The best fitness DVDs for home workouts

The best fitness DVDs for home workouts

If you made a New Year’s resolution to drop a couple of pounds or get fit, you don't neccessarily need to sign up for a pricey gym membership or fork out on expensive equipment. Instead, there's plenty of great new fitness DVDs out to help you reach your fitness goals and stay happy and healthy all year round.

Tone up with a friendly face thanks to Lorraine Kelly’s Living to the Max (RRP £18.01). Filmed in a proper exercise class with Lorraine and her friends, it’s a great way to see fitness done by real women. It features a mixture of dance and aerobics to funky tunes, designed to burn calories and shift fat.

For something a bit gentler, or if your main aim is to build strength and improve your mobility this year, try Pilates for the Over 50s with Liz Chandler (£15.86).This is a beginners's guide to the popular exercise that hones your core, improves posture and balance and helps keep your joints supple with exercises aimed specifically at ladies and men over 50.

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If you're a Dancing on Ice fan you'll be no stranger to Daniel Whitson's grooving moves. And now he's released a fitness DVD, Daniel Whiston’s Dance Fit (£7.99), incorporating his favourites, designed to get you fit through dance. There's Bollywood, Salsa and Disco workouts so you can get exercising to whatever style most gets you in the mood.

Fitness fanatic, Davina McCall, is also back with a new DVD and an even meaner figure than ever before. Her 5 Week Fit (£12.99) promises results in just a five week programme of short burst intense workouts that test your cardio, your strength and to work your core, all at once.

And for the Zumba fans among you, don't miss this new Zumba (£9.99) release featuring 30 minute classes of even more calorie-burning dance numbers with a party theme.

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