Swimming tips fit for an Olympian!

Swimming tips fit for an Olympian!

Improve your front crawl with help from Olympic swimmer and World Championship medalist Chris Cook.

“You want to make your stroke as efficient as possible so think about keeping yourself long and flat so you can be streamlined in the water,” says Chris.  “Aim to create as little resistance in the water as you can so you can glide through. It’s also not about how many strokes you can do, better to think how few!”

Chris’ 10 top tips:

  • Make yourself as stretched out as possible.
  • Keep your body position as flat as you can with a slight slope down to the hips to keep the leg kick underwater
  • Look slightly ahead and down
  • Reach out as far as you can with the pulling arm as it enters the water
  • Pull back in an S shape so your arm comes back to your leg.
  • Keep your legs close together and ankles floppy in a continuous motion
  • Kick from your hips, not your knees
  • Make small fast kicks, not large down and up beats
  • Keep one side of your face in the water as you turn to breathe
  • Don’t lift your head out of the water, the more your head raises the more your feet will drop. (Keep that long line so your neck is in line with your spine)

Chris Cook is supporting the Aspire Channel Swim 2015, a charity swimming event designed to raise money for people with Spinal Cord Injury.

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