Just how many calories can you burn through spring cleaning?

Just how many calories can you burn through spring cleaning?

A study from British Gas has found we spend an average of 11 hours on a big spring clean. While it can be a dull job, the upside is that it'll do wonders for your fitness, with even the most tedious jobs torching plenty of calories:

  • Hoovering - 42 minutes burns 136
  • Scrubbing the oven - 34 minutes burns 108
  • Cloth polishing - 35 minutes burns 111
  • Mopping - 22 minutes burns 71
  • Washing clothes - 61 minutes burns 69

Sarah Scrivener, a Smart Energy Expert at British Gas, offers this cleaning advice:

  1. Ditch the tumble dryer: Not only does it take up 24 minutes of our time, it’s the most energy consuming item in our spring cleaning routine. Drying your clothes on the line can save up to £70 per year
  2. Clean out your oven: Cleaning and scrubbing your oven helps reduce your energy bills by keeping it running efficiently and, what’s more, you can burn 108 calories by doing so
  3. Get out the duster: As well as burning 55 calories, a simple job like dusting your home can help to save money on your energy bills as accumulations of dust on appliances can reduce their efficiency
  4. Defrost your freezer: It might add to your list of chores this spring, but your freezer has to work even harder if it is clogged up with ice – it will also help you open those icy drawers!
  5. Clean out the hoover: Most people put it off, but cleaning out the inside of your vacuum cleaner will help it to work better, reducing the time it needs to be in use and saving money on your bills at the same time
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