Product of the week - Activbod Travel Kit

Product of the week - Activbod Travel Kit

This handy gift set would make the perfect present for any sporty types - or a great motivational tool if you're wanting to introduce more exercise into your life.

The Activbod Travel Set (£39) contains a reengergising shower gel for refreshing your mind and nourishing your skin after a sweaty walk, bike ride or Zumba class. Follow this up by sloughing away dead skin and boosting circulation with a scrub, and moisturising with a soothing lotion which is packed with natural deoderising ingredients and skin-softening Vitamin E.

The pack also contains a facial scrub which will clear any sweat from your pores and counteract redness. Plus - before all that - if you need extra motivation to get moving, there's even a 'Mind over Matter' balm which is packed with energy-boosting essential oils.

The kit comes with a free washbag too - find it here


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