Ask our feel younger expert: How do I keep fit if I'm not very mobile?

Ask our feel younger expert: How do I keep fit if I'm not very mobile?

Julie says: Lots of things! If you’re finding it difficult to get upstairs (a great way to exercise in itself), exercising from your chair to some lively music is a good substitute.

Sit up nice and straight without leaning on the back of the chair, then start marching – swing your arms too – gradually building up the tempo and intensity. Then tighten your abdominal muscles, hold onto your chair and sprint for 10 seconds, as if you’re running for the bus! Slow down for 20 seconds and repeat 3 times, gradually slow down towards the end.

Now imagine you’re canoeing. Place one fist on top of the other, swing your arm back and down to the side then back in front 4 times. Repeat on the other side. Gradually build up the canoeing action and repeat 8 times each side with a nice deep controlled swing. As you’re using the big muscles in your arms, chest and upper back you should notice your heart rate rise. Build up to doing this for 2 minutes then cool down slowly.

Now try to get up and down from your chair for 30 seconds without stopping; when this is easy build up to doing it for 1 minute.

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