Ask our feel younger expert: How to keep weight off

Ask our feel younger expert: How to keep weight off

Julie says: Well done on the weight loss! A combination of aerobic and resistance exercises will help you tone up and strengthen your muscles and joints. You could then progress to interval training which will help you to burn more calories.

Three lots of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a week, such as power-walking or a dance class, will get your heart rate up so you’re hot and sweaty. Add in two sessions a week of strengthening exercises so you’re working against a load, using resistance bands or weights.

If you’ve already improved your fitness levels with regular exercise, try HIIT (High Intensity Intermittent Training),  short, sharp bursts of higher intensity during your workout.

So, if you use an exercise bike, pedal at a normal rate for a few minutes to warm up then do 10 seconds as fast as you can, then wait until you’ve recovered and breathing normally again before repeating twice more. Check with your doctor first as it’s not appropriate for everyone.

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