an embroidery hoop, your floral stems of choice, floral wires and wire cutters. Decorate to match your decor style with colours, ribbons or words to make it truly unique.

Honey Soap

Honey soap
©My Frugal Home

My Frugal Home's super simple recipe for making honey soap will not only smell amazing but look the part too! All you need is a glycerin melt-and-pour soap base, honey, a soap mould (you can use an old cup or ice cube tray for minis) and bubble wrap for texturing. Measure with kitchen scales and a microwave-safe bowl.

Pom-Poms for a Tassel Wall Hanging

While the wall hanging itself may take a little longer, you can easily make pom-poms in under five minutes! All you need is yarn in a colour of your choice and a pom-pom maker for a therapeutic craft you can easily wind together. Bring all your pom-poms together for this adorable tassle and pom-pom wall hanging from Brit + Co to create some amazing living room art.

Scrabble Art Picture Frame

Scrabble art

Got an old scrabble board lying around that doesn't get used or missing a few tiles? Make art from the pieces! You can make easy and personalised art including family frames, coasters, keychains and more. Create framed art like this from Hometalk using old scrabble tiles, a frame, glue-gun and any other unique decorations to make it fit your home. Remodelaholic have 18 clever scrabble DIY projects to help remodel your old game.

Pyrography Decorated Pegs

Decorated pegs
©Sum of their Stories

While it may feel like you need to be really technically competent to be wielding a pyrography wood carving tool, you can use them easily and safely. Pyrography tools come at a whole variety of price ranges so for fun five minute crafts like these pegs from Sum of their Stories, you can get one really affordably.

Mini Frame Magnets

Mini Frame Magnets
©Purely Katie

These DIY mini frames from Purely Katie will bring a fabulous and stylish touch to your fridge. All you need is magnets and mini frames and the rest you can decorate to your own style and home! Use paints for multi-coloured frames, scrapbook paper for snazzy designs or even add a friendly message or family photos to the centre for a really personal touch.

Origami Hearts

Origami is a sure-fire way to create beautiful designs in minimal time. We love these origami hearts that you can make as decoration or send to a loved one as a token to let them know how much you care. All you need is paper!

Epoxy Resin Crafts

While you might need to wait a while for epoxy resin to set, the making process is super quick and simple and you can make anything from bookmarks to jewellery, trinkets to terrariums. Check out our resin crafts you can make at home.

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